What If Spiders Were the Size of Humans?


  1. Vincent Scott

    Vincent ScottHora atrás

    We are all fucked haha if they were our size.

  2. ThotSlayer

    ThotSlayerHora atrás

    Who else didn't have the courage to look at the video and only listened to it?

  3. QuantumNova

    QuantumNovaHora atrás

    Remember the ending of Terminator 3? Yeah, that.

  4. WhiteRoseSamurai

    WhiteRoseSamurai2 horas atrás

    Guess I'll stay inside forever.

  5. Shiny Face

    Shiny Face3 horas atrás

    Imagine a spider in a alternate universe having anthrophobia

  6. Mess

    Mess6 horas atrás

    I think everyone would be legally allowed to carry deadly weapons.

  7. Banana hat Muscle whale

    Banana hat Muscle whale6 horas atrás

    One giant spider crawling towards you while helplessly struggling in the web Or struggling helplessly in the web while thousands regular sized spiders swarm you

  8. JEAN Buffetaut

    JEAN Buffetaut6 horas atrás

    hans bring the.... hans forget ze flammenwerfer use ze flammpanzerwagen

  9. Spacelux

    Spacelux10 horas atrás

    u wont make this video

  10. Michael Caudill

    Michael Caudill11 horas atrás

    Good question Godzilla is the answer to all of this

  11. Tristan Nez

    Tristan Nez23 horas atrás

    Ever played Resident Evil? Spiders

  12. Jules

    JulesDia atrás

    Actuallu, ALL spiders are venomous, but their venom is usually not a threat to humans as they've evolved to hunt small prey, not large mammals. However, if spiders were the size of humans, we likely WOULD be their prey and so ALL spiders would in fact, be highly venomous to us... Also, spiders are not "cold blooded killers"-- they're insectivores. It's not as if they can eat insects without first killing them and it's not as if spiders enjoy killing. Many animals kill to eat, us included. This video really capitalizes on arachnophobia.

  13. Licuado

    LicuadoDia atrás

    "what if spiders were the size of humans" Everyone: the giant enemy spider!

  14. Robert Fernandez

    Robert FernandezDia atrás

    The air would kill us Too much oxygen, and its necessary for them to grow that big (They used to be humam-ish size, they shrunk)

  15. YouTube Logo

    YouTube LogoDia atrás

    They would still be small compared to the size of the universe

  16. Nicky Matthies

    Nicky MatthiesDia atrás

    Thanks I hate it

  17. tankoiroblox 123

    tankoiroblox 123Dia atrás

    I don’t know why I’m watching this while I’m afraid of spiders

  18. Ushaan Kapoor

    Ushaan KapoorDia atrás

    1:32 spider species!!! Love that

  19. Za Warudo

    Za WarudoDia atrás

    I would rather be in a world with a _Zombie Apocalypse_ *Wait*

  20. Muffin on Lean

    Muffin on LeanDia atrás

    I would kill myself on day one if spiders were human size

  21. WulF Of Judah

    WulF Of JudahDia atrás

    God that would be annoying ...trapdoors ...invisible webs ...hard bulletproof exos....im getting a tank immediately

  22. CatireGarcia

    CatireGarciaDia atrás

    I just realized the narrator is Canadian

  23. James Roy

    James Roy2 dias atrás

    When he said... don't be fooled by the itsy bitsy spider... He's clearly never seen the movie itsy bitsy

  24. sonrouge

    sonrouge2 dias atrás

    Thank god for the laws of physics.

  25. Adrian. Warner

    Adrian. Warner2 dias atrás

    Yeah. What. If

  26. felicia felicity

    felicia felicity2 dias atrás

    if spiders were the size of humans i would stay strapped 24-7

  27. h5u7p5gt

    h5u7p5gt2 dias atrás

    We'd have to genetically breed hornets to be bigger than the spiders to kill the spiders.


    DRAGONSAURUS5212 dias atrás


  29. The Lion

    The Lion2 dias atrás

    at 0:09 what movie is that?

  30. Eric ZWE

    Eric ZWE2 dias atrás

    get the flammenwerfer

  31. Keegan Kalis

    Keegan Kalis2 dias atrás

    Sees the first spider: Burn it burn it Burn it burn it Burn it burn it Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn Burn it burn it

  32. Jermail Pittman

    Jermail Pittman2 dias atrás

    Can someone tell me the name of the movie at 0:10 seconds of this video.

  33. Ricky James

    Ricky JamesDia atrás

    The name of the movie is "Enemy"

  34. ツJxstUrTwinVyperz

    ツJxstUrTwinVyperz2 dias atrás

    *_*Create new world_**

  35. Jordan MacLeod

    Jordan MacLeod2 dias atrás

    if spiders were as big as people we’d be justified in nuking everything Also are we talking spiders as big as Shaq or as big as Peter Dinklage?

  36. it's me Dobby

    it's me Dobby2 dias atrás

    I would love to have giant spiders as pets

  37. Ok Samsis

    Ok Samsis2 dias atrás

    G u e s s i l l d i e

  38. Kurtzkee Playz

    Kurtzkee Playz2 dias atrás

    What If Spiders Were the Size of Humans? *It's simple, the world would be a better hell*

  39. kaashaan hussain

    kaashaan hussain3 dias atrás

    Scorched earth motherfuckers

  40. Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez3 dias atrás

    it would be no stronger than a human so who can basically outmached it if you fight it carefully

  41. funkyleah

    funkyleah3 dias atrás


  42. Chuck the Ruckus

    Chuck the Ruckus3 dias atrás

    Women would scream even more

  43. Электрический Ящер

    Электрический Ящер3 dias atrás

    Spiders: *becomes size as humans* Humans: *grabbing shotguns* Crimsonland: *start playing Gt2 Harppen*

  44. lazyy_troll7

    lazyy_troll73 dias atrás

    How can their legs trample us if they are the same size?? Logic

  45. UCSPanther20

    UCSPanther203 dias atrás

    The only thing worse than a spider, is one that needs a 30.06 to skoosh...

