What the hell is happening to Paul Pogba? | Oh My Goal


  1. Oh My Goal

    Oh My Goal3 meses atrás

    Ole Gunnar Solskjær: “I don’t think we’ll see him maybe before December. He’ll be out for a while. He needs time to fully, fully recover, so I don’t think he’ll be back before then." It just gets worse for Pogba... do you think he'll recover his form and confidence when he finally gets back on the pitch? 😬

  2. Gold 999

    Gold 99917 dias atrás

    He was back before fully recover so he gets another injury

  3. MaskedSZN

    MaskedSZN19 dias atrás

    When he leaves Man U

  4. Phace Jones

    Phace Jones2 meses atrás

    Oh My Goal he's injured.... UNTIL JANUARY

  5. woodkey1

    woodkey12 meses atrás

    He will be fatten up and stay injury free for the january transfer window. Eddie will cashed him out

  6. Lucky starr

    Lucky starr2 meses atrás

    @Tututu tututu are u stupid ?

  7. veloxity lol

    veloxity lol3 dias atrás

    Your not shit, u just play for united

  8. LucasMLN

    LucasMLN5 dias atrás

    I don’t want him to leave United I like Paul POGBA I love United

  9. Iman Iftikhar

    Iman Iftikhar6 dias atrás

    who that love pogba click like

  10. Shazam DC

    Shazam DC8 dias atrás

    Ballon d'or becomes bell on door 😂😂😂

  11. hdkwmsm

    hdkwmsm8 dias atrás

    imagine him alongside of casemiro? how about modric cause modric is better than anyone at real madrid

  12. Hex Skillz

    Hex Skillz9 dias atrás

    What the hell is happining to Muhhamad salah

  13. Mr. Youtube

    Mr. Youtube11 dias atrás

    2:58 you didn't have the team to be title contenders, your the last man to be saying that

  14. Mustafa Abdullahi Year 10

    Mustafa Abdullahi Year 1012 dias atrás

    hopefully he stays at manchester united

  15. Foluke Akinbule

    Foluke Akinbule16 dias atrás

    A Mr beast

  16. imlisashi aier

    imlisashi aier18 dias atrás

    Doesn't look like he's the problem 🤦 But hey : people usually like the underdog But hey I don't even watch football But hey But hey whatever

  17. Karrthika BRM

    Karrthika BRM20 dias atrás

    Not to real madrid he should go to fc Barcelona

  18. Gold 999

    Gold 99917 dias atrás

    rakitic is falling down, busquets is getting older...hell, Pogba can really get rid the "Messi Centric" in Barca today.

  19. Isak Hansen

    Isak Hansen22 dias atrás

    Come on pogba you can do better!

  20. Ivan Ruiz

    Ivan Ruiz23 dias atrás

    I dislike the tone, voice and music of these videos. They could produce them with a normal calm tone

  21. oLogical YT

    oLogical YT26 dias atrás

    He ate too much ass

  22. djenty.boii101

    djenty.boii10126 dias atrás

    you all read it here first he belongs in psg with mbappe and neymar

  23. Adam Wesson

    Adam Wesson27 dias atrás

    I support derby county and I was at that game lol

  24. Jonathan Bacenty

    Jonathan Bacenty27 dias atrás

    He's basically Man United's Messi

  25. MrElite92

    MrElite9227 dias atrás

    Hahahaha Paul Pogba became *AAA BEEAAST* 0:43

  26. Eva Merrild

    Eva MerrildMês atrás

    Im barca fan f*uk

  27. Andrei Chincesan

    Andrei ChincesanMês atrás

    It's Man United effect.Pogba is still very good you can see this when he play for France.

  28. Sam Knight

    Sam KnightMês atrás


  29. If it aint trill it aint real

    If it aint trill it aint realMês atrás

    Most people who are doing good and switch teams usually end up trash playing for the new club and thats fax

  30. Xarif Ahsan

    Xarif AhsanMês atrás

    What the hell happened to Di Maria

  31. XxMatSnipes08xX Sports.

    XxMatSnipes08xX Sports.Mês atrás

    He’s getting old.

