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  1. Ellie The master 0808

    Ellie The master 08084 dias atrás

    Omg you have mouths here

  2. Antoine Washington

    Antoine Washington7 dias atrás

    Welcome I am 5 years later at what you will do you will have the best BRreporter Chanel ever bye 👋

  3. Vincent Fernandes

    Vincent Fernandes8 dias atrás

    Whats with that 1960's music in th ending

  4. Gracie Rich

    Gracie Rich9 dias atrás

    I liked your old content better but you did a good job.Also what happened to "you don't need to dry mouth some of the best cartoon characters were drawn without a mouth"

  5. Drake Kondrat

    Drake Kondrat9 dias atrás

    Man, whatever happened to Nacie? I kinda miss her although I've only really watched the stuff she was in for... a couple hours now binging the videos she was in.... Man I miss her.

  6. coole animations

    coole animations14 dias atrás

    I love this

  7. Airplane Fan2020

    Airplane Fan202017 dias atrás

    Macy: its time yo kill. Rebbca

  8. LucidBrock360 Dodson

    LucidBrock360 Dodson18 dias atrás

    You have changed

  9. ღ Cherru ღ

    ღ Cherru ღ19 dias atrás

    *characters has mouths* Me: Wait thats illega-

  10. Itsfunneh fan

    Itsfunneh fan22 dias atrás


  11. Dj Bonn3

    Dj Bonn323 dias atrás

    Just to make sure whats guest stars?

  12. jazzyheart guns

    jazzyheart guns25 dias atrás

    Who is Macy and hi

  13. • CookieAnimations •

    • CookieAnimations •Mês atrás

    *M O U T H E S*

  14. Doodle dummy

    Doodle dummyMês atrás

    You know this video is old when Rebecca draws mouths

  15. lilskeeter67

    lilskeeter67Mês atrás

    2019 ???? And mouths!!!!!!

  16. Rocki Dans

    Rocki DansMês atrás

    Whatever happened to Nacie? Can we see her again one day? Please?

  17. BigHeadedWøman

    BigHeadedWømanMês atrás

    I just realized, almost every animator has no skin on their character

  18. BigHeadedWøman

    BigHeadedWømanMês atrás

    Rebecca: I’m a sane animator Video: *_Shows her barfing glitter and shooting laser eyes_*

  19. jessica bracero

    jessica braceroMês atrás

    ??????what the

  20. Panda Lover

    Panda LoverMês atrás

    If you cut a cake like Maci/Macy, then your psycho 0:37 ...is Becca ok?

  21. RobinPie

    RobinPie2 meses atrás


  22. Thewendigoofthewoods

    Thewendigoofthewoods2 meses atrás

    why do i think that when the other lady i dont know her name cuts a slice of cake its symbilicly showing she does not really like rebbeca because she want right for the EYE in the cake

  23. 「Kofi 」

    「Kofi 」2 meses atrás

    2019 anybody? ;-;

  24. Pøtåtõ_ Gāchâ

    Pøtåtõ_ Gāchâ2 meses atrás


  25. Inanamated the pokéking

    Inanamated the pokéking2 meses atrás

    You do all that by yourself??? Finally someone like me

  26. ivan eend

    ivan eend2 meses atrás

    Remember when she used to draw mouths tho

  27. Fairy_Lily pad 500

    Fairy_Lily pad 5002 meses atrás

    When she has a mouth Me: 0_0

  28. •Racquel The Otaku•

    •Racquel The Otaku•2 meses atrás

    *Sees Mouth* Me: Stop, You have violated the law! Peoples: Its been too long since I've seen a good brawl.

  29. Tyler Marrinez

    Tyler Marrinez2 meses atrás

    Bring back nacy

  30. Zoey The Unicorn

    Zoey The Unicorn3 meses atrás

    old drawings..

  31. American Aviation

    American Aviation3 meses atrás

    Mouth's... >:$

  32. Retro . exe

    Retro . exe3 meses atrás


  33. Anthony Dinh

    Anthony Dinh3 meses atrás

    I thought the flavored cake was blood flavored. Even though I’m very smart. (kinda.)

  34. yash Tripathi

    yash Tripathi3 meses atrás

    Who's watching in 2019 😯😞 I guess no one

  35. yash Tripathi

    yash Tripathi3 meses atrás

    Mee too

  36. Sam Ham

    Sam Ham3 meses atrás

    I’m watching this in 2019

  37. Jackie Bedoya

    Jackie Bedoya3 meses atrás

    me: looks how she used to draw now: wow sees alot of changes like soooo many

  38. Captain America

    Captain America3 meses atrás

    wow mouth

  39. Deeds Beads

    Deeds Beads3 meses atrás

    0:37 me after running one lap in p.e

  40. Extronio The Original

    Extronio The Original3 meses atrás

    BRreporter 2019: This is a great idea for his recommendations. Totally nothing odd here.

  41. Alina Lopez

    Alina Lopez3 meses atrás

    BRreporter recommended: LETS PUT A VID FROM FIVE YEARS AGO