Why Flat Earthers Are Dead Wrong


  1. loveforthegame3

    loveforthegame3Mês atrás

    The earth is shaped as a donut. Look at the facts. You people are sheep. i will never believe anything the government tells me. nobody has ever actually been in soace. we cant even feed starving people how are we going to space

  2. Abhijith P J

    Abhijith P J18 dias atrás

    @Infinity Studios you can never tell. Internet sarcasm has become so much complex(too simple)

  3. Lil Ava

    Lil Ava24 dias atrás

    Neil A. : Am I a joke to you?

  4. Aiwanano

    AiwananoMês atrás

    He spelled space wrong lol

  5. Aiwanano

    AiwananoMês atrás

    :o he got pinned

  6. Mathieu Leader

    Mathieu LeaderMês atrás

    the shape of the universe is close to a donut

  7. Raymond Stemmer

    Raymond Stemmer20 horas atrás

    A turtle with 3 elephants on the turtles back hold up the earth, so the elephants hold up the earth ! Crazy mike, a flat earther just found out that gravity exists being shot in his rocket ! Everyone all around the world knows the earth is flat !

  8. Louie Niglio

    Louie Niglio21 hora atrás

    If and when the flatheads go on expedition to prove the earth is flat and when they are proving themselves WRONG and the journey back home is going to be spent on how to spin this well I have my pop corn ready it's going to be fun.

  9. blksheepbear 067

    blksheepbear 06722 horas atrás

    Sad video on so many levels, zero gravy

  10. TruStory

    TruStory22 horas atrás

    Guys this isn't funny anymore. Stupidity is deadlier than corona virus.

  11. mezlina72

    mezlina7223 horas atrás

    The earth is a hemisphere. That's how people think its a sphere and flat.

  12. Cobb Knobbler

    Cobb Knobbler23 horas atrás

    2 points will destroy any flat earther. The first is the fact that Gallileo observed the 4 largest moons of Jupiter orbiting the giant planet almost 500 years ago with a ground based telescope. They are so obsessed with Nasa that I just let em assume Nasa is all lies. I don't need NASA to destroy em. The second point is the seasons. Ask a flat earther to explain the seasons. They can't.

  13. Al Kivari

    Al KivariDia atrás

    Too bad BRreporter doesn’t allow pictures in the comments. Then we could all just post pics we’ve taken of earths curve. Am I right?

  14. KC pokéfusion

    KC pokéfusionDia atrás

    the PANCAKE

  15. Al Kivari

    Al KivariDia atrás

    People probably think that this back and forth conversation with his mother actually happened..

  16. Sao Kid

    Sao KidDia atrás

    If i was to lay the ground, say in the sand on a beach while the sun is setting, once it is set if i were to stand up quickly, i would be able to see it set again, which wouldnt be possible if the earth was flat, because if if the earth was flat it could only do that once, and this experiment wouldnt work. But since it does work, the earth has to be round, and i learned this all by watching anime, so can you why am i smarter than a society dedicated to proving this planet is flat, all because i watched magic senpai?! A flat earther once even accidentally proved the earth was round! Its round! Its not a frisbee!

  17. Al Kivari

    Al KivariDia atrás

    If it’s so dumb, why so many ‘debunking’ videos? Where are all the unicorns aren’t real videos?

  18. David Mescher

    David Mescher21 hora atrás

    @Al Kivari That's a far more advanced question than the shape of the Earth, however. The inability (so far) to observe gravity at the quantum level does not lend credibility to the Earth being flat. In any case, science takes time. Protons/neutrons/electrons were a thing before they were discovered, for example.

  19. Al Kivari

    Al Kivari23 horas atrás

    David Mescher the thing that gets me, is why scientists haven’t observed gravity having an effect on the quantum level. It’s strange how there is no Theory of Everything, combining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity with that of QuantumTheory.

