What’s Next For Google After New Alphabet CEO Is Announced | NBC News NOW

  • 5 Dez 2019
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  1. Faiyaz

    Faiyaz16 dias atrás

    Which music is being used in this video ?

  2. MGLondon

    MGLondonMês atrás

    Google would become better just like Microsoft became better with Satya Nadella

  3. K C

    K CMês atrás

    Look at the face of evil everyone . Buy and sell your data thousands of times a day whilst charging you for this service.....

  4. Caio lima caldas

    Caio lima caldasMês atrás

    What if Softbank group purchase Google ?

  5. Ver Coda

    Ver CodaMês atrás

    Continued evilness, I presume.

  6. MGLondon

    MGLondonMês atrás

    Then stop using youtube because that's also google

  7. Rabinowitz Shekelstein

    Rabinowitz ShekelsteinMês atrás

    Indian CEO = Failure

  8. Sumit Khanna

    Sumit KhannaMês atrás

    @DJGroovePad Golden oh i don't know where u from but i think u are frustrated with your country because they failed to educate their citizens. You know Indians are developing very fast therefore everyone is investing in India because we are expert in technology for e.g. isro, software development. But some people don't know the reality of india so let them bark.

  9. Anshad zaman

    Anshad zamanMês atrás

    @DJGroovePad Golden who said i like our pm i just said employees nationality doesn't matter not because im indian and modi is just a puppet of master mind amit shah and all indian politicians are ruthless killers and money launderers

  10. DJGroovePad Golden

    DJGroovePad GoldenMês atrás

    @Anshad zaman 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂International Runs you Indian because you Fool Work for them And They easily make Money from you because of Your Population Dude And India Run by USA because your Prime Minister Keeps loans from Trump Fool and Not Show in SOCIAL MEDIA BECAUSE NO INDIA NO MONEY NO MONEY NO AMERICA😂😂😂😂

  11. DJGroovePad Golden

    DJGroovePad GoldenMês atrás


  12. Anshad zaman

    Anshad zamanMês atrás

    see which multibillion dollar companies is run by indians for a company to thrive an individuals nationality doesn't matter its how well he perform you cant just wake up one day and think "im going to become ceo of google" and next day they get to hire you.They picked him as they know he is up to the requirements or most fit for the job for the record he graduated from one of nations most esteemed IIT's which created a number of CEO's like him.

  13. Steve Johnson

    Steve JohnsonMês atrás

    But google is not unlike micro-softie corporation. Can we ever trust google again?

  14. Deplorable

    DeplorableMês atrás

    What's next for Google? They're going to keep watching you.

  15. Alaska Pat

    Alaska PatMês atrás

    Google is getting that Yahoo vibes now...Stadia is a disaster

  16. Bob Marshel

    Bob MarshelMês atrás

    ‘Shadow banning’ written into Twitter’s new terms of service, may ‘limit visibility’ of some users 4 Dec, 2019 23:54

  17. Bob Marshel

    Bob MarshelMês atrás

    Game Walkthoughs Welcome to modern Neo liberal Communism and this makes the novel 1984 look like a good future

  18. Game Walkthoughs

    Game WalkthoughsMês atrás

    I just got banned. I dont think i was doing anything wrong and from the amount of followers they seemed to like my profile.

  19. Harris Avaan

    Harris AvaanMês atrás