Who's the Blackest? | Lineup | Cut


  1. Emogirl_Yt

    Emogirl_YtDia atrás

    The guy in the dreads was funny to me DONT JUDGE ME ON MY OPINION!!!

  2. iammilorex

    iammilorexDia atrás

    Funny thing is grits and Nigerian akamu/ogi/ pap are pretty similar. But ok.

  3. GraceSilva

    GraceSilva4 dias atrás

    Why is this video unlisted ?

  4. RAE-Mischel Thompson-Cooper

    RAE-Mischel Thompson-Cooper6 dias atrás

    I'm 1/2 Caribbean black and 1/2 American black and all of my cousins on both sides and I were raised with both parents. The eff is this man doing with blanket statements, generalizations, cliches and stereotypes. Like you're messed up.

  5. SignedJesse

    SignedJesse9 dias atrás

    "Somebody's gonna make this bitch upset" She's me

  6. ali coe

    ali coe11 dias atrás

    the guy w the dreads seems like he’s the white kid that has black friends who lets him say the n word, therefore he just says it everytime he has the chance

  7. Daniel Ray

    Daniel Ray12 dias atrás

    This video is reinforcing stereotypes...

  8. Zoe Hayes

    Zoe Hayes13 dias atrás

    Wtff that guy was the king of Africa?!!😂😂

  9. Shylan Toure

    Shylan Toure14 dias atrás

    the guy with the dreads ruined the vid for me :/

  10. chimneys thighs

    chimneys thighs16 dias atrás

    the dude with the black snap back and black tshirt with the feather on it, and low ass voice , is too damn sexy

  11. julia andrea

    julia andrea16 dias atrás

    the guy with the dreads’ voice sounds like the “white voice” in black kkklansman lmfao

  12. Karaca Muhabet

    Karaca Muhabet17 dias atrás

    The women in yellow looks too soft and beautiful DAMNN

  13. Blossom Princess

    Blossom Princess19 dias atrás

    I can’t I’m getting second hand embarrassment for the guy in the dreads😤😤😤

  14. Ines Martins

    Ines Martins20 dias atrás

    is it possible for a black person to be racist to other black people?

  15. Y/N Sunbaenim

    Y/N Sunbaenim15 dias atrás


  16. Eddie Whistler

    Eddie Whistler20 dias atrás

    Can they not rearrange them at the end?

  17. R2Catastrophic

    R2Catastrophic23 dias atrás

    Nobody in the comments realizes that this whole video was both a joke and a social experiment. I've been called white for the 17 years of my life because I speak properly, I can't ball, I can swim, etc.

  18. Cameron K

    Cameron K23 dias atrás

    I’m offended😂 I fuckn luv Tyler Perry’s movies /shows seen bout all them Mfs

  19. chill vibes only

    chill vibes only24 dias atrás

    This made me uncomfortable to watch😕 this guy with the dreads is disrespectful to black culture in general and he needs to stop hating himself because black is beautiful

  20. kimmy montey

    kimmy montey25 dias atrás

    I’m giving this video a thumbs down until I see a video called “ Who’s the Whitest” m-Kay

  21. Chen Yu Li

    Chen Yu Li25 dias atrás

    Wow you actually managed to get the Nigerian prince from the emails

  22. Aurora Grace

    Aurora Grace26 dias atrás

    so uh, wheres the "Who's the Whitest?" or the "Who's the most Hispanic?" bc this is actually disgusting......

  23. Oh Hey

    Oh Hey26 dias atrás

    8:34 I'm white and I was told how to conduct myself when confronted by a police officer.

  24. Patricia !

    Patricia !26 dias atrás

    the people in the background laughing while the last woman was getting judged 💀

  25. Kevin Uchiha

    Kevin Uchiha26 dias atrás

    They reuploaded it

  26. Lihanam K

    Lihanam KMês atrás

    wasnt the girl in the yellow dress a hijabi in the muslim vid?

  27. I once killed A man with my shoe

    I once killed A man with my shoeMês atrás

    I understand why the dude in dread is stereotyping because people would do the same thing for “who is the whitest”. But o think he doesn’t like being black and wants to be white.