  20. David Mescher

    David Mescher23 horas atrás

    @Al Kivari Also, the Invisible Pink Unicorn (May Her Hooves Be Forever Sharp) is real, her existence cannot be disproved. ;)

  21. David Mescher

    David Mescher23 horas atrás

    @Al Kivari They are both equally ridiculous, although the flat Earth has experienced con artists pushing it. It's also a way for people who are science-illiterate feel special (rather than dumb), and the overly paranoids to feel some validation. Unicorns don't provide either of those.

  22. Al Kivari

    Al KivariDia atrás

    David Mescher why is it easier to believe in a flat earth, than it is to believe in unicorns? They’re both equally ridiculous aren’t they?

  23. Ramzan Ups

    Ramzan UpsDia atrás

    Why you are not going to moon again with HD, 4k cameras? NASA :oh we just Destroyed the Technology of going to the moon. Years later... NASA going to Mars and Sun (with CGI).

  24. David Mescher

    David Mescher21 hora atrás

    @Ramzan Ups Yes, really. As to why we don't send manned missions, you get much more return on investment with unmanned missions, because you don't have to carry the heavy life support equipment, the astronauts, or the fuel to get the astronauts back. When a lunar satellite has reached its end of life, you can nudge the orbit so it lithobrakes on the lunar surface, it doesn't require much delta-v.

  25. Ramzan Ups

    Ramzan Ups23 horas atrás

    @David Mescher oh Really?

  26. David Mescher

    David MescherDia atrás

    Various space agencies are sending unmanned missions to the Moon, and quite a few of them are sending back pictures.

  27. Checkthebeemovie

    CheckthebeemovieDia atrás

    The earth is a heart.

  28. 이바다 수원거주

    이바다 수원거주Dia atrás

    Flat-Earthers is just a bunch of rude idoit who keep pushing their beloved one's patience and tolerance. If they go out to speech, they would be shed on rotten tomato and eggs instantly.

  29. Beeterfish

    BeeterfishDia atrás

    In order to secure a flat earth theory, they need to deny at least: Theory of Gravity Atomic Theory Theory of Relativity General Relativity Quantum Physics which produced: Nuclear weapons Gemini Program Apollo Program Transistors Science Of Computing Computers Televisions Modern Cars Smartphones Modern production systems Every scientific measurement device that is based on anything above. Every historical event that is based on anything above.

  30. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    You left out sunsets. They need to deny sunsets.

  31. InfidelLunchbox

    InfidelLunchboxDia atrás

    Flat earthers use GPS

  32. Shayla Smith

    Shayla SmithDia atrás

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 this was funny

  33. Coding with Vont

    Coding with VontDia atrás

    If you’re reading this, are you a flat earther? Do you buy flat earth merchandise?

  34. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás


  35. Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

    Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus ChristDia atrás

    We believe a man in 500BC to tell us the earth is round? How is this credible? His credentials are credible? How is heavy scrutiny not considered here? Actual study, quick to dismiss the bible but this man walks right through? People consider the attack and damage control on this subject and the zeal behind it.

  36. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    What does the Bible have to do with reality?

  37. happy muttonchop

    happy muttonchopDia atrás

    pent Anyone on the planet can easily verify what eratosthenes did. We don't need to take anyone's word for it. We can all easily verify for ourselves that the earth is a sphere.

  38. Jules Domes

    Jules DomesDia atrás

    Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ - What on Earth are you talking about? Yes, the diameter of our globe was calculated over 2000 years ago, and it has been confirmed countless times ever since. Only a few ignorant and superstitious guys on YT think it's pizza shaped.

  39. Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

    Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus ChristDia atrás

    Damage control, free think is no more

  40. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    The real world versus a book is a no brainer.

  41. Jules Domes

    Jules DomesDia atrás

    Repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ - Please understand that your interpretations of your favourite bronze age myths are not evidence.

  42. Karen Burton

    Karen BurtonDia atrás

    2020 and we still need to tell some people the earth is not flat. Stop the earth, i wanna get out of here

  43. stangmaster 2

    stangmaster 2Dia atrás

    Save time, see it my way. The Earth is round.

