What Really Happened to Jeffrey Epstein? | Joe Rogan and Tom Papa


  1. Thomas Watts,  Jr.

    Thomas Watts, Jr.2 dias atrás

    Michael Schermer is paid to be a blind dumbass!

  2. Thomas Watts,  Jr.

    Thomas Watts, Jr.2 dias atrás

    If your "friend" is using his position as a "professional sceptic" (which is an obvious oxymoron since he is not sceptical of this bullshit story) to promote the lie that Epstein killed himself then you need to pick better friends!

  3. Elizabeth Medina

    Elizabeth Medina4 dias atrás

    Singer of Journey who replaced the original is a filipino haha.

  4. Dan Stewart

    Dan Stewart13 dias atrás

    He isn't dead

  5. Bennett

    Bennett14 dias atrás

    Do people not remember this from 2016? Right-wing: Elites are covering up a pedophile ring. Libs: Yeah, like there is a pedophile ring full of elites and they're all trying to cover it up.. Go back to watching Alex Jones and put on your tinfoil hat. 2019: Prince Andrew photo with underage girl and pedophile island owned by Epstein. Libs: Still haven't heard any of those people apologize. I wonder if they've realized they have a cognitive dissonance problem yet. ABC News loves them though.

  6. Alienbikers

    Alienbikers20 dias atrás

    Farsight institute remote viewers had sessions. They didn't see any other person involved in his "suicide" or suicide. Well, just another version.

  7. Ted Thompson

    Ted Thompson21 dia atrás

    Rumors are he worked for intelligence, as well, fact is he never graduated college, also when they raided his home it was left un secure for a week, fact. The servers allegedly dissapeared iij n that time. Basically an unsecured crime scene, which just doesn't happen. They also found a "black book" which is now gone. His crime partner is in hiding in Israel. He did have alot of powerful friends, the Clinton's? I don't know, we all know bill is a pedophile and a rapist, too late, and dittos for the prince, it was found out killary went there 6 times and she's a cold blooded killer. I've met ppl like that and she has that look in her eyes, you can't hide it. Its what's referred to in poker as the "tell" in all honesty bill doesn't, hes along for the ride. But this dude was mixed up with people that I personally would have walked away from immediately. And yes he was killed, its literally impossible for what happened to happen. I've been in adseg, not for suicide or pedo crap but violence. Those cells are built so its literally impossible. And I'll use an example monroe state prison 6 guards, 1 in the tower mid day 2 may take a quick nap, 4 are not and the tower is always awake and they monitor the cameras. Also the doors are opened by the tower button. Exclusively. This dude was killed, couldn't have happened to a better guy, hell if given the opportunity I would have. But that just it, I would have not been given the opportunity. Thing of it is, I'm an animal, I can do time that way, I like it. He couldn't, he was going to talk. The brazen way thou, that was message sent, doesn't matter who you are or where you're at we will get you. Galen must be pissing her overpriced panties currently. Because eventually Mossad will stop hiding her. Unless she's already dead.

  8. Kris Taylor

    Kris Taylor22 dias atrás

    There was a wrestler Bryan adams

  9. Daryl Dunson

    Daryl Dunson25 dias atrás

    please spread awareness about the electronic harrassment of American citizens by u.s. intelligence agencies using a covert technology called "SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY" or "V2K(VOICE TO SKULL)" where they are able to transmit voices into people's heads to torture them. They are testing this technology on innocent and unwitting Americans without their consent as part of a modern day mind control program similar to MK ULTRA in the 1950's & 60's. Please thank you & God bless.