  28. Andrew Medina

    Andrew MedinaMês atrás

    Dreads is a young Uncle Ruckus, I always wondering who he was like!

  29. Mr. Doggo the Great

    Mr. Doggo the GreatMês atrás

    Black is not one idea or aspect, it is several that are unique to each person. Like my parents always said to me, “They don’t see fractions they just see a black person” Be proud of your history and be proud of yourself

  30. paranormal lazivity

    paranormal lazivityMês atrás

    1:36 is it fatima ?

  31. Tasnia Islam

    Tasnia IslamMês atrás

    This was the stupidest game ever! Who’s the most black? That’s just asking for people to be racist and or get offended. The tall black guy was being a bit disrespectful. Don’t have him back to do something else on this channel!!

  32. Xqc’s shnoze

    Xqc’s shnozeMês atrás

    You guys remember the good old days? When being black literally just meant your skin is darker.

  33. Rebekah Devlin

    Rebekah DevlinMês atrás

    7.26 that eye roll yessss girl

  34. Farhiya A

    Farhiya AMês atrás

    I liked all the black ladies except the one from Baltimore. However the only black guy I liked was the Nigerian - he dress nice and well spoken. The rest are embarrassing.

  35. maxtooraw

    maxtoorawMês atrás

    why was the most uncomfortable video i’ve seen

  36. Essie Myla

    Essie MylaMês atrás

    The girl in the yellow had me 😍😍

  37. Jaz2fresh

    Jaz2freshMês atrás

    Why did y’all make this video? Wtf was the point?

  38. wlah elhassan

    wlah elhassanMês atrás

    that guy with the dreads gave me VERY bad vibes

  39. Πολύχρωμη Αλεπού

    Πολύχρωμη ΑλεπούMês atrás

    Am I the only one that finds this question insulting and stupid, what the fuck does that even mean ? How do you measure blackness ?

  40. Grace Youngmark

    Grace YoungmarkMês atrás

    Girl in yellow did NOT like dread guy

  41. Motoko Kusanagi

    Motoko KusanagiMês atrás

    Come on! Everybody knows Woah Vicky is the blackest. Hands down! 😅

  42. Rachel Hauers

    Rachel HauersMês atrás

    “Guess my tattoos (2) ” please! up if you like it or guess the personality by the tattoo

  43. Mikayla .Wayla

    Mikayla .WaylaMês atrás

    "what's grits?" 😂😂

  44. Lauren Jewel

    Lauren JewelMês atrás

    i kinda hate this??? u can be black and intelligent at the same time omg

  45. L4Uhuru

    L4UhuruMês atrás

    Whoever came up with this needs real black friends. SMH

  46. 7832

    7832Mês atrás

    this entire video is pure foolishness .. yall this desperate for content 🙄

  47. funsize198

    funsize198Mês atrás

    wtf is this shit? how do you rank "blackest"? there better be a "whitest". This shit is ignorant AF

  48. Évike Szabó

    Évike SzabóMês atrás

    OH the porn producer is back

  49. Amber

    AmberMês atrás

    Jim is sexy holy shit

  50. val

    valMês atrás

    That internalised racism though. Makes me cringe.

  51. Emerson Rhodes

    Emerson RhodesMês atrás

    Wow the girl with the purple braids in the dress is so so so beautiful

  52. Izzy Berghmans

    Izzy BerghmansMês atrás

    There really is a MASSIVE difference between USA and Europe. There's practically no rasism here if I hear what they say. Also black and white people don't compare. We just go out together and go full racist on each other and laugh it off and get drunk together...

  53. Catalyst Warcry

    Catalyst WarcryMês atrás

    Chris with the dreads is the epitome of a black person acting white with these bs stereotypes.

  54. Nate S

    Nate SMês atrás

    This is retarded

  55. Izzy Berghmans

    Izzy BerghmansMês atrás

    Oké i'm confused

  56. Penny Dang

    Penny DangMês atrás

    This is a good time to bring up the African vs Black American. We all black. No one is better than the other because at the end of the day you're still going to be seen as a "threat".

