What You Might Not Know About the Cats of 'Nine Lives'


  1. iiVquez

    iiVquezAnos atrás

    OMG i didn't know lil bub was playing as Ian when he turned into a cat

  2. Ali Plays

    Ali Plays3 anos atrás

    My mom knew the owner of Nala but now they don't talk to each other cause they separated paths

  3. Rachel

    Rachel3 anos atrás

    Lucky :0 Nala's such a beau

  4. Cosimaboss

    Cosimaboss3 anos atrás

    Nala needs more screen time

  5. Erika Miller

    Erika Miller3 anos atrás

    I💗Lil Bub

  6. Steeven Hyde

    Steeven Hyde3 anos atrás

    This is as stupid as the people that comments "2nd, 1rst."

  7. xッ

    xッ3 anos atrás