When Mystery Tech Goes TOO FAR


  1. LuciferRex

    LuciferRex3 horas atrás

    Title: Mystery tech Content: A bunch of non-tech stuff, with a couple of tech items thrown in

  2. Nah Man

    Nah Man22 horas atrás

    Watch 7:00 at 0.25x playback speed and get the effect of Austin looking like a derp.

  3. stever macsoucher

    stever macsoucherDia atrás

    Should have made the engine charge your phone not some led

  4. Antho TGL

    Antho TGL2 dias atrás

    Anyone for the original Pokémon music?! 10:55

  5. mitchell harding

    mitchell harding3 dias atrás

    lmfao its steam engine the flame heats it

  6. atticus corbitt

    atticus corbitt3 dias atrás

    Roboraptor: My planet needs me goodbyeeeeeeeeee. And then proceeds to fall of the table.


    NINKEY5 dias atrás

    Try the Audeara A-01

  8. Billybobjoe 102

    Billybobjoe 1026 dias atrás

    7:13 Roboraptor: I’ve won, but at what cost?


    NES GAMER7 dias atrás

    Fuck fortnite

  10. Maxwell Ellis

    Maxwell Ellis8 dias atrás

    4:30 is my dad

  11. Smont85

    Smont858 dias atrás

    BTW don’t you think Austin acts to much like a kid 6:59

  12. Smont85

    Smont858 dias atrás

    You some how make the sterling engine power a game console

  13. Benjamin Hill

    Benjamin Hill9 dias atrás

    "911 what's your emergency?" "Theres a grown man with a colorful helicopter hat in a fortnite onesie sleeping on a giant snorlax"

  14. flakobayaa

    flakobayaa9 dias atrás

    Hey Austin *this is guys*

  15. ajwad mir

    ajwad mir9 dias atrás

    plz Fire Ken

  16. Matt Parker

    Matt Parker9 dias atrás

    I really wish you would mod that Sterling engine for more power. Those have been out fo a while now, but I've never seen anyone seriously try and get a useable voltage out of it. It's pretty powerful for what it is.

  17. DeMMo

    DeMMo9 dias atrás

    "we where at e3" "looks at watch" "A month ago!"

  18. Omkar Thakur

    Omkar Thakur10 dias atrás

    What is apdex

  19. TrizZm0 _

    TrizZm0 _10 dias atrás

    The sterling engine is very cool

  20. hectic centour15

    hectic centour1511 dias atrás

    Do you think I don't know what your mom and dad knows that's Joe oh that ain't good if you say that your not in the hood

  21. seweryn raj

    seweryn raj11 dias atrás

    I'll use my sterling engine for my budget PC build

  22. Better & Better

    Better & Better12 dias atrás

    and that's how Austin and Ken get alllllll the ladies!

  23. Hunter Johnson

    Hunter Johnson12 dias atrás

    "This is a 100% alcohol powered engine." Me: *laughs* just like my body

  24. TNT Terror

    TNT Terror12 dias atrás

    Hi sister

  25. Potato Boi ._.

    Potato Boi ._.12 dias atrás

    Austin is the target And ken is the anime waster of moneys

  26. Koichi Fukuda

    Koichi Fukuda13 dias atrás

    is it good when your broke and wanna die lol ?

  27. BTLT Montages

    BTLT Montages13 dias atrás

    Omg I had that blue dinousar

  28. EliteToast810

    EliteToast81013 dias atrás

    Of course the one item I want is unavailable

  29. ShadowWolf105

    ShadowWolf10513 dias atrás

    Austin should make robo-raptor merch

  30. tyrohQ

    tyrohQ13 dias atrás

    austin has iBalls

  31. Vizman216

    Vizman21613 dias atrás

    Hey Evans, you don't need Ken to make you look stupid. Just saying.

  32. Joshua Kyle

    Joshua Kyle14 dias atrás

    The small engine was dope

  33. Matthew Magadza

    Matthew Magadza14 dias atrás

    Most of these are toys

  34. Yarcue Tv

    Yarcue Tv14 dias atrás

    Why Fortnite

  35. SinikkaL

    SinikkaL14 dias atrás

    "I'm sorry mom" Story of my life.

  36. Faiyaz Ahmed

    Faiyaz Ahmed14 dias atrás

    so we were shooting a video in E3 about a couple of months ago or, *𝒍𝒐𝒐𝒌𝒔 𝒂𝒕 𝒘𝒂𝒕𝒄𝒉* a month ago

  37. SxG_Shadow

    SxG_Shadow15 dias atrás

    "Hey Austin, this is guys"

  38. Gamepro99

    Gamepro9915 dias atrás

    0:18 looks at his watch to know when he went to E3. Makes sense to me

  39. Abhiram H

    Abhiram H15 dias atrás

    Mystery Tech has officially become Mystery Toys.

  40. pukkandan

    pukkandan15 dias atrás

    Half of it wasn't 'tech' though

  41. master sooshy

    master sooshy15 dias atrás

    Guys we need a roboraptor battle royal

  42. coolguy 234

    coolguy 23416 dias atrás

    6:49 when mj becomes a dinosaur

  43. Siddharth Bhatia

    Siddharth Bhatia16 dias atrás

    Okay, this is hands down the BEST episode of Mystery Tech ever.

  44. Siddharth Bhatia

    Siddharth Bhatia16 dias atrás

    That is the most fucked up looking bear that I have ever seen in my entire life

  45. canine wolf

    canine wolf16 dias atrás

    hi umut how u doin if ur watching this

  46. Rossi’s World

    Rossi’s World17 dias atrás

    The middle of class you see a kid sniffing his note book

  47. __PLUG IN __

    __PLUG IN __17 dias atrás


  48. Izmite

    Izmite17 dias atrás

    2:33 Ohhh noo....its herbert

  49. Vince Smith

    Vince Smith17 dias atrás

    Barely any of this is "tech"

  50. caden3ds

    caden3ds17 dias atrás

    im 16 and this is deep

  51. OwO and Ninja

    OwO and Ninja18 dias atrás

    this was once mystery tech now its just mystery

  52. Faded_FrAgZ

    Faded_FrAgZ18 dias atrás

    That moon walk edit tho

  53. Jcreed88

    Jcreed8818 dias atrás

    This show is turning into Dinosaur unboxing

  54. Eevee Lover666lol_JK

    Eevee Lover666lol_JK18 dias atrás

    I can take the onesie off your hands

  55. Thomas Bolt

    Thomas Bolt19 dias atrás

    I have a hunch that mystery tech will become a record for Austin's Slow descent into... homicide

  56. ImInferno

    ImInferno19 dias atrás

    i swear the sterling engine machine at the edge of the table kept giving me anxiety

  57. Sprits Fal

    Sprits Fal19 dias atrás

    6:00 the guy that saw u didn't just say "hey Austin." since Ken always has u wearing stupid stuff? It should be the norm by now imo


    RYAN COOPER19 dias atrás

    A doll!!!! For $150!!!!!! Really!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Sqydo

    Sqydo19 dias atrás

    *well I wish I could buy random things*

  60. anjalu narzary

    anjalu narzary19 dias atrás

    That thumbnail reminds me of that midget from Game of thrones!! N this dress made him seem related to most of the midgets 😂

  61. laservoid

    laservoid19 dias atrás

    what has this channel come to