  57. Penny Dang

    Penny DangMês atrás

    Born in the homeland, grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood. School, church, restaurants... like 90% white. Was teased for liking "white people music" etc etc or not acting "black" enough. I prayed for soft straight hair, clearer skin and thinner lips. I felt excluded from the black kids AND white kids. Took me a minute to realize there is no way to act, speak, think, dress black.

  58. Rohit K

    Rohit KMês atrás

    This is gay as shit

  59. Aisha Tarver

    Aisha TarverMês atrás

    Cut, can you please stop putting ignorant people in your videos? It's really frustrating.

  60. daniela rossi

    daniela rossiMês atrás

    *The yellow one needs to play Pochaontas*

  61. Scott Tesfaye

    Scott TesfayeMês atrás

    The people who are offended in the comment section are a bunch of liberal snowflakes 😂

  62. Kawaii Indigo

    Kawaii IndigoMês atrás

    what was the reason for making this video? WHAT WAS THE REASON???

  63. Artemis Moon

    Artemis MoonMês atrás

    The two former Black Panthers seem like the type that think they’re an epitome of a group they don’t really know -_- I mean, I’m not black, so my opinion holds very little weight, but from the way they were acting and how the others acted towards them, that’s what it seemed like to me.

  64. Jouelzy

    JouelzyMês atrás

    LMAO Y'all really shot this in Seattle, whew chile...what an interesting selection of ppl. The tall one tho, we know exactly what his partner looks like ☕️

  65. soraya .e

    soraya .eMês atrás

    The guy with dreads was brutally honest there is some truth slightly rudeness too it but he was honest.

  66. Danielle.Briana IAS

    Danielle.Briana IASMês atrás

    Can we just not do videos like this

  67. Tyus Davis

    Tyus DavisMês atrás

    Cut....whoever came up with the concept of this video and allowed it to be published needs to be re-evaluated. This was a HUGE no for me. Blackness is not a thing that can be defined by typical American stereo types. Throw the whole video away 😂!

  68. Sofia Robinson

    Sofia RobinsonMês atrás

    I’m a white person and I’ve seen all the madea movies

  69. southernfriedpeachestv

    southernfriedpeachestvMês atrás

    This is disgusting...who tf thought this was okay to do???

  70. Joshua Fuhrman

    Joshua FuhrmanMês atrás

    That dude in dreads is trying so hard to be woke or something Needs to stfu

  71. The Art of Flying

    The Art of FlyingMês atrás

    Cut... asking black people to quantify other black peoples blackness is fucking problematic. I’m glad that a few of the participants stated that this was stupid, they all deserve a 10 and blackness can’t be quantified. Nonsense! Now please set me up with the beautiful queen in the yellow.

  72. Joshua Fuhrman

    Joshua FuhrmanMês atrás

    Lol the only way a black person being black is gonna get kicked out of an interview is if the guy walked in there dressed up like a gangster and talked with slang and not proper english. Cuz anyone would be kicked out for that

  73. hahafindme %

    hahafindme %Mês atrás

    the african girl was beautiful

  74. The10thkingdom

    The10thkingdomMês atrás

    The most stupid shit ever...

  75. Makayla Marr

    Makayla MarrMês atrás

    Who thought this was a good idea?

  76. Isaac Silva

    Isaac SilvaMês atrás

    The African Black girl is so pretty and intelligent, I wish I could be her friend

  77. Ellie Matera

    Ellie MateraMês atrás

    That lady is kind of right tho, black is becoming a trend, if that even makes sense

  78. jeremiah sailor

    jeremiah sailorMês atrás

    The dude with dreads probably used to rawr xd back in the day.

  79. G

    GMês atrás

    I wish the guy with the dreads could have been put in his place. Especially by the girl whose race he downright misidentified.

  80. maria diallo

    maria dialloMês atrás

    I’m sorry I would’ve fucked his ass up talking like that (dreads)

  81. SirKhoakGaming

    SirKhoakGamingMês atrás

    IDC what any y'all say the guy with the dreads and glasses is funny as fuck