  44. Joe Gold

    Joe GoldDia atrás

    We are in the matrix so the shape of the earth doesn't matter!

  45. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    And the Matrix is just running in a simulation itself, so we don't even have to worry about the Matrix either. And the simulation is just a daydream of a demigod. And the demigod is just a short story by an alien teenager.

  46. Hollywood Bravo

    Hollywood BravoDia atrás

    The universe is flat tho

  47. mix_42

    mix_42Dia atrás

    Tbh we should just send them to Antartica and let them search and then ditch them

  48. CoBe46

    CoBe46Dia atrás

    Notice how there are no flat earthers in the comments? They wont even watch videos debunking the idea of earth being flat.

  49. Jalle

    JalleDia atrás

    Well, according to some stories, the reason the sky is blue because the entire world is a tiny object floating in the eye of a cosmically immense, blue-eyed giant called "Macumber" 🤦‍♂️

  50. Olivia Liu

    Olivia LiuDia atrás

    ....u see, if gravity didnt exist, then no matter what shape the earth is, ppl will obv float, bc its just a rock like thing floating a space. also, things don't jUsT fALL. people from 1960s would be so disappointed with how far, we've gone, or gone BACK now. its 2020 guys. help.

  51. sara mara

    sara maraDia atrás

    I think your mom i talking about roblox

  52. Windu Sy

    Windu SyDia atrás

    That's is why islam and Koran is 100% wrong. The earth is flat and the sun set in the muddy pool.

  53. Jamie costello

    Jamie costelloDia atrás

    How can we tell if cgi images of space are all we have?

  54. RubyIsBack

    RubyIsBack20 horas atrás

    @Jamie costello yet that doesn't prove anything.

  55. Jamie costello

    Jamie costello22 horas atrás

    @Scott Wallace i am real. Thats the problem. Real eyes realise real lies

  56. Al Kivari

    Al KivariDia atrás

    Scott Wallace I’m surprised people don’t think Star Wars is filmed in space.

  57. Al Kivari

    Al KivariDia atrás

    You can’t

  58. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    Your words are CGI. How can I tell if you are real?

  59. Raptor302

    Raptor302Dia atrás

    The beautiful thing about conspiracy theories is that they can never be disproven. Anything that does is automatically part of the conspiracy.

  60. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    That just proves how big the conspiracy is.

  61. Konii

    KoniiDia atrás

    Makes me wonder what excuse flat earthers will have whenever all the ice melts.

  62. wond ding dong

    wond ding dongDia atrás

    Who is your mom trying to be, Vsusce

  63. The Global Stalker

    The Global StalkerDia atrás

    "Flat earthers are dead wrong" *YOU DON'T SAY*

  64. romanpul

    romanpulDia atrás

    The myth with the flat earth on the back of a giant turtle isn't actually that ancient but dates back to Terry Pratchett's disk world series

  65. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    Actually, the idea is ancient, appearing in various forms in Vedic, Chinese, and Iroquois mythologies, among others.

  66. Saiid Esop

    Saiid EsopDia atrás

    Flat Earth is the Godly truth. Y'all can do whatever to make it look wrong but at the end the truth prevails

  67. Jules Domes

    Jules DomesDia atrás

    Saiid Esop - The shape of our globe is a simple observable geometric fact. Please understand that your interpretations of your favourite bronze age myths are not scientific evidence.

  68. happy muttonchop

    happy muttonchopDia atrás

    said No matter what you say, the earth is still a sphere.

  69. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    It's not people who make the flat Earth look wrong; it's the Earth itself. I'll go with the Earth rather than some old book.

  70. darth geekboy

    darth geekboyDia atrás

    if people believe the earth is flat, it’s possible for dRUMPfballLickers to exist as well.

  71. Jacob Pryer

    Jacob PryerDia atrás

    You guys believe in the earth?

  72. RubyIsBack

    RubyIsBack20 horas atrás

    @Jacob Pryer Do you believe in believe?

