Whatever You Spell, I'll Buy It - Challenge


  1. Selene Peters

    Selene Peters17 minutos atrás

    Wild v bux or robux

  2. Thunder Andrei Celis YT

    Thunder Andrei Celis YT32 minutos atrás

    Because morgz and mum sucks

  3. Thunder Andrei Celis YT

    Thunder Andrei Celis YT32 minutos atrás

    I'AM team bald

  4. Zeph Playz

    Zeph Playz2 horas atrás

    Martin this is nou to spell iPhone

  5. Tjo_ 2009

    Tjo_ 20093 horas atrás

    Martin is sooo dumb lol

  6. Chunchila Chunchila

    Chunchila Chunchila6 horas atrás

    Morgan:yewzs yay :Morgan mum:fix this

  7. Juliana Ramirez

    Juliana Ramirez7 horas atrás

    This video sucks I would rather hear people screaming and play it at full blast

  8. Bathman 96

    Bathman 967 horas atrás

    I you bald gecko pice of s#$@

  9. Clair Mahony

    Clair Mahony7 horas atrás


  10. Reyli Figueroa

    Reyli Figueroa7 horas atrás


  11. Carlos Torres

    Carlos Torres7 horas atrás

    Team Morgz Like if you are in Team Morgz | | | V

  12. DCTrigga Trey

    DCTrigga Trey8 horas atrás

    Team morgz

  13. Connor Johnson

    Connor Johnson8 horas atrás

    Martin should Enter the world spelling bee he would win

  14. Amber Stoff

    Amber Stoff8 horas atrás


  15. Asim khogali

    Asim khogali9 horas atrás

    You could spell car again



    Team Morgz.

  17. Pau Man Niang

    Pau Man Niang9 horas atrás


  18. James McIntire

    James McIntire10 horas atrás

    Give me that retarded oh no

  19. Thomas Allen

    Thomas Allen10 horas atrás

    Team Morgan

  20. James McIntire

    James McIntire10 horas atrás

    You’re a douche bag to your parents you know that right

  21. Lejla Zejnic

    Lejla Zejnic13 horas atrás

    Jill:how you spell tree Martin:trre 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Mike Soto

    Mike Soto13 horas atrás

    Team morgz

  23. 1968yg

    1968yg13 horas atrás

    I spelled something for morgz C R I N G E V I D E O Nailed it

  24. v rzepecki

    v rzepecki13 horas atrás


  25. Zach Logan

    Zach Logan13 horas atrás

    They could of split the money on paying for the xbox

  26. Ralph Mojica

    Ralph Mojica13 horas atrás


  27. Ralph Mojica

    Ralph Mojica13 horas atrás


  28. Ralph Mojica

    Ralph Mojica13 horas atrás


  29. Ralph Mojica

    Ralph Mojica13 horas atrás


  30. Ralph Mojica

    Ralph Mojica14 horas atrás


  31. Jaidyn Thomason

    Jaidyn Thomason14 horas atrás


  32. Emily Reza

    Emily Reza14 horas atrás

    Team morgz

  33. Caelen plays

    Caelen plays14 horas atrás

    team morgz

  34. Que Que

    Que Que15 horas atrás

    Team morgz

  35. Ramunas Vingis

    Ramunas Vingis16 horas atrás

    Merch is a word

  36. muhammad zubair

    muhammad zubair16 horas atrás

    Team mo

  37. Lu A.B

    Lu A.B16 horas atrás

    you actually just act it out

  38. Grant Bryan

    Grant Bryan16 horas atrás


  39. Erik Toshihio Lauridsen

    Erik Toshihio Lauridsen17 horas atrás


  40. Adam Fares

    Adam Fares17 horas atrás

    Team Bold is Lamborghini

  41. Hank Hauger

    Hank Hauger17 horas atrás


  42. Rocio Monjaras

    Rocio Monjaras17 horas atrás

    I am in tmem morgz

  43. Freddy Gamer

    Freddy Gamer18 horas atrás

    When he spelled Gucci car was there.oh I remember he has not past he’s driving test

  44. Afshan Jindani

    Afshan Jindani19 horas atrás


  45. Ara B

    Ara B19 horas atrás

    This is how Mutch people have a lamborghini

  46. Jay Cannizzaro

    Jay Cannizzaro20 horas atrás

    Morgan mum says gugi

  47. Mr Fortniteboy 10

    Mr Fortniteboy 1021 hora atrás


  48. Rhys Lopez

    Rhys Lopez21 hora atrás

    Ha fan...

  49. AP - 04OP - Castlemore PS (1426)

    AP - 04OP - Castlemore PS (1426)21 hora atrás

    16:09 Morgz could of got a car

  50. Topi Mäntylä

    Topi Mäntylä22 horas atrás

    When she get 13, how cant she see that WATCH

  51. Henry Ross

    Henry Ross22 horas atrás

    she ceps getting car

  52. adam ng chernk

    adam ng chernk23 horas atrás

    1000 like for Martin Lamborghini

  53. DJ master man

    DJ master manDia atrás

    There was car At the final round

  54. Franklin Bong

    Franklin BongDia atrás


  55. Abdullah Alshaibani

    Abdullah AlshaibaniDia atrás


  56. greg little

    greg littleDia atrás

    Morgz sucks morgz mum sucks.

  57. Sweta Singh

    Sweta SinghDia atrás


  58. Filippos Shkodrani

    Filippos ShkodraniDia atrás


  59. josep gari

    josep gariDia atrás

    I am in team morgz! Like and if you do... i will come to your house and suprise you with a lamborghini!

  60. Adora Smith

    Adora SmithDia atrás

    Beside Gucci he could have spell car