  10. Andrew Howden

    Andrew HowdenMês atrás

    I've been seeing this guy around town this week that I've never seen before, walking around waving his arm back and forth like a real wackjob, muttering things under his breath, I think he might have still been stuck in a heated argument from 20 years ago or something... Anyway, at first glance I was somehow immediately able to recognize this stranger as a face I'd seen somewhere once before... and then before I could even allow the confusion to consume my memories for the next couple of hours or so, it dawned on me that the unusually-mannered man I just saw looked like Jeffrey Epstein... not the look of Epstein being a wealthy, billionaire pimp, but rather the look of one of those Epstein mugshots... Nope. No way, Epstein may not have killed himself, but he defnitely didn't fake his own death and move to my town posing as a homeless crazy guy whose wife left him twenty years ago... No, it's more likely that he was killed like the conspiracy theories say... but isn't there an "Epstein's still alive!" conspiracy theory? Hmmm. A couple more days go by, and I see him this time across the road from me waiting for a bus, no longer arguing with his past, it seems he had given up on that. Studying his face to put my suspicions to rest, I knew it would not be much longer before the bus would arrive. With the occasional drag of a cigarette, I'd glance over, my sunglasses perfectly conceal my gaze, I could've stared straight into his soul and he wouldn't have ever made eye contact with me, but wait... oh no... my girlfriend askes who I am looking at, begins accusing me of pleasuring my eyes and delighting them with the physique of another lady, her voice getting more louder and louder with each accusation, people have started turning around to inspect all of the commotion, please, PLEASE NO. Not Epstein, don't you turn around and look, you just keep double and triple checking the bus times, good, gooood, that's the way, it's quietening down now, seems like the end of the commotion, I almost felt like I had total control of his mind, so long as I kept his eyes locked on that bus timetable I would never be compromised by having any recognizable facial imaging stored in his brain. I was still in the clear, so I kept on analyzing his facial features as suddenly many more people begin to arrive for the bus, it's a whole crowd over there now. 20 faces blending together, now there actually is a quality looking female specimen to delight my eyes, there's another hottie, wow damn look at her! I'm finding it hsrd to maintain my focus... Where's Epstein?! I've completely failed at matching the man's face with the real Epstein, and now I've lost him, God damn it, arrrgggghhh! WAIT! An arm waves up and I hear a voice crying out, "WE CAN SAVE OUR MARRIAGE!"... it's Epstein, I see him now, he barges through a mob of crackheads, hot chicks, and really slow and nearly deaf old ladies, reaching the front of the crowd. "I'M FIRST!", he righteously proclaims, justifiable as he was the first one to wait at the bus stop. I would've felt like doing the same thing. Ha... that Jeffrey Epstein bloke's not too bad of a bloke actually, he has impressed me with his "zero fucks given" attitude over there at the bus stop. Yes. I kind of admire him. I'd like to have a beer with him. I turn to ask my girl if she'd like to invite Jeffrey Epstein over for a beer. She asks, who's Jeffrey Epstein, I say, just a really cool dude that just moved into town. She accuses me of being gay with some new guy in town, "who the fuck is Jeffrey?!" She scares me a little, I am crumbling under pressure, I can feel the burn of more than 100 sets of eyes, I feel retarded now, and can't bare to check to see if a set of those burning eyeballs belong to Jeffrey Epstein... For some weird reason being gay got everybody's attention, especially Jeffrey Epstein, who I turn to see has already locked eyes with me. My sunglasses are rendered useless now, how could this be, they are my shield, they always work, but not this time. Jeffrey Epstein knows I'm looking at him, and he knows I know he's looking at me. I'd say 'twas a death stare, but I thought this guy was already dead. Can anybody kill Jeffrey Epstein? The bus arrives, my last chance, I yell to one of the old ladies, "PUSH HIM! MAKE IT LOOK LIKE A SUICIDE!"