Why Brazilian Women Support Jair Bolsonaro | The Dispatch


  1. Vinicius Ribeiro

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    Nada a ver essa música espanhola no início do vídeo.

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  3. Antonio Santos

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    brreporter.com/v/video-B1NWXn49wt4.html the stab at Bolsonaro can be a scam. second coincidences. . . Bolsonaro may have had surgery scheduled on the day the fake happened so no blood was seen in the stab video

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  5. Antonio Santos

    Antonio Santos2 dias atrás

    women in southern and southeastern Brazil were unfortunately manipulated by this conspiracy, and some supported Bolsonaro. . 2019 records record killings of women, assaults and rapes mainly in the south and southeast of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro at the top of the violence. . Bolsonaro smp acted aggressively towards women. . this first lady. beautiful young woman of poor origin from a family involved in drug trafficking is already the third wife of Bolsonaro

  6. Antonio Santos

    Antonio Santos2 dias atrás

    brreporter.com/v/video-7tbLZ73Ho30.html summing up

  7. Júlio Lima

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    Cry left! Cry!

  8. Pro Shooter

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    I'm Brazilian and this is biased well it's the new York times what did I expect but I have to say do not trust what the media says it's biased they are making you think he is a far right fascist but he is not he is doing a great job as president he is lowering taxes and lowering crime and making it legal to own a gun for self defence before bolsonaro was PT ( socialist party or labour party) in control and there was a lot of crime there was gangs and how everyone in these gangs had guns despite it being illegal to own guns in that time and the labour party did also deforest the Amazonas and selling parts of it to country's and covering up and their got a lot of money lula da Silva as president stole 5 billion dollars from the country and used it to bribe the media and the politician's and to live in luxury until he and diuma ( 2011 -2018) was charged for corruption so don't blame bolsonaro for Amazonas and crime also a biased part when he said that he was pro torture what happened is that he was interviewed and the interviewer said "if there was 11 terrorist's and you captured one would you torture him for information" that's the reason so my conclusion if you are not brazilian don't trust the media or the left They are lying to you and im proud to be a Brazilian living in Norway🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Edit: corrected some grammar mistakes

  9. Gabriel Foglio

    Gabriel Foglio10 dias atrás

    we need help!!! Our country is taking one more step towards totalitarianism every day. the opposition is called communist and anarchist, any and all disrespected and violently opposed opposition, the dismantled social welfare, dismantled universities, animals and the poor on arms policies, pro-hunting, pro-death ... we are in an extreme polarized scenario: one side screams in hate, the other in despair, in the center a passive inert mass that pretends that nothing happens

  10. lu na

    lu na11 dias atrás

    there are feminists and there are actual, feminine women guess who supports a masculine man like Bolsonaro

  11. Haroldo Malta

    Haroldo Malta13 dias atrás

    President Bolsonaro was democratically elected by the majority of the Brazilian people after the condemnation by the justice of former leftist president Lula for corruption in a billion dollar public money diversion scheme.These women who repudiate Bolsonaro are part of a number of leftist fanatics, a bubble in social networks. This documentary is not honest.

  12. Johann Brandstatter

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    Two things is very obvious - 1. People simply never learn from mistakes, any mistakes. 2. People are prepared to repeat any mistake - no matter what disaster this will entail. This short report confirms this.

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    socialist losers

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    Don't believe in this channel!

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    That was tht time. Look at now, the forest is dying and he just said "theyre just trees". Thats the president brazil voted now look now.

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    Brazil is very cool

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    Very easy to answer: F.....ing socialist have no more space right righ to Brazil!

  18. Samuel Rocha Vieira

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    ​@paul martins Europe socialist? "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" UK as well, eather Switzerland and Sweden...

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    ahh, then please stop moving to socialist Europe...stay in the third world

  20. Luiz Conte

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    Estamos cancelando varios CPFs e as ruas ja estao mais tranquilas, seguiremos em frente.

  21. Lordvater

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    Funny how the they call him "anti establishment" We Are The Establishment! Cheers to Pinochet too!

  22. India Potira

    India Potira2 meses atrás

    We Brazilians were robbed for 13 years during socialist governments.... now we finally got lucky enough to send these people away and democratically elected Bolsonaro. That happens next?? Left wing campaigns to discredit our president.... the corrupts want to come over and steal again.... NO WAY!!! DONT CAME WITH PROPAGANDA, WE ARE NOT STUPID!!!