  32. GamerAcid 17

    GamerAcid 17Mês atrás

    What the hell happened to my life like so oh my goal can see

  33. Chazzer Wilko

    Chazzer WilkoMês atrás

    Answer : Man UTD

  34. M7M Gamer

    M7M GamerMês atrás

    Anyone else hope Pogba comes to Real madrid

  35. Hector Flowers

    Hector FlowersMês atrás

    If I had a penny for every time Jose ruined a good player I would be a millionaire

  36. SimplicityLolol

    SimplicityLololMês atrás

    Jose Mourinho always has a problem

  37. Mihail Macura

    Mihail MacuraMês atrás

    A real solution

  38. latasha morgan

    latasha morganMês atrás

    Are you dumb?

  39. ItsVortex?

    ItsVortex?Mês atrás

    It's not Pogba's fault, it's José that ruined him.

  40. Zxodiac

    ZxodiacMês atrás

    Nothing is going wrong

  41. xd-Lion R

    xd-Lion RMês atrás

    And Lukaku

  42. Pullupski

    PullupskiMês atrás

    We need ibrahimovic

  43. Con Darcy

    Con DarcyMês atrás

    Nothing has happened to him he is world class

  44. ghostilla

    ghostillaMês atrás

    Can you do Payet? What happened to him? He's like vanished from football after Euro 2016...

  45. ghostilla

    ghostillaMês atrás

    I know he's still playing. But nobody's talking about him anymore...

  46. Antonio Carnovale

    Antonio CarnovaleMês atrás

    can you give me more vides



    🙏🙏 1:42 💖💘 👇👇👇🧡

  48. L'aigle Royal

    L'aigle Royal2 meses atrás

    What the hell happened to arsenal. Like so that oh my goal see it!

  49. Jackson Boyle

    Jackson Boyle2 meses atrás

    Roy Keane’s love for injuring is criminal

  50. doug retta

    doug retta2 meses atrás

    If there is fake news for futbal. This is it. Just terrible

  51. Jack Morris

    Jack Morris2 meses atrás

    Did you just miss pronounce Derby


    GAME CHANGER2 meses atrás

    Let's make this video so popular that Pogba will see this and join real Madrid. Let's save his career ♥️♥️(no hate)

  53. Nishant

    Nishant2 meses atrás

    Too much fame got into his head!

  54. Gregory Harris

    Gregory Harris2 meses atrás


  55. Ceu Marco

    Ceu Marco2 meses atrás

    Stop saying what the hell and Oh my goal

  56. shabana ahmed

    shabana ahmed2 meses atrás

    What about man city

  57. Travis Games 120

    Travis Games 1202 meses atrás

    Pogba is not annoying to me

  58. Art Smith

    Art Smith2 meses atrás

    U should do a who’s going to sign in January for premier league teams

  59. Gisli G Sigurdsson

    Gisli G Sigurdsson2 meses atrás

    Man utd destroy players period.

  60. Tasha Isibor

    Tasha Isibor2 meses atrás

    I feel like he could be on the Madrid team

  61. Yasir Arshad

    Yasir Arshad2 meses atrás

    Jose Murinio has destroyed many people.

  62. Kerri Ann Alleyne-Marcelle

    Kerri Ann Alleyne-Marcelle2 meses atrás

    Nothing happened to paul it’s you that is stupid

  63. Kunal Nalawade

    Kunal Nalawade2 meses atrás

    Paw pagba

  64. Lucky starr

    Lucky starr2 meses atrás

    Pogba is a top, great player. United is ruining his talent.

  65. Logan Kratz

    Logan Kratz2 meses atrás

    Mom: it’s that dang phone

  66. iqra abdullahi

    iqra abdullahi2 meses atrás

    do what the hell happened to Mario Gomez

  67. Blader Boy Pro Roblox, Minecraft and OtherGamer

    Blader Boy Pro Roblox, Minecraft and OtherGamer2 meses atrás

    Did u say: the nightmare has Treegun