... It's too late, she's too slow and nearly deaf, I don't think she even heard me, but Jeffrey Epstein clearly did. He knows I'm on to him, I can see it in his eyes, I take my sunglasses off as he steps on to the bus, he slowly makes his way to one of the vacant seats, still holding eye contact with me the whole way to his seat, before the bus leaves, a middle finger salute coming from the back window. Ha, Epstein gets the last laugh, but we'll meet again Jeffrey... WE'LL. MEET. AGAIN. O _ O So yeah like today, I was down hanging out with these drunk people I just met outside of IGA (which is my supermarket of choice y'all check it out if you ever come down under to Australia), and lo and behold, I see him. It's Jeffrey Epstein. "Jeffrey Fucking Epstein!", I exclaim, pointing him out to my newly acquainted dropkicks which I'll probably never even hang out with again. They weren't sure who to look at, I mean how can you not know which one is Jeffrey Epstein, the guy from the news, the one that was runnjng the island with the teenage prostitutes that he'd pimp out to all of those twisted pervert elitists, the Prince Paedophile 60 Minutes interview... by this point I had now remembered that I was sober but these gentlemen were indeed very drunk. They didn't give a care in the world, why, how, why not, are they that drunk? By now, people were walking past quicker than before, I believe they may have thought this rowdyness was turning into a ruckus of sorts. Then... it happened. They all told me to fuck off because I was now pissing them off. I was now annoying those that I thought were my new friends, and Jeffrey Epstein was their mate, all along, this whole time. The betrayal of my comrades, how could they have done this to me, their fearless leader.... It was all a ploy to replace me with Jeffrey Epstein. They used me to find Epstein, track him down, flush him out only for them to turn their backs on me. The smirks on those stupid faces of theirs, "Well go on Epstein! Why don't you go ahead and do what you did on the bus the other day!", Epstein plays dumb, seems he has no recollection of what I'm talking about. "YOU GAVE ME THE FINGER JEFFREY! AND NOT THE TYPE OF FINGER YOU GAVE TO ALL THOSE UNDERAGE GIRLS!", I wait for an Oooooooooooooo!, but I think everyone passing by is trying their best to act like this isn't happening right now, but this is more serious than they think. Lousy peasants, to weak and ill-minded to make a stand. If no one else does it, than I will. I'm gonna bring Jeffrey Epstein down once and for all... I charge, heading straight for him, accidentally bump into one of the traitors, his bottle of whiskey flies in slow motion, the sound of glass bouncing off the pavement without breaking, reminiscent of not that much earlier on in the day when we watched the same bottle fall and not break, laughing it off just how lucky we were. This time it's different, it was still an accident, but not the way he sore it, he said I was clearly making a bold attempt at destroying his bottle of whiskey, this made me mad. How was it ok to laugh about the same accident earlier, but now it's like our laughter never happened, and you just want to antagonize the greatest thing that ever happened to you? I pick up his bottle, I can hand this back to him, and that will clear everything up for me and him, then he'll be on my side, and we can bring down Jeffrey Epstein together. But, the traits of a traitor are once a traitor, always a traitor. I smash the bottle and kill Jeffrey Epstein... Or so I thought, I hear cries behind me, "NOOOOOO CALVIN!", "YOU KILLED HIM!", "HE KILLED MY RETARDED BOY!", "OH PLEASE LORD ALMIGHTY, PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY RETARD OF A SON!". So yeah, possible Jeffrey Epstein sighting in Melton, Victoria, Australia, which is on the planet Earth, postcode/zipcode 3337 Thank you for your time, gentles and ladymen, I bid you all a good day.

