What New Marine Corps Recruits Go Through In Boot Camp


  1. Ahmed Foad

    Ahmed Foad40 minutos atrás

    Shouldn’t be too hard for me my home is kinda like parris island lol

  2. Emmanuel Macron

    Emmanuel MacronHora atrás

    A bunsh of criminal

  3. Emmanuel Macron

    Emmanuel MacronHora atrás

    A bunsh of loser

  4. 新ドラゴンͯ ͯ ͯ MoeSzyslak

    新ドラゴンͯ ͯ ͯ MoeSzyslakHora atrás

    Am I the only who doesnt get why they are yelling all the time ? ^^

  5. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Obi Wan KenobiHora atrás

    1st 14 seconds and the guy in the mask is like saying "I wanna pee"

  6. Macon Woodlief

    Macon Woodlief7 horas atrás

    It’s crazy that Parris island is very close to me in Charleston

  7. Jessiewockz Andallasa

    Jessiewockz Andallasa8 horas atrás

    O.25x 4:08

  8. IconicOne 1

    IconicOne 18 horas atrás

    11:27 The guy in the back lol

  9. xXTheCoolGuyXx

    xXTheCoolGuyXx9 horas atrás

    In my bootcamp on my pc the new recruits usually find gun and kill each other sometimes in teams but usually in solo..

  10. Jackson Muszynski

    Jackson Muszynski10 horas atrás

    Me and the boys going to the theater to watch Avengers: Endgame 14:07

  11. gaming samich

    gaming samich10 horas atrás

    Anyone else thought the thumbnail was. Carlton from fresh prince

  12. Matt Oberst

    Matt Oberst10 horas atrás

    5:14 Private Joker is that you?

  13. docvideo93

    docvideo9311 horas atrás

    With all the screaming they do, I wonder if the drill instructors do anything at home in order to NOT have a permanent sore throat.

  14. Jessica Kelihoomalu

    Jessica Kelihoomalu12 horas atrás

    1915 that is before ww2 started so wow

  15. john john

    john john12 horas atrás

    Chesty puller blew mcarthur

  16. Ethan Thomson グミ

    Ethan Thomson グミ13 horas atrás

    is there further training after the 13 weeks? like another phase of core training they have to do, or is it 13 weeks then off to unit?

  17. Ethan Thomson グミ

    Ethan Thomson グミ14 horas atrás

    intro: are you my mummy?

  18. Fire frap lilly

    Fire frap lilly14 horas atrás

    You said warming welcome not mean welcome

  19. HaiTi _

    HaiTi _15 horas atrás

    If you really think about it, marines rare out through this training just to be a very high possibility of them dying right away in combat. Just saying

  20. Nathaniel Ferreira

    Nathaniel Ferreira15 horas atrás

    I really don’t agree with the screaming. I think it’s absolutely disrespectful

  21. Oscar Carballo

    Oscar Carballo17 horas atrás

    put a stick up my dog, call that shit a popsicle

  22. Green Beans For life

    Green Beans For life17 horas atrás

    Wait for the SAS

  23. MythBeyondLegend _

    MythBeyondLegend _17 horas atrás

    I ship out April 27th this year man. I’m pumped

  24. Not Funny Didn't Laugh

    Not Funny Didn't Laugh18 horas atrás

    Imagine you do all this work and then your sent on your first patrol and then you get slaughtered

  25. Mazuca Music

    Mazuca Music19 horas atrás

    Glad I chose Army

  26. Shafquat Sadman

    Shafquat Sadman19 horas atrás

    Full metal jacket

  27. tommy peratsakis

    tommy peratsakis21 hora atrás

    Basically how to get brainwash... and you’re obligated to stay there for 4 years or else yoh go to jail... so stupid

  28. gurmukh singh

    gurmukh singh22 horas atrás

    Why am watching this. Am a International student here in Canada.

  29. Aleksandar Berkovic

    Aleksandar Berkovic22 horas atrás

    This is how I talk to my deaf grandma

  30. zaq zxc

    zaq zxc22 horas atrás

    DOWN WITH usa

  31. M C

    M C22 horas atrás

    YOU NEVER forget your USMC Boot Camp "experience". Unlike the Army, Navy or Air Force, this IS NOT a game and you ARE NOT coddled!!! From day 1 you are hammered and kept on the edge. Males are not held back by training with females. Male recruits are pushed hard and forced to adapt to the stressful training. Female recruits are trained hard but separately (unlike the other branches). The USMC is not for everyone. But if you join and complete boot camp you are part of a very proud and loyal group. I chose the Marines (1974-1979) because I wanted to be challenged. None of my friends went with me. They all joined the Army or Navy.

  32. Gear Academy

    Gear Academy23 horas atrás

    Cant see any recruit i guess theyre wearing camouflage

  33. Lieutenant Starbuck

    Lieutenant Starbuck23 horas atrás

    This plus wars no wonder a lot of them end up on the streets taking drugs or commit suicide.

  34. Fernando Martinez

    Fernando Martinez23 horas atrás

    So stupid

  35. FreeWiFi Near

    FreeWiFi NearDia atrás

    This makes me think of Full Metal Jacket

  36. Axiom

    AxiomDia atrás

    Wow they boxed in marine boot camp that’s so trash I wish we did it

  37. Axiom

    AxiomDia atrás

    Gas chamber is hell on earth

  38. LTKCraft Pixels

    LTKCraft PixelsDia atrás


  39. LTKCraft Pixels

    LTKCraft PixelsDia atrás

    Is this u.s navy?

