What happened to BENNY HILL


  1. lipstickprincess1

    lipstickprincess13 dias atrás

    The United States LOVED Benny Hill ❤️🇺🇸❤️

  2. Michael Barlanti

    Michael Barlanti3 dias atrás

    I lived in the USA and we would stay up late to watch the Benny hill show RIP SIR THANKS FOR ALL the laughter

  3. Dlweddl68

    Dlweddl685 dias atrás

    RIP Benny Hill and to all you feminist meatheads out there I two words for you:SUCK IT!!!!!

  4. jeff bauer

    jeff bauer7 dias atrás

    Can any Benny Hill aficionado tell me the name of the skit where he uses a TV remote to pause his bickering wife and then goes out partying and bringing home babes ? Seriously, I laughed so hard when seeing that when I was 20 in the 80s !

  5. Google Google

    Google Google8 dias atrás

    He is a fat koala now sitting on a tree wearing german bavarian leatherhosen !

  6. Cricket !

    Cricket !8 dias atrás

    His shows were funny as hell. It is amazing how so many that make others happy are deeply depressed and sad. Robin Williams was another.

  7. Faris Al-Hilli

    Faris Al-Hilli9 dias atrás


  8. Rachael Nicholas

    Rachael Nicholas10 dias atrás

    Great person. Happy face

  9. Mumraiz Yousafzai

    Mumraiz Yousafzai11 dias atrás

    i am sure bean is taken from benny...or not?

  10. Chateau Leon

    Chateau Leon12 dias atrás

    Great Benny Hill!

  11. MikeDonovan

    MikeDonovan12 dias atrás

    I knew he was extremely mean with money. Bad quality Benny: in cemetery you won't need it anymore!

  12. ismail gündoğdu

    ismail gündoğdu13 dias atrás

    ı think his comedy was universal, in Turkey, we liked him a lot . good old days!

  13. Kaptain Kmann

    Kaptain Kmann14 dias atrás

    I don't think people have ever given him the respect he deserves ! he could say more without making a sound than most we have ever seen.

  14. Emirl Sanchos

    Emirl Sanchos14 dias atrás

    To play devil's advocate, Thames saw that his show's ratings were slipping away. In the later years before cancellation, Benny's habit for remaking skits, reusing jokes, became more pronounced. It also didn't help that he tried to appeal to children through Hill's Little Angels and watered the show down accordingly. Overall, his popularity had begun waning and energy just wasn't present as it used to be due to his age. But I agree, they should've presented Benny Hill with some kind honorary award or going away praise instead of a passive "Thank you for your services. Good-Bye." as his show did contribute enormously to Thames success in Television.

  15. Martha Jibbs

    Martha Jibbs15 dias atrás

    Thank you Mr Hill you made me laugh so hard when i was growing up OMG .thank you soooooo much CLEVELAND OHIO 💘 you 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  16. Clifford Driver

    Clifford Driver17 dias atrás

    He certainly deserved more at the end than what he received, the entertainment industry they don't care anything about the individual, they eventually discard everyone much like garbage or trash.

  17. rinku chatterjee

    rinku chatterjee18 dias atrás

    Ohh! Really sad. My eyes are full of tears😢😢

  18. Modesuas

    Modesuas18 dias atrás

    As a wee boy I laughed and laughed but my two favourite bits were slapping the old mans head and the music and the chase at the end. Thank You Benny Hill

  19. Dave Goodwin

    Dave Goodwin18 dias atrás

    The vile BBC and Monty python killed comedy.

  20. Danyiel Says

    Danyiel Says18 dias atrás

    I remember being a kid and watching his show 😀😂👏

  21. P R

    P R18 dias atrás

    "Tames Television" lol...it's 'Thames' as in the river

  22. Heriberto Mendoza

    Heriberto Mendoza20 dias atrás

    I grew up in the 70s and 80s watching the Benny Hill Show with my Dad. What Great Memories. God Bless You Benny Hill.

  23. Brice Holzer

    Brice Holzer21 dia atrás

    My favorite memory of the Benny Hill Show was the “Wheelchair Race!”

  24. Jose Luis Ayala

    Jose Luis Ayala21 dia atrás

    His show should have never been canceled. One of the funniest entertainers I've ever seen and I'm almost 60. R.I.P BENNY HILL, ONE OF THE GREATEST ENTERTAINERS IN HISTORY.

  25. Martha Jibbs

    Martha Jibbs15 dias atrás

    Me too

  26. Chino PInoy Combatives

    Chino PInoy Combatives22 dias atrás

    I loved him growing up RIP you beautiful man.

  27. ΑΚΗΣ

    ΑΚΗΣ23 dias atrás

    Real comedians... Today sucks.

