What happened to BENNY HILL


  1. dgcmusi

    dgcmusi2 horas atrás

    A well done video...thank you..I always watched his show in America...so so funny 🤣

  2. sheene71

    sheene714 horas atrás

    innocent humour no swearing and good manners naughty manners but heyyylife is short laughter is fun and healthy thanks Benny hill .

  3. Carla Jay Winters

    Carla Jay Winters18 horas atrás

    My favorite was " I use ponds - So does a duck" I always wondered what happened to him , such a sweet soul inside* R*I*P* Mr.Hill

  4. Debbie Reeves

    Debbie ReevesDia atrás

    I remember his show in the early 70's. I was just in my early 20's and it was so naughty, nothing I'd ever watched before and so funny! I felt like a grown up watching it. haha So sad he left this world feeling so alone. May he rest in peace.

  5. gmaccruyff55

    gmaccruyff55Dia atrás

    Frank Skinner was much funnier than Benny ( why are you smiling now?)

  6. pizzaguy7

    pizzaguy72 dias atrás

    ... a few years before my dad died, the Benny Hill show was the only thing that truly made him laugh

  7. pizzaguy7

    pizzaguy72 dias atrás

    James Corden should play Benny Hill in bio pic movie

  8. ryetim32

    ryetim323 dias atrás

    The Feminazi's Killed him


    ANDRES GALLEGOS3 dias atrás

    R.I.P dear Benny.

  10. Simpson Andrew

    Simpson Andrew4 dias atrás

    I love his sexy funny shows, it was my childhood

  11. Jim Rodriguez

    Jim Rodriguez4 dias atrás

    The Benny Hill Show I laughed my ass off.

  12. Andre Bakkers

    Andre Bakkers4 dias atrás

    Benny Hill was EPIC ... loved his shows.

  13. Captain Freddy

    Captain Freddy5 dias atrás

    5 55 What? Benny Hill`s comedy never outlived it`s time! Never did and never will... He will be remembered as one of the greatest British comedians of all time and one day in the future millenia I guarantee he will be discovered by aliens and they might say Well not all humans were so bad after all. Thanks Benny for all the happiness you brought us in the past and for future generations.

  14. KianyRiws

    KianyRiws6 dias atrás

    Obozavao sam da ga gledam!!!Mirno spavaj Benny!!!

  15. Prometheus

    Prometheus6 dias atrás

    2nd wave feminist, fake LIBS, and the democratic party!! Who are owned by the corporate elite killed him!! He was my favorite funny person!!

  16. Patrick Oberholzer

    Patrick Oberholzer6 dias atrás

    Political correctness is the greatest plague that is contributing to kill western culture.

  17. Stephen Berrill

    Stephen Berrill7 dias atrás

    My childhood HERO and favourite comedian on tv

  18. Gnosis Essene

    Gnosis Essene7 dias atrás

    sad !

  19. Joyleen Poortier

    Joyleen Poortier7 dias atrás

    So sad 😞 I grew up watching him RIP Benny

  20. بن شماخ

    بن شماخ8 dias atrás

    He was funny

  21. Roy Holland

    Roy Holland8 dias atrás


  22. Kerry R. Bailey

    Kerry R. Bailey8 dias atrás

    Sad ending. Seems when he didn't have his outlet to perform, he truly didn't wanna go on w life. I grew up during the 80s in the US watching stuff like Benny Hill, Three Stooges reruns, Looney Tunes & Tex Avery cartoons. Most of those wouldn't fly these days because they're not politically correct, although they were never mean spirited. I wouldn't trade it for anything. All outrage culture does is pit groups against other groups, totally dividing & alienating people further. The internet w social media & 24 hour news outlets made it so much worse. Sucks.

  23. hoolivier

    hoolivier9 dias atrás

    I LOVE this guy... All my youthness! RIP genius

  24. bluesharp59

    bluesharp599 dias atrás

    Great upload and they will always be missed by many. R.I.P. Benny and cast.

  25. Roman Abramovich

    Roman Abramovich10 dias atrás

    Legend ❤️

  26. La Bella Escrima

    La Bella Escrima10 dias atrás

    I sincerely doubt that he drank that much or even got drunk all the time, in 1976 he had a kidney removed due to benign tumour. So, when you have only one kidney you need to drink wisely and he did. But like he said he was always on a permanent diet because he loved and enjoyed eating and that is why he moved close to where he worked because every day he would walk to work to eliminate the calories he ate although arriving at the studio and four chocolate bars later the calories he had lost just came back!

  27. Glenn Guimond

    Glenn Guimond10 dias atrás

    Some of the best memories I have of spending the night at my grandparents house was staying up late with my grandfather to watch The Benny Hill Show.