  11. Andrew Howden

    Andrew HowdenMês atrás

    Btw... it was actually the old lady giving the finger on the back of the bus. So Jeffrey Epstein, my bad, I am sorry for accusing you of giving me the middle finger, and if that old lady's reading this... You one nasty old HAG! (spits on floor twice) ... You better watch your BACK! (throat-slit gesture) (Unexpected clap for shock value)

  12. Mauro Gomez

    Mauro GomezMês atrás

    Jeffrey is alive.

  13. etyrnal

    etyrnalMês atrás

    jizzlaines dad was Mossad, no?

  14. Isabella M

    Isabella MMês atrás

    Epstein was friends with Norways crown prinsess AFTER he was a convicted sex offender and the royal people said that they should have checed out who she hangs out with a little better. I mean come on! How could they not know of his crimes and just let Mette-Marit hang out with him! Norway is on top 5 ritchest countries in the world

  15. thestarsinsideus 83

    thestarsinsideus 83Mês atrás

    “no ones bought me nuthin! 😬” (*birds chirping*)

  16. Joe Smith

    Joe SmithMês atrás

    Ronald macdonald like underage black girls.. LOL 😂 Ebstein would let people party. Ebstein is still alive. Natayahu was his boss

  17. Rd

    RdMês atrás

    Where is *GHISLAINE MAXWELL??* (Epstien's assistant for 20+ yrs) She knew exactly what was going on. She recruited children for sex slaves! She needs to come clean and expose the evil elites before she "kills herself". She didn't have a problem being rich and powerful when it was convenient. But when everything comes crashing down she hides, and denies everthing. Shes a liar and a coward.. As it stands she deserves to be in prison but she owes everyone the whole story first *GHISLAINE MAXWELL*

  18. Cringe Nazi

    Cringe NaziMês atrás

    tom papa acting agent for PR on epstein estate, same as joe

  19. Josh Massengale

    Josh MassengaleMês atrás

    Am I the only one who notices Joe always moves his mic with his chin??? Lol

  20. Random808

    Random808Mês atrás

    Make epstein hang himself :D

  21. uaXaK iK eTzNab kAn XiiB kiBRaY

    uaXaK iK eTzNab kAn XiiB kiBRaYMês atrás

    Michael Shermer's probably a pedophile too

  22. Sashii sucks

    Sashii sucksMês atrás

    Ray Williams Johnson did it

  23. Ling Gu

    Ling GuMês atrás

    Oh,this is the best country USA

  24. Wesley Chapman

    Wesley ChapmanMês atrás

    It’s like getting thrown in jail with vin diesel

  25. Curious Mind

    Curious MindMês atrás

    They totally faked his death! Lol... I’ve worked in health care for a long time and I’ve never seen the coroner wheel a body out with the dead persons HEAD sticking out of the body bag 🤣🤣 in fact the body bag is ALWAYS sealed 🔒 literally with a zip tie (matching the identifier on the toe tag 🏷 ).. These environments are highly regulated, and coroners are typically and rightfully anal regarding procedure and will write you up as an organization should they receive a body (especially one shrouded in suspicion) that has been mishandled, or in this case completely violated! Just sayin 🤷‍♀️

  26. Dj Jazz

    Dj JazzMês atrás

    Is t there a George Zimmerman in the nba or the nfl?

  27. BeeV Vnm

    BeeV VnmMês atrás

    child molesters and rapists must suffer a long painful death. No other way, nothing more, nothing less. The song not only describes the abomination of these evil people's actions, but the blasphemy and defilement of pure innocence itself which is what a child's soul is. And honestly I think that this is what really gets a pedo's kicks in the first place. The abuse of power they practice to what a child really represents. The destruction of their innocence in the most intimate and unbreachable way which is a person's body. This is why pedos are not just "poor, sick people" that some of their defenders (who are probably like them) try to present them. They are pure evil.

  28. Ken Adams

    Ken AdamsMês atrás

    Who owns that prison or does the city/state owned?

  29. Mark Lawson

    Mark LawsonMês atrás

    Clinton's had no dog in the fight trump had alot to lose like a second term he is screwing himself out of

  30. modather matin

    modather matinMês atrás

    J : Do u know about the subject? Guest : a little... Me : I'm out

  31. David Wayne

    David WayneMês atrás


  32. foppo leeuwerke

    foppo leeuwerkeMês atrás

    Very powerfull people like Prince Andrew of the U.K.You can't touch that family out of bounds and Epstein was a minion in comparison.He had to go easy done.

  33. 90s Jaded

    90s Jaded2 meses atrás

    dude sounded like Forrest Gump and Rick Grimes combined

  34. istolit • 10 years ago

    istolit • 10 years ago2 meses atrás

    Maybe he broke his own neck …

  35. P D

    P D2 meses atrás

    Get a private island.. rape animals...children.. young women/girls..and get other rich people to pay you

  36. Elec

    Elec2 meses atrás

    Every fucking time Joe comes accross a very muscular guy he completely forgets what he was talking about and starts fantasizing hard. Seriously, all, the, time.

