Weirdest Photos Caught on Google Maps !


  1. FL and SC Afghanistan

    FL and SC AfghanistanDia atrás

    0:56 I did and saw a car seat

  2. Nia Kisner Flores

    Nia Kisner FloresDia atrás

    iaisrn: i am in school right know

  3. Patricia Taulilo

    Patricia TauliloDia atrás

    Yo weird cover up bro like just strait up f*ck on car

  4. leah star

    leah starDia atrás

    i find you azzy😅😅😅

  5. anthony langman

    anthony langman2 dias atrás

    You or cute

  6. Abraham Monroy

    Abraham Monroy2 dias atrás

    At 0:44 that was just a wet dog so it sorta changed the wood color cause it’s wet

  7. test maruf

    test maruf3 dias atrás

    test 002

  8. Hattman & Becker Productions

    Hattman & Becker Productions3 dias atrás

    i found a horse looking at a man in a car and the horse eyes were white like NANI

  9. 6 Generation Farmer

    6 Generation Farmer3 dias atrás

    Those are silage bales they feed cows LOL

  10. alemayehu woldeyohanes

    alemayehu woldeyohanes5 dias atrás

    So hot

  11. Stephensaabali Gaddi

    Stephensaabali Gaddi6 dias atrás

    I love sexs im a kd

  12. Unicorn Sparkle

    Unicorn Sparkle7 dias atrás

    Azzy!:LOOK BEHIND YOU! Me:All I see is a fridge :/ OHHHHH I get it you want me to have some FOOD Sure!

  13. ChApUsTa BrO

    ChApUsTa BrO8 dias atrás

    My mother got caught getting the the groceries out of the car.

  14. Max Ride

    Max Ride8 dias atrás

    Hello to the people that think this is funny 😎😎

  15. Gerardo Vasquez Narcizo

    Gerardo Vasquez Narcizo10 dias atrás


  16. Genny Campbell

    Genny Campbell11 dias atrás

    My mom got fought on google maps lol she was outside filled by the car

  17. Samir Beyart

    Samir Beyart11 dias atrás

    When she says hey Google maps my google goes off

  18. Armin Sahri

    Armin Sahri12 dias atrás

    You have dest 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞

  19. James Rohrbach

    James Rohrbach12 dias atrás

    The marshmellow🤔 things is cow poopie to fertilise crops like corn

  20. EJ Pilcher

    EJ Pilcher13 dias atrás

    The giant marshmallows are called silage. Cows eat it

  21. Suzanne Galbraith

    Suzanne Galbraith13 dias atrás

    Lie er lie er pants on fire there having s word you lie er 😠😠😠

  22. AdilynnTDM

    AdilynnTDM13 dias atrás

    Weirdest Photos Caught on Google Earth !

  23. AdilynnTDM

    AdilynnTDM13 dias atrás

    Also, #GOALS

  24. Zoey Nay

    Zoey Nay15 dias atrás

    Other cat tho hahahhaha

  25. Almarc Russel Lanic

    Almarc Russel Lanic16 dias atrás

    Hi azzy my names Russel and i subed to you

  26. carol hawes

    carol hawes17 dias atrás

    Why is that women giving birth on the street

  27. JUAN Luna

    JUAN Luna17 dias atrás

    You hot

  28. MJ Young

    MJ Young18 dias atrás

    How often is Gmaps updated. It seems mostly 7yrs and older! Can Gmaps be upgraded to premium? Is it worth it. Is there live maps available?

  29. summer and theo

    summer and theo18 dias atrás

    I am a tiger trainer Both me and the tiger are hard of hearing He can recognise some words in sing language

  30. chris how

    chris how18 dias atrás

    Wow she just made fun of someone dieing

  31. Avah Horne

    Avah Horne18 dias atrás

    1 like means you love Azzy 👇👇👍🏼

  32. Darf der Kevin bei mir spielen kommen *

    Darf der Kevin bei mir spielen kommen *19 dias atrás

    Oh only bending over with a man there

  33. Boat Tossaporn

    Boat Tossaporn19 dias atrás


  34. playing random

    playing random19 dias atrás

    At 4:26 those are silage bales azzy

  35. Ida Ommen

    Ida Ommen19 dias atrás

    LOL Those marshmallows are hay

  36. Amos123 Gichu

    Amos123 Gichu20 dias atrás

    Goo on a date plz movis I will pay my dad is a billioner

  37. Serap Karatas

    Serap Karatas18 dias atrás

    mY fRiEnD's DaD iS aN sIlLiOnArE rEEEEEEEEEE

  38. Kimberly Taylor

    Kimberly Taylor20 dias atrás


  39. Kimberly Taylor

    Kimberly Taylor20 dias atrás

    No your. Cute

  40. Lielonee Ayala

    Lielonee Ayala20 dias atrás

    i literally saw a pigeon eating a chicken nugget and i was like "STOPPPP. YOUR EATING YOUR FRIEND!!!!!!!!!! YOU... YOU...YOU CANNIBAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  41. Jan Hannes Raud

    Jan Hannes Raud21 dia atrás

    that was grass in that white thing

  42. domo bean

    domo bean21 dia atrás

    You should try watching, "7 days in the Philippines"

  43. KrisPRO Javier hurtado

    KrisPRO Javier hurtado21 dia atrás


  44. Sheryl Rowland

    Sheryl Rowland21 dia atrás

    I won't get cought because im slick 😁😁

  45. Sheryl Rowland

    Sheryl Rowland21 dia atrás


  46. sandra guntorius

    sandra guntorius21 dia atrás

    Azzy Austn

  47. Truck Duck

    Truck Duck22 dias atrás

    Hey bells

  48. Mr. Jay48 unspeakable

    Mr. Jay48 unspeakable22 dias atrás

    This is how many times said what is going on here 👇🏿

  49. Huckleberry Lane

    Huckleberry Lane22 dias atrás

    Bro azzy sung the lyrics for in the end by linkin park on the doggy escape plan

  50. Cyber the Gamer

    Cyber the Gamer22 dias atrás


  51. snake lover

    snake lover23 dias atrás

    Ye it was a muder

  52. Cherry Blossoms

    Cherry Blossoms23 dias atrás

    I was at Disney and I went to the bathroom and my aunt and sister watched a bird take a French fri from my tray of foo😡😂

  53. Kalyssa McDougall

    Kalyssa McDougall23 dias atrás

    At 4:13 those are hay bales covered in tarps

  54. Tori Isherwood

    Tori Isherwood24 dias atrás

    4:19 those contain hay that grows farm yards


    SCOTT POV24 dias atrás

    Fearless last Google map picture a giant Seagal fearless giant Seagal yeah that’s right

  56. Dark_nightfortnite 20

    Dark_nightfortnite 2024 dias atrás

    It a wet dog

  57. Cassidy's Curry

    Cassidy's Curry24 dias atrás


  58. Ricky Villalba

    Ricky Villalba24 dias atrás

    Why do girls where things that you can see tiddys

  59. Tom Bogenski

    Tom Bogenski24 dias atrás

    Its maybe gta5

  60. Sean Ceccato

    Sean Ceccato24 dias atrás


  61. Aiden Keel

    Aiden Keel25 dias atrás

    Jazzy goes marshmallow farm but they are bales city folks

  62. Jacob Petronella

    Jacob Petronella25 dias atrás

    1:20 is the thumbnail pass it along