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    New York times one great big jew fest of immorality lol

  24. Claudius Pereira

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    The New York times is a mouth piece of the new world order. The people know this and ignores their propaganda.

  25. si

    si2 meses atrás

    the jew world order lol

  26. Claudius Pereira

    Claudius Pereira2 meses atrás

    The new world order actively promotes all types of crime . The people are now fighting back--world wide !Brasil is a good example.Same in South Africa.

  27. bimmjim

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    In the US, the Democrats are the Far Left (Marxists) and the Republicans are Center Left.

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    yeah same in the uk

  29. bimmjim

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    I see this video as Pro-Bolsonaro. After every statement, I think, good, good, good. Make Brazil Great Again.


    COSTAFINKEL2 meses atrás

    What NYT did on the translation in 3:36 is criminal! CRIMINAL! What she clearly meant is “if we have to elect bolsonaro to end this (crimes and mugs), then let’s do it”. This is devious, this is shameful, it is really deceitful. You can’t play with people like that NYT, these are humans beings you are using as you please to spread your rhetoric, did you know?

  31. erica thomass

    erica thomass2 meses atrás

    a lot of people are going to die, brazil is being cleansed!

  32. jimmyjones05

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    Brazilians, don't be surprised that the NYT misrepresents your country and your leader. They do this to Americans all the time. The NYT lives in safe gated communities, and they lecture the rest of America about problems they never experience. Of course they will do the same to Brazil if it helps their agenda. Take a guess of who owns the NYT. Same people who own all the media, banks, Hollywood and much of the pharmaceutical industry.

  33. Física com musica-professor Bonfim Mota Lima

    Física com musica-professor Bonfim Mota Lima2 meses atrás

    We live a Civil war,help -me,it's going in my Channel

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    6:42 what else did you want her to do? lmao this is just stupid

  35. Emerson Silva

    Emerson Silva3 meses atrás

    Estamos em Junho de 2019 e a criminalidade esta caindo no Brasil especialmente os homicídios. Viva Bolsonaro, Viva Trump. 🇧🇷💚💛😎

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    Isso ai

  37. Zuck Raven

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    The Best president ! Go Brazil

  38. Within the Truth

    Within the Truth3 meses atrás

    What a stupid president. Poor brazilians


    ROGERIO ROGRIGUES3 meses atrás

    A midia estrangeira mostra conpletamente uma distorção da real situação qui ocorre no brasil...ecada uma qui vou ti dizer.

  40. Catlos Alberto

    Catlos Alberto3 meses atrás

    Check at 00:25. "I SUPPORT TORTURE, you know that..." -- PRESIDENT BOLSONARO.

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  42. Uncle Gold

    Uncle Gold3 meses atrás

    Bolsonaro's cult members are still trying to push their proto fascist agenda despite the circus going around their pathetic leader. You are supporting the worst thing ever to came out of politics. The civilized world is turning its back on you.

  43. erica thomass

    erica thomass2 meses atrás

    yea, that's why they have the 2nd largest economy in the americas (bigger than canada). you're a joke

  44. Yascha Blumenfeld

    Yascha Blumenfeld4 meses atrás

    Although I abhor the Nazi-fascist ideology, I am proud of being labelled as a Nazi-fascist by a Communist on our days.

  45. Youssef Houaoui

    Youssef Houaoui4 meses atrás

    any man who robs women and litte girls infront of a school at gun point deserve to be beheaded or stoned to death in public square

  46. PH Geek Stuff

    PH Geek Stuff4 meses atrás

    As we've seen, no cost to the Brazilian democracy at all. And statistics has been showing decrease of 24% on murder crimes. Even, the opposition (left-wing in 4 months) tried several times to censor everything is mentioned about their corruption schemes (already proven by the Court). Left-wing, that is the real dictatorship, and those are lies spreaders.

  47. M K

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    Forza Bolsonaro!

  48. Gilberto Donje

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    Cadê os bandidos com fuzis nas mãos e que não é poucos neste vídeo? Cadê as imagens de bandidos assaltando cidadão com armas nas mãos e que tem muitos também não vi, reportagem totalmente tendenciosa igual a folha de São Paulo, veja rede, globo

  49. Alexandre Galvão

    Alexandre GalvãoMês atrás

    Verdade cara, como sempre idolatrado bandidos e demonizando a polícia

  50. sintesimmagine

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    true news

  51. Luciana Zagalo

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    ver os comentários de brasileiros nesse vídeo me dá vergonha.