  37. chris hudson

    chris hudson2 meses atrás

    Too many dems and repubs would have both been outted by epstein, hence the reason he was "suicided" im callin bullshit

  38. Eric Boyd

    Eric Boyd2 meses atrás

    "I do my leg extensions on Nautilussss" - Nicholas Tartaglione

  39. 47chromeAKs

    47chromeAKs2 meses atrás

    I did not have relations with that epstein

  40. savage mantalk

    savage mantalk2 meses atrás

    Easy Joe, that's a conspiracy theory, just like the moon landing.

  41. savage mantalk

    savage mantalk2 meses atrás

    Stick to stand up comedy, at least it's pure.

  42. savage mantalk

    savage mantalk2 meses atrás

    Will you flip on this too?

  43. humanfilth666ify

    humanfilth666ify2 meses atrás

    Either he's not dead, or it's the Clintons.

  44. George Cisneros

    George Cisneros2 meses atrás

    This the Joe rogan I respect the truth

  45. ur mom gay

    ur mom gay2 meses atrás

    Epstein collected secrets from influential ppl then sold infos to their enemies then sold infos about the ennemies to their ennemies

  46. Chef D

    Chef D2 meses atrás

    Joe needs to do more impressions

  47. tom ta

    tom ta2 meses atrás

    Tom doesn't have a clue or he is also guilty. Joe is operating on another level.

  48. Nobody

    Nobody2 meses atrás

    Joe the toe

  49. AfroNinja 228

    AfroNinja 2282 meses atrás

    “Why do we think that guy didn’t kill him?” I mean he is holding a puppy.

  50. mytuber81

    mytuber812 meses atrás

    Some might say Epstein really put his neck on the line for this.

  51. 1xoACEox1

    1xoACEox12 meses atrás

    That guy was transferred out though. Im imagining the assassins planning their hit "Yeah its cool we'll go in there, unplug the cameras, the guards are already paid off, easy job. What's that? He's got a cellmate? Probably some tech nerd in there for leaking celebrity nudes get a picture of him up......0.0.....Yeah get him moved to another cell.

  52. hu sa

    hu sa2 meses atrás

    You already knows what happens to sex offenders in the pinta

  53. Darren Wandy

    Darren Wandy2 meses atrás

    Brian Adam's is still going strong Joe...

  54. Matthew Bottorf

    Matthew Bottorf2 meses atrás

    I don't believe Epstein had a Celly either because he was in PC and they don't have Celli's in a federal prison like that. Especially when you are on suicide watch and then taken off suicide watch you are still in a single prison cell. And yes I've done time and yes people try to kill themselves in jail. It happened when I was there and they locked down the whole prison for hours