  28. Dawn Darby

    Dawn Darby24 dias atrás

    I remember watching The Benny Hill Show with my dad when I was a child (yes, I'm THAT old 😂)

  29. Martha Jibbs

    Martha Jibbs15 dias atrás

    😂 me too

  30. deepsea444

    deepsea44426 dias atrás

    Thank you for a very informative and heartfelt tribute to a much loved comic. I grew watching him weekly making my dad laugh and as a result I now mimic some of his visual gags on stage. Thanks Benny I'm still laughing

  31. Honeysuckle Blossom

    Honeysuckle Blossom26 dias atrás

    His show was way, way past being politically correct 😂 there’d be a lot of snowflakes running for their blankie & safe place 😂 He used to boil an egg for breakfast, then used the water to shave with. I can’t imagine when a shell cracked & there were bits of egg in it! Yuck Ps...that’s a house he lived in, not an apartment

  32. Edward Hester

    Edward Hester27 dias atrás

    Poor guy...

  33. surendra surana

    surendra surana28 dias atrás

    In my opinion he ranks there up at the top alongwith the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy & Abbott and Costello.

  34. Kevin Dinham

    Kevin DinhamMês atrás

    A true genius killed by itv. Itv have a lot to be thankful for benny but treated him like dirt

  35. bubba lanham

    bubba lanhamMês atrás

    i soo tootally agree he should have a star on the HollyWood Walk of Fame he was a laugh riot

  36. DarthProducer

    DarthProducerMês atrás

    I often laughed so hard, I'd be crying......he is missed......

  37. Ivo Andrijasevic

    Ivo AndrijasevicMês atrás

    Rip Benny ,love and respect from Croatia

  38. vlad drac

    vlad dracMês atrás

    Benny was the best

  39. Father Lokk

    Father LokkMês atrás

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVEDDD Him... His Comedy Was So Risky And Funny...Sooooo Many Nights I Was Yelled At To Go To Sleep From Sneaking To Stay Awake To Watch Him...Rest Well Ben...You Will Always Be Remembered As A Comedic Legend...In My Eyes Anyway 👍💯

  40. ricksduman

    ricksdumanMês atrás

    - RIP Bennie, you brought so many laughs.

  41. Sergio Spada

    Sergio SpadaMês atrás

    love him


    MAX BASEMMês atrás

    made a smile when i was upset .. real hidden jem

  43. Christian e.g.

    Christian e.g.Mês atrás

    just think how "offended" the humorless "woke culture" would be at his show today


    WESTOFEDEN71Mês atrás

    Thank you Benny for the gift of laughter Something money cannot buy

  45. Michael Anderson

    Michael AndersonMês atrás


  46. tubester4567

    tubester4567Mês atrás

    The crazy feminists demonized this man and destroyed his career, He never took advantage of women or used a casting couch but they destroyed him anyway.

  47. pennise

    penniseMês atrás

    Benny Hill was a comedic genius. He brought laughter to many people.

  48. Fortysomething BadGirls

    Fortysomething BadGirlsMês atrás

    I loved his shows. If the women had an issue with his work they wouldn't have acted with him!!!

  49. Clem Mahabir

    Clem MahabirMês atrás

    He was genuine!! Real sad ending to his life and death.

  50. nikos23a

    nikos23aMês atrás

    Benny Hill WAS and STILL is my best comedian!!

  51. Spacey Tracey

    Spacey TraceyMês atrás

    Was he Jewish?

  52. SLS Outdoors TV

    SLS Outdoors TVMês atrás

    My friends and I would play the "Benny Hill" wars, if you got caught not paying attention to who was around you, you'd get a hard slap to the back of the neck or the forehead. We would walk around school holding the back of our neck and our forehead to stave off an attack. Benny Hill, a true comedic genius!

  53. Dessa Love

    Dessa LoveMês atrás

    Ohh, my God I wondered what happened to him , he was one of the funniest man my mother and I use to watch his show all the times wow this video brought back memories 😂😂

  54. Saigon

    SaigonMês atrás

    Love you Benny Hill , rest on peace ⚘🌷❤

  55. Adrian Fullerton

    Adrian FullertonMês atrás

    Benny Hill Favourite comedian entertainer of all time

  56. Debra Liess

    Debra LiessMês atrás

    He was such a funny guy. Loved watching him.

  57. E M

    E MMês atrás

    Like most children of the 80s, I blame my parents for me being the way I am. My dad introduced me to Benny Hill and Monty Python in the 70s and 80s in America. As I grew older, I got into the Young Ones, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Blackadder....and so many more to this day. Loved your Inbetweeners. The (r)evolution never stops. RIP Dad. RIP Benny Hill.

  58. Tom Ortale

    Tom OrtaleMês atrás


  59. in the night

    in the nightMês atrás

    Benny hill 🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

  60. Stephen Velez

    Stephen VelezMês atrás

    I found Benny funnier than even Carol Burnett.

  61. kikong80

    kikong80Mês atrás

    Where is the Benny hill running song :( ???

  62. zzzombie888

    zzzombie888Mês atrás

    Many of us 70s kid Americans got our first tastes of British humor from Benny Hill. I watched his show everyday then in the early 80s I got introduced to Monty Python and I thank Benny Hill for introducing me to British Comedy.