  52. Luciana Zagalo

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  53. Wayne Static

    Wayne Static4 meses atrás

    Impressionante como nesse vídeo eles colocaram os polícias como os vilões e os bandidos como as vitimas, estamos vivendo na era do contrário, policial não pode mais garantir a segurança da população, policial não pode mais usar a arma pra se defender, lamentável essa visão distorcida que esse pessoal tem.

  54. Fernando Ramos

    Fernando Ramos8 dias atrás

    visão distorcida é acreditar que colocar polícia e exército vai resolver o problema da violência. Isso está sendo feito há décadas, e não resolveu, pior, vários abusos contra inocentes ocoreram. Polícia é um suposto paliativo para situações de crise, e não uma solução. O problema surge na base, na desigualdade, na falta de oportunidades, na cultura de violência, na própria violência da polícia etc.

  55. sintesimmagine

    sintesimmagine4 meses atrás

    A polícia no Brasil? Esquadrão da morte? Militares com helicóptero atirando contra moradores da favela da Maré ?

  56. pipay chan

    pipay chan4 meses atrás

    Why do i feel Trump, Duterte, and Bolsonaro are long lost brothers?

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    Cheirinho de canal de esquerdista no ar

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    0:05 Everyone slightly to the right of me is on the far right. No exceptions! Right? Far right! Center? Far right! Left? Far right! Far left? Still far right! Let me give you an objective rundown of why women and men alike support Bolsonaro in Brazil: We spent 3 decades favoring socialist policies that ended up ruining our country's economy, more so on the last 16 years, peaking at 14 million unemployed and 27 million underemployed. We decided it was time to try something different, and with Bolsonaro in power, we're seeing a dismantlement of everything that nearly made us a second Venezuela. It's not about right, it's not about left, it's not about ideologies. It's about economy! But if people like you want to make it about sides, very well, we'll make it about sides. But don't get mad at us when we're not on YOUR side!

  59. Naty Aussie

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  60. Falconius Azurius

    Falconius Azurius4 meses atrás

    Thanks NYT for this video. Didn't know what to think of Bolsonaro. Clearly the people of Brazil has great faith in his leadership. I hope he delivers. Oh, and really love that lady that killed the criminal.

  61. Irandi Silva

    Irandi Silva4 meses atrás

    All comments supporting bolsonaro are from 4 months ago, before he shows off his last mask.

  62. Marcello Antonucci

    Marcello Antonucci4 meses atrás

    how many died in drugs war every year? her son died in june, the president was Dilma...

  63. john thomas Mckenna

    john thomas Mckenna4 meses atrás

    Personal security is a serious problem in Brazil at the moment,it's root causes are of course poverty and deprivation ,exacerbated by a pathetic attempt at waging an unwinnable war against drugs Many decent people voted for the fascist wannabe dictator through sheer frustration,but the majority voted for him because of a relentless campaign of misinformation on 'WhatsApp ',and the insidious influence of the evangelical fundamentalists,who are every bit as sinister as their Islamist,or Zionist counterparts.

  64. Sandra Coffie

    Sandra Coffie4 meses atrás

    Looks like samba carnaval do Rio, pf 😈

  65. Sandra Coffie

    Sandra Coffie4 meses atrás

    Yeh and when you applaud violence, eventually it gets to you, when the Germans started a war it was to get rid of poverty but they end up destroying the whole of Europe, so be careful what you wish for you may end up there yourself

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  67. erica thomass

    erica thomass2 meses atrás

    the only reason europe got destroyed was because of amerikkka. germany was doing a great job with things

  68. Michael Dornelas

    Michael Dornelas4 meses atrás

    Death to Bolsonaro!

  69. Anthony Alexander Török

    Anthony Alexander Török4 meses atrás

    Well done NYT. You make yourselves look bad and promote Bolsonaro even more. Great job. Keep up the goid work ;)

  70. Surprize

    Surprize4 meses atrás

    Why is democracy always the highest priority for the media and the left?

  71. Maria Coler

    Maria Coler4 meses atrás

    New York S*** you cut the complete information. Your "way" of bringing news is really evil.

  72. carlos Santos D.

    carlos Santos D.5 meses atrás

    Proud to be Brazilian! God save Bolsonaro!

  73. Lars Hansson

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    Good film. Well done.