  55. NZsFynest

    NZsFynest2 meses atrás

    Fuck I love when joe Rogan puts on that accent

  56. Sami96

    Sami962 meses atrás

    Joe”just make it larger”Rogan

  57. BohemianGroveify

    BohemianGroveify2 meses atrás

    In the year of 1985, shortly after purchasing mar a Lago in floriida, Trump and neighbour Jeffery epstein became close acquaintances. Trump had hosted and attended parties that would feature models, and beauty pageant contestants, with Jeffery epstein. This was during times trump ran a modeling agency and also he controlled the miss Universe pageant. Trump in 2002, “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it - Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” In this quote, trump relates liking women on this so called "younger" side, to simply enjoying social life in his eyes. It was rumored for awhile that trump walked Into a miss teen USA changing room while the girls were naked, and stood there and stared, this was confirmed by the women present at the time, and in 2005 it was confirmed by trump himself that he would do this, in which he justified his actions on the howard stern show "You know, no men are anywhere. And I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant. And therefore I’m inspecting it… Is everyone OK? You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. And you see these incredible-looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that,” - Donald trump. Photographs and videos have been published that show Epstein and Trump together in 1992, and 2000, also in 1997 at a party together in New York. Trump flew on Jeffery epsteins private jet several times, as accounted by Jeffery epsteins family members. Epstein visited the White House for a donor event during Bill Clinton’s presidency in the 1990s, in 2001, Bill Clinton and epstein became close acquaintances, Bill flew on Jeff's private jet from Africa, to Asia, to Europe, there have been no accusations or lawsuits of sexual misconduct against Clinton related to Epstein, however, epstein trafficking victim Virginia giuffre claimed that Bill Clinton was in fact present at epsteins private island, though Clinton spokesperson urena has since denied this claim, and Virginia giuffre also noted that Bill Clinton did not engage in any sexual activities when he had visited the Island her and others were trafficked at. “Epstein specifically told me that the reason for him doing this was so that they would ‘owe him,’ they would ‘be in his pocket,’ and he would ‘have something on them,’ - Virginia Giuffre In 2005 Bill and Hillary Clinton attended trumps wedding as specially invited guests. s.abcnews.com/images/Politics/GTY_trump_wedding_clintons_jef_150806_16x9_992.jpg In 2006 a case was opened up against epstein on charges of sexual misconduct with underage girls. it is noted that trump shortly after this case built up, banned epstein from his maralago, It was also confirmed in June 2011 filling by Bradley Edwards, who is the respenenter of epsteins victims, that the reason trump banned him was because of the case against him and trying to distance himself. In 2008 Alex acosta attorney in Miami - helped Epstein secure an 18-month plea deal. Epstein avoided federal charges by pleading guilty to state charges and served only 13 months in jail. In 2009 Trump donated to the Clinton foundation, and was a registered Democrat for 8 years prior. In June 2015, Bill Clinton calls Donald trump and insists he should run for president, weeks later trump announces his presidency. In 2016 a rape lawsuit is filed against trump by a women who in fear of retaliation, went by the name Jane doe, she claimed that trump and Jeffery epstein had raped her when she was 13 at an orgy hosted by epstein, suddenly after this, many women were coming forth with claims against trump, Jane doe began receiving lots of death threats, and the other womens stories held in the media such as stormy daniels while hers was burried underneath it, she mysteriously stopped perusing the case but never denied her claims. Earlier in 2016 Trump Lawyer Alan Garten says trump and epstein were never friends and have never socialized together. That same year, audiotape is released where Donald trump, in 2005, admits to sexually assaulting women without their consent even bragging, this famous tape became known as the access Hollywood tape, and despite this it did not hurt his polling numbers. In 2017 Donald trump hires Alex acosta, the 2008 Miami attorney General who got Jeffery epstein his 13 month plea deal for nearly 41 underage sex slavery victims, is hired by trump to his administration as secretary of labor. 2019, Alex Acosta resigns among epstein scandal revelations and his part In it to protect trumps administration image, trump says he rather he had not resigned and praised him as the best secretary of labor.

  58. November Mourning

    November Mourning2 meses atrás

    What happened to his black book?

  59. Learn 2 Swim

    Learn 2 Swim2 meses atrás

    Franklin Scandal all over again. Expect those girls that came out and accused him to either recant, go quiet, or die in a suspicious plane crash.

  60. Dingle Berry

    Dingle Berry2 meses atrás


  61. Boo Radley

    Boo Radley2 meses atrás

    Not American, not a trump supporter. I don’t think Trump was involved, as there are no accusations as of yet. He also kicked Epstein out of his country club. I do think Bill Clinton is involved in this ring, but he may not have killed him. I think that Epstein blackmailed some very powerful people for cash and luxury. Maybe they worried that he’d snitch for a lighter sentence, so they had him killed

  62. The Comment

    The Comment3 meses atrás

    Where 69 at?

  63. Jonathan L

    Jonathan L3 meses atrás