1. Rosemary Mooney

    Rosemary Mooney3 horas atrás

    City in the uk

  2. Kristene Schmitt

    Kristene Schmitt3 horas atrás

    City. Ready to be back in the country!

  3. Dadagar44 Lost

    Dadagar44 LostDia atrás

    Russia bruh

  4. Zakk Bliss

    Zakk BlissDia atrás

    From Toledo my whole life so very city😂💯🥶

  5. vitlogn

    vitlogn2 dias atrás

    I am from sweden💁🏼‍♀️

  6. Rowdy Broomstick

    Rowdy Broomstick2 dias atrás

    Western Arkansas in the Ouachita mountains, so pretty much country

  7. pyro fire

    pyro fire2 dias atrás

    You need to remove that stri g cause well racoons have hands and can pull things

  8. Rebel Son Tyler Garrison

    Rebel Son Tyler Garrison3 dias atrás

    Country and country 🤣

  9. Braden Prior

    Braden Prior3 dias atrás

    Country, Missouri

  10. thr8061

    thr80613 dias atrás

    Currently: Kinda Country Wish: Woods by a lake with nearest neighbor 1/2 mile away

  11. Gouge Gaming

    Gouge Gaming5 dias atrás

    Country Were guns are wanted and trucks are needed

  12. Kaleb Rowland

    Kaleb Rowland6 dias atrás

    Rural AK I shoot in my yard!

  13. Dusty Rusty

    Dusty Rusty6 dias atrás

    Raleigh, NC (State Capital.) Not looking to move away from this beautiful slice of Carolina.

  14. Nano 17

    Nano 176 dias atrás

    Out here in Dallas

  15. Chris Kirby

    Chris Kirby6 dias atrás

    Born and raised country and will always be country. Southeast Missouri.

  16. Miguel Pereira

    Miguel Pereira7 dias atrás

    Country in Portugal.

  17. Mason Mitchell

    Mason Mitchell7 dias atrás

    I love in the city. Portland, Oregon. I like it here though.


    IFLAMES7 dias atrás

    Lampasas Tx country

  19. xZiiRx4KiinGs

    xZiiRx4KiinGs7 dias atrás

    A Monster transmisson? no way they just gave that away..

  20. Mick Barrett

    Mick Barrett7 dias atrás

    Are the tyres not mounted the wrong way around? ?

  21. Jacob Woods

    Jacob Woods7 dias atrás

    Justin texas

  22. the simple life

    the simple life7 dias atrás

    Salem Oregon

  23. Joshua Tharp

    Joshua Tharp7 dias atrás

    Fort Lauderdale Florida I like the moveback to dewy Arizona

  24. Vietnamese Steve Harvey

    Vietnamese Steve Harvey8 dias atrás

    North Texas

  25. big blue duramax

    big blue duramax8 dias atrás

    im stuck in the city for now but will move to the country soon

  26. Mud Finder

    Mud Finder8 dias atrás

    I’m a full country boy

  27. Silvieson

    Silvieson8 dias atrás

    Hey Matt where’s the bronco? Country New South Wales, Australia! Love it here

  28. Safiro freedomhorse

    Safiro freedomhorse8 dias atrás

    I'm living on the country in Germany.

  29. Safiro freedomhorse

    Safiro freedomhorse2 dias atrás

    @SgtMaggi saxony

  30. SgtMaggi

    SgtMaggi2 dias atrás

    Which area?

  31. Rock Island Auction Company

    Rock Island Auction Company8 dias atrás

    Those wheels are hawt!

  32. Brian Conte

    Brian Conte8 dias atrás

    I'm in an awkward country suburb lol. I want to have a range in my back yard one day

  33. Justin Gallegos

    Justin Gallegos8 dias atrás

    Country all day lol Belen,NM.

  34. Dan Wagner

    Dan Wagner9 dias atrás

    Here in the hinterlands, they pipe the sunlight in and it still gets here a day late. My shooting range starts at my back porch. God loves a country boy.

  35. Espen Sommerstad

    Espen Sommerstad9 dias atrás

    Norway and the City is called Kongsberg✌

  36. Shawn White

    Shawn White9 dias atrás

    Country,I like country

  37. Coy Goy

    Coy Goy10 dias atrás

    Las Vegas, trying to head to Utah in a couple of years.

  38. Reynard Nel

    Reynard Nel10 dias atrás


  39. Jakob Schamesberger

    Jakob Schamesberger10 dias atrás

    Living in Austria in the country. It's great here.

  40. My Concrete Paradise

    My Concrete Paradise10 dias atrás

    Country Girl living in the city... New Orleans!!!

  41. Вася Карпенко

    Вася Карпенко10 dias atrás

    I'm from Ukraine.

  42. Layne Stewart

    Layne Stewart10 dias atrás

    Pearl Mississippi country