White Boys Try Learning Hip Hop Dance Routine in 15 Minutes


  1. Mr. Random

    Mr. RandomDia atrás

    that was perfect

  2. Kaushi Mundru

    Kaushi Mundru2 dias atrás

    Haley when she says she had "some" experience but she dances better than the teacher *my opinion

  3. Little Gachagirl

    Little Gachagirl8 dias atrás

    Who else was looking at Haley the WHOLE time? Just me? Okay. And also, yerrow was like chillin not trying😂

  4. Amethyst Herrick

    Amethyst Herrick9 dias atrás

    i learnt the whole dance with them

  5. Arthur Somaio

    Arthur Somaio10 dias atrás

    everyone did really good for one of practice

  6. Zen

    Zen13 dias atrás

    Ryan Was horrible


    CHB_NICK14 dias atrás

    Haley is sick at dancing 🔥

  8. Alondra Ghoul

    Alondra Ghoul15 dias atrás

    can I just say tho Haley looks super fucking happy everytime she does something related to dance

  9. Alondra Ghoul

    Alondra Ghoul15 dias atrás

    this is like a walk in a park for haley ahahaha

  10. Minna Jahreskog

    Minna Jahreskog16 dias atrás

    Hi Ryan! I know it's a little late but just wanted to say I learned the dance you guys did because i thought you guys were amazing and I loved the dance😍👍🏻I really love you guys❤️

  11. Kate S

    Kate S16 dias atrás

    what is the song?

  12. Aja Jelks-Heron

    Aja Jelks-Heron17 dias atrás

    Haley completely slays I’m not even going to mention the ryan’s

  13. Songs Sped up

    Songs Sped up20 dias atrás

    Please do not EV3R do the "woah" whilst dancing I will find you and I will. : Teach you how to actually dance.

  14. Emily Cotnoir

    Emily Cotnoir21 dia atrás

    I literally could only watch Haley but it was good how many times Ryan and Ryan messed up ⬇️

  15. Hermina Feratovic

    Hermina Feratovic21 dia atrás

    that was perfect

  16. guste sergiejeva

    guste sergiejeva22 dias atrás

    No offence

  17. guste sergiejeva

    guste sergiejeva22 dias atrás

    U now u were so good. And haley but not other Ryan. Plzzzz reply I am a big fan

  18. Zizo the beast

    Zizo the beast22 dias atrás

    what was the song

  19. Jazmine

    Jazmine22 dias atrás

    Okay but sis Haley went hard

  20. Rebekah Skinner

    Rebekah Skinner22 dias atrás

    Holy crap! The girl is amazing at dancing!

  21. TheMoronMan Moron

    TheMoronMan Moron23 dias atrás

    Ur so funny

  22. Elle

    Elle23 dias atrás

    Haha i love yerrow he is such a mood

  23. Miller Stevenson

    Miller Stevenson23 dias atrás

    Haley was 🔥

  24. Anonymous 356

    Anonymous 35623 dias atrás

    that was the best dance performance I've ever seen! Good job haley! oh and you too ryan & yerrow

  25. Nicky Mz

    Nicky Mz24 dias atrás


  26. Dee Let's Play

    Dee Let's Play25 dias atrás

    why after a year of watching you, am i just realising that yerrow is my spirit animal???

  27. Mieko Lim

    Mieko Lim25 dias atrás


  28. Livia Welch

    Livia Welch27 dias atrás

    Ryan: * has to much swag for everbody else *

  29. sofia

    sofia28 dias atrás

    rlly late but song?

  30. The ALEXdoodles

    The ALEXdoodles29 dias atrás

    That was perfect

  31. Haha Hello

    Haha Hello29 dias atrás

    14:26 preformance

  32. Heather Beck

    Heather BeckMês atrás

    Hi I was following along and elbowed my Moms lamp of the shelf... I’m grounded

  33. Lucas Bartholomæussen

    Lucas BartholomæussenMês atrás

    That was perfect

  34. Abigail Julia

    Abigail JuliaMês atrás

    7:21 Ryan having no idea what relevé means😂


    MAIA TĂTARMês atrás

    Haley was so good she was making me sad because she isn’t dancing anymore!!!

  36. Taylor Dobbie

    Taylor DobbieMês atrás

    *ThAt WaS pErFeCt*

  37. The M.A.

    The M.A.Mês atrás

    This was the *third* time that I watched the video. I never get tired of seeing Haley outshine the Ryans. 😂

  38. Luke Qwerty

    Luke QwertyMês atrás

    That was perfect

  39. emily Hendricks

    emily HendricksMês atrás

    How dare u disrespect my mother. The most AWESOME person in the world. My mother:🌎 you:🗑🚮

  40. willydakid10

    willydakid10Mês atrás

    Why was this the best thing ever

  41. Kayleigh

    KayleighMês atrás

    I love how happy Haley seems when she's dancing

  42. Pisau ir tapšnojau

    Pisau ir tapšnojauMês atrás

    That was excellent

  43. Gordo

    GordoMês atrás

    that was really cool

  44. Mr. Darcy

    Mr. DarcyMês atrás

    Poor Yerrow... I'm really sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing when he was dancing

  45. Yukioxi

    YukioxiMês atrás

    That was enjoyable. Haley was lit

  46. Siperium

    SiperiumMês atrás

    Actually i used to do hip hop and trust me we did the fastest dance of all time

  47. Ethanos Vang

    Ethanos VangMês atrás

    Oh dats sick bruh

  48. brighton my first name

    brighton my first nameMês atrás

    bad to MINTS :}|

  49. Eimantas Ulevičius

    Eimantas UlevičiusMês atrás


  50. cool vids

    cool vidsMês atrás

    That was perfect

  51. mikayla jordan

    mikayla jordanMês atrás

    haley killing it doe

  52. Jasmine Daniel

    Jasmine DanielMês atrás

    haley literally just popped off

  53. SinisterSnake 53

    SinisterSnake 53Mês atrás


  54. Ciara !

    Ciara !Mês atrás

    that was perfect

  55. Bloom Carrera

    Bloom CarreraMês atrás

    Yerrow in the back like: “Oh god what have I done”

  56. Alaina Hatcher

    Alaina HatcherMês atrás

    This is the most iconic trio ever

  57. Doggyfroggy2001

    Doggyfroggy2001Mês atrás

    I kept looking at Ryan Y cause it was so funny

  58. Kayla W

    Kayla WMês atrás

    Omg pls make another dancing video like this. It was so amazing and all of yall danced rly good

  59. Creeper Cop

    Creeper CopMês atrás

    Not perfect Let’s see if he deletes

  60. Olivia Walker

    Olivia WalkerMês atrás

    That was sooo good, I neeed a part 2!!!