  46. Krzysztof Bartczak

    Krzysztof Bartczak3 dias atrás

    Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?

  47. {DDLC} Model

    {DDLC} Model3 dias atrás

    I'd ride one like a horse >:3

  48. Heyena Lover

    Heyena Lover3 dias atrás

    Me: *goes into room* Spider: *is on my bed* O...hello... Me: MOM! DAD! WE MUST MOVE!

  49. Sergio Bellamy

    Sergio Bellamy3 dias atrás

    No Thank you, i would carry Fire stuff or Sword to go to everywhere!

  50. Sean Da Best

    Sean Da Best3 dias atrás

    I'm going to have to upgrade my arsenal to *two* perfume cans.

  51. Dale Thom

    Dale Thom3 dias atrás

    Then they probably would live outside only

  52. kingslayers shall rise

    kingslayers shall rise3 dias atrás

    guy:this spider is the biggest spider on earth huntsman spider:am i a joke to you?

  53. Trevor Drakenor

    Trevor Drakenor3 dias atrás

    EDF! EDF! EDF! To take down giant insect from the outer space! we're going underground for their path we must retrace! To find their giant nest and crush the queens carapace! THE EDF DEPLOY!

  54. dhafa renouldy

    dhafa renouldy3 dias atrás

    "The giant enemy spider."

  55. KhiemDuc Vietsub

    KhiemDuc Vietsub3 dias atrás


  56. AndiGravity

    AndiGravity3 dias atrás

    If spiders were the size of humans, what you'd have is a ton of very dead spiders on your hands. While spiders have slightly more advanced cardiovascular systems than other invertebrates-- they have primitive lungs known as book lungs-- the fact remains they have an open cardiovascular system rather than a closed one, which is very important. In small animals such as spiders and insects, open circulatory systems convey an advantage. They require much less energy to operate, thus mitigating the amount of food the invertebrate needs to take in, making it easier for them to survive without a constant source of food. However, the energy savings come at the cost of overall efficiency. While it takes a lot more energy to operate the sort of closed circulatory system vertebrates use-- especially those of warm-blooded vertebrates, which also regulate body temperature independent of the outside environment-- it is also much more efficient at distributing oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues and collecting waste products to dispose of them. At a certain point, there would simply be too much body tissue for an open circulatory system to cope with. The poor, afflicted animal saddled with a body larger than the size such an inefficient cardiovascular system can cope with would die a fairly horrible death as the hemolymph began to pool in its tissues, running out of oxygen and nutrients as waste products built up in the spider's body. It would effectively be like dying of suffocation, septic shock, liver failure, and kidney failure all at once. And even if it was able to escape that fate, you have to contend with gravity and the limitations of the invertebrate skeleton. Even in animals which live in water, there comes a point long before they reach the size of a human when it simply takes too much energy to molt an old exoskeleton, let alone grow a new one. At that point, the animal dies in the attempt to shed its old exoskeleton because the skeleton has had to become so thick, strong, and resilient in order to support the animal's internal weight, the animal simply doesn't have the strength necessary to break it open and push out of it (this is why lobsters aren't actually immortal... they don't have a fixed lifespan, but in reality they all die eventually, once it becomes too difficult for them to molt). In any case, were there spiders that large, they would have to be exceptionally rare, since there can only be as many predators as there are prey animals to support them, and a human-sized spider would be restricted in its diet to consuming large prey items, because items too small to effectively envenom and suck the insides out of would effectively be off-limits as a food source. That means you have to ask how many large animals a human-sized spider would have to consume during the course of a year to keep it alive. At a bare minimum, the spider would need to have enough animals to supply that amount of food, plus a large enough population besides that to replenish that supply of food on a regular basis. Anything less than a population large enough to continually replenish itself in the face of attrition from the spider's predation would eventually lead the to the spider depleting the population and starving itself. In those situations, the prey species are virtually never driven to extinction before the predator species starves off. Such spiders couldn't survive as a function of their anatomy and would have to be exceptionally restricted in number by their environment and available food sources... and humans do not make a good food source. We tend to congregate in large numbers, and we are a violently invasive species. So I'm not really worried about a world in which spiders were the size of humans, because by this time, we'd probably be talking about the fact there *used to be* spiders the size of humans in what is now the developed world, while we made fascinating documentaries for Spider Week on Animal Planet and kept a few alive in zoos and preserves just so we don't have to say we drove them all to extinction.

  57. Imanol Bergeon

    Imanol Bergeon3 dias atrás

    Me, I love spider 🕷 ❤️😅

  58. The Sun has forsaken us

    The Sun has forsaken us3 dias atrás

    Humanity would unite under a common flag and vow to purge the 8 legged beasts from the face of the Earth. OOOH RAH!!!

  59. the shaman of enterprise

    the shaman of enterprise3 dias atrás

    *Giant Spiders exist* Inner Gamer: where's me Diamond Sword?

  60. Jawara!

    Jawara!3 dias atrás

    Aussies be like : *First time?*

  61. Shane Odell

    Shane Odell3 dias atrás

    What is the movie at 1:14?