  40. Lt. Tom Kazansky

    Lt. Tom KazanskyDia atrás

    Ahh bootcamp. I miss the good old days

  41. Shay Patrick Cormac

    Shay Patrick CormacDia atrás

    Training is tougher than the battlefield😑🤕

  42. MingoDaMango

    MingoDaMangoDia atrás

    I feel bad for the guy at the ladder jump who asked if he could have one more shot but got yelled at.

  43. Brandon _ML

    Brandon _MLDia atrás

    I got rejected

  44. DanIsZeref

    DanIsZerefDia atrás

    I just hate being treated like dogs lmao...

  45. attiume yami

    attiume yamiDia atrás

    Well my future looks intresting

  46. brian byrne

    brian byrneDia atrás

    I believe that the military will provide me with a better foundation for a successful life than college will, and I also think it's BS how people consider it to be an "easy way out" because it's most definitely not easier. Warren Buffet said "the best investment you can make is in yourself, as no one's able to take that away." To me, this means the Marine Corps values will take me a lot further than a diploma during those four crucial years in life. Then I can walk away with a leg up with a greater understanding of myself, the world, and I won't have loans to pay off. I do intend on pursuing higher education after service, but I don't want to do it beforehand even considering the Officer opportunity.

  47. Athenaa

    AthenaaDia atrás

    female young marine here. im a drill instructor for new recruits - very excited.

  48. _bellatrixx_

    _bellatrixx_Dia atrás

    That snot though! :O Does it really hurt that bad?

  49. Vexx Gaming

    Vexx GamingDia atrás

    6:35 Im going to be this person

  50. Vexx Gaming

    Vexx GamingDia atrás

    I have watched this like 100 times, heck it made me want to be a U.S Marine.

  51. Jeffrey Ding

    Jeffrey DingDia atrás

    Lol I’ve never seen training thing in San Diego even though I lived there for like 15 years

  52. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox BleachDia atrás

    SiR yEs SiR

  53. Kyle

    KyleDia atrás

    If it were easy, everyone would do it. Thank you for your service Marines. Thank you to all our uniformed defenders. God bless you, and thank you all and your families for your sacrifices...

  54. Armin Islamovic

    Armin IslamovicDia atrás

    I think they should use airsoft guns to train, that way they can not get hit by a bullet lol

  55. Under_Sc0re

    Under_Sc0reDia atrás

    I know alot of people are here because got inspired by cod mw 2019 to join the military.

  56. Black Boy

    Black BoyDia atrás


  57. BanD aTTacK BanD aTTacK

    BanD aTTacK BanD aTTacKDia atrás

    humiliation , Psychopath , also there is no real benefit coming out of this humiliation !!!

  58. Gustave Corbet

    Gustave Corbet18 horas atrás

    The kids of Sparta were sent to training in the age of 6 they were beaten and abused by their instructors and they were sent to kill innocent men just to get food and survive. And at the end they became one of the most best warriors among the greeks. A good soldiers doesn’t need to have a strong personality he needs discipline

  59. BanD aTTacK BanD aTTacK

    BanD aTTacK BanD aTTacK18 horas atrás

    Man you are so funny , just stop making excuses and admit the truth !!! There is no Relation between fearless warriors and this Humiliation Fearless warriors can only be made by building strong personality.

  60. Gustave Corbet

    Gustave Corbet21 hora atrás

    BanD aTTacK BanD aTTacK it was like this since the ancient times. The Spartans were the most fearsome men because of their hard training which was similar like this

  61. BanD aTTacK BanD aTTacK

    BanD aTTacK BanD aTTacK21 hora atrás

    @Gustave Corbet LoLL

  62. Gustave Corbet

    Gustave Corbet22 horas atrás

    It makes them better soldiers

  63. Steve Eaton

    Steve EatonDia atrás

    I was in in 1970. We didnot get gassed til ITR @ Camp Gieger?? Thats AFTER Boot Camp. Semper Fi.

  64. calin m

    calin mDia atrás

    US blood thirsty country!!! 1945 - Japan (Nuclear) 1945-1946 - China 1950-1953 - Korea China 1954 - Guatemala 1958 - Indonesia 1959-61 - Cuba 1960 - Guatemala 1964 - Congo 1965 - Peru 1964-1973 - Laos 1961-1973 - Vietnam 1969-1970 - Cambodia 1967-1969 - Guatemala 1983 - Grenada 1983-1984 - Lebanon 1980's - El Salvador 1980's - Nicaragua 1986 - Libya 1987 - Iran 1989 - Panama 1991 - Iraq 1993 - Somalia 1998 - Sudan 1998 - Afghanistan 1995 - Bosnia (Serbians in Bosnia) 1999 - Serbia 2001-2005 - Afghanistan 2003-2010 - Iraq 2011 - Libya 2015 Syria

  65. ThatPenguin

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  67. Dilun Wu

    Dilun WuDia atrás

    Call of Duty tutorial training is only for like 5 minutes to lets you become a *special force*