  28. David Jolly

    David Jolly11 dias atrás

    Benny hill was born in Southampton but lived in eastleigh where he did all his life

  29. Frederick Hewlett

    Frederick Hewlett11 dias atrás


  30. Travis Hinton

    Travis Hinton11 dias atrás

    Thank You for the side spitting laughs!!!!! God Bless your soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Christopher John Lamb

    Christopher John Lamb12 dias atrás

    They broke open his coffin good God...how callous can people get..that is sad..

  32. Soulboy Gabicci

    Soulboy Gabicci12 dias atrás

    By 1989, political correctness had gotten an inroad in society so Benny's days were going to be truly numbered.

  33. Hobo Queen

    Hobo Queen12 dias atrás

    Look up ornery in the dictionary and you'll see him grinning - well, you should!

  34. Bob Steenson

    Bob Steenson13 dias atrás

    Arten, Barten, Carten, Darten, Earten, and Fargo 😂 🤣

  35. Bob Steenson

    Bob Steenson13 dias atrás

    Apparently, he was an honest person that's what made him popular as most of Hollywood is nothing but fake this and fake that 🙄

  36. david b

    david b13 dias atrás

    benny hill broadcasts became disturbing for actual thoughtful program or for feminism and values ​​that became a global program, the feminine world, the homosexual, and so on. now feminist right is tracking men where they are good to each other (like football) and benny hill broadcasts are unwelcome

  37. Casimir

    Casimir13 dias atrás

    I used to love the chasing and the slaps on the old man head........

  38. Al Biss

    Al Biss13 dias atrás

    He's been one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. I was watching his TV show when I was ten, without understanding a single word because I'm French Canadian, waiting for those precious dumb sketches.

  39. Larry Freeborn

    Larry Freeborn13 dias atrás

    GREAT channel. Thank you.

  40. Alpha 11

    Alpha 1112 dias atrás

    Thank you for watching!

  41. Mark Harvey

    Mark Harvey13 dias atrás

    This made me feel a bit sad despite how happy he always made me.

  42. Gandalf606

    Gandalf60613 dias atrás

    Political Correctness is a nasty virulent disease. Every sane man, woman, and child must stand up against this monstrous evil and stop it spreading. No to suffocating repression. No to mind control. No to political correctness.

  43. Donnie V.

    Donnie V.13 dias atrás

    Top 3 funniest men of all time, his comedy was perfect. God bless

  44. ebonygentleman79

    ebonygentleman7913 dias atrás

    Benny Hill was just ahead of his time. #MeToo would have never let him shine. Many a late night spent with my Dad watching him on TV here in America. He was awesome!

  45. Raul Rodriguez

    Raul Rodriguez13 dias atrás

    That's some of the best things you can do in your life. Make people laugh is so great. Who doesn't love to laugh? Thank you very much, Mr. Hill for so many good times!

  46. Obdulio Mercado

    Obdulio Mercado14 dias atrás

    Loved this guy as a kid🤛

  47. Les Field

    Les Field14 dias atrás

    Benny and the little Bald man was the funniest ever.😬😝

  48. Cam row drone

    Cam row drone14 dias atrás

    Too young to die ❤️👍🏻

  49. Keith Moon

    Keith Moon14 dias atrás

    ''Twenty-one January'' sounds disgusting. ''The twenty-first of January'' sounds better

  50. Malcolm Double

    Malcolm Double14 dias atrás

    Thank You. Benny was a must watch around our house in the 70's. Absolute classic.

  51. Petru Voinescu

    Petru Voinescu14 dias atrás

    excellent story, but aware of gridness, probably he declined the artificial hart because of the "price"

  52. zebulongrasko

    zebulongrasko14 dias atrás

    Most loved in Russia too. You made us smile back in the stormy 90-th, man! We are greateful to you deeply.

  53. Lednah

    Lednah15 dias atrás

    Curse on Thames television for actually killing him!

  54. peter wapemoose

    peter wapemoose15 dias atrás

    One of a kind! Is missed!

  55. Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

    Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band15 dias atrás

    Yvette Vickers (Attack of the 50 ft woman) turned into a mummy. Partly because of automatic payments. Eight months, nobody looked in.

  56. Futhark

    Futhark15 dias atrás

    He was murdered by two ton Ted from teddington

  57. The Batman

    The Batman15 dias atrás

    Benny Hill, murdered by Feminism.

  58. Lu

    Lu14 dias atrás

    Incel alert!

  59. Delilah S.

    Delilah S.15 dias atrás

    Benny Hill was the TRUE Master of Disguise. Love you Benny. God bless.

  60. Ma Pa

    Ma Pa15 dias atrás

    In 1986, I used to come home from school and stop off for fish n chips, get home and watch Bizzare, Benny Hill for an hour and then Dave Allen at Large. When I smell fish n chips to this day, I have an urge to watch Benny Hill. Love you and RIP funny man!!!

  61. PhantomMark

    PhantomMark15 dias atrás

    Sad end, remember watching the shows as a kid with my grandparents

  62. Thi Huynh

    Thi Huynh15 dias atrás