  73. Jacob Pryer

    Jacob PryerDia atrás

    Scott Wallace you believe?

  74. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    You believe in guys?

  75. Darkfoxx Bunyip

    Darkfoxx BunyipDia atrás

    "Like in ancient myths where a turtle is carrying it on it's back" Well, if you want to call the writings of Terry Pratchett ancient sure....

  76. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    ​@Darkfoxx Bunyip Np. Terry Pratchett is so great, it's quite excusable.

  77. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceDia atrás

    @David Mescher The elephants are already there in Hindu mythology.

  78. Darkfoxx Bunyip

    Darkfoxx BunyipDia atrás

    @David Mescher I stand corrected.

  79. Darkfoxx Bunyip

    Darkfoxx BunyipDia atrás

    @Scott Wallace Hmm, excuse me that mistake then, it was the first time I encountered the idea in his books, I was unaware that he didn't come up with it.

  80. David Mescher

    David MescherDia atrás

    As per Sir Terry Pratchett, in the intro of one of the chronologically early books, the turtle idea was not new, he just picked it up and ran with it. Throwing in elephants was the new bit.

  81. Kevin Anthony Bentivegna

    Kevin Anthony Bentivegna2 dias atrás

    This would be so much more believable if you had actually recorded this conversation.

  82. Micah Key

    Micah Key2 dias atrás

    I hate flat earth people

  83. mortal not

    mortal not2 dias atrás

    Ye worl d is flet I knew it I sew it in reel live

  84. PixelMaster2

    PixelMaster22 dias atrás

    If the earth was flat,I could see mt. Everest! :P

  85. Rory Rice

    Rory Rice2 dias atrás

    If I was on the coast with a telescope, I could see Europe! Maybe I need a better telescope!

  86. FnM plays

    FnM plays2 dias atrás

    The earth is so large that we are on a fraction of it, the crust. We are also a tiny fraction of that. When a ship sails of it looks like it is in a straight line as the the sphere is massive compared to us so the ship won’t sink as it will be a small earth if that was the case

  87. Allosaurus Fragilis

    Allosaurus Fragilis2 dias atrás

    Its not funny anymore. Thanks youtube.

  88. Kiwiki Koala

    Kiwiki Koala2 dias atrás

    IfThe earth is flat and the sun is in its atmosphere then how do other planets orbit

  89. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace2 dias atrás


  90. Threadkiller Ireland

    Threadkiller Ireland2 dias atrás

    Can someone help? Why do people who visit the north pole not spin around in a circle if the earth spins at 26,000mph at its axis points?

  91. Jules Domes

    Jules DomesDia atrás

    Threadkiller Ireland - No. Before you step on to the bearing you are already rotating with Earth, of course. Why would you suddenly stop rotating when you step on to the bearing?

  92. Tobey Sherrin

    Tobey Sherrin2 dias atrás

    @Threadkiller Ireland Don't forget that the earth exists on a fairly substantial tilt when considering this. The sun isn't perfectly centered to the poles.

  93. Tobey Sherrin

    Tobey Sherrin2 dias atrás

    @Threadkiller Ireland that wouldn't work, due to the simple fact that everything, and I mean everything directly close to earth spins with it. That includes even the air around you. It's why the prevailing winds travel in one specific direction. I couldnt explain in detail the things that make the air move in this manner, it's something that I'd need to research specifically, but the gist of the point is there.

  94. Threadkiller Ireland

    Threadkiller Ireland2 dias atrás

    @Tobey Sherrin I understand that if you stood with your arms outstretched with one arm pointing towards Ireland and one towards Australia you'd rotate at the rate of one turn per 24hr period...but there has been zero evidence of this happening when people have been travelling to the north and south poles for generations...it would be a very easy and inexpensive way to prove the earth rotates around the sun and not vice-versa...make a board and set it atop a bearing and stand on the board...the bearing would spin with the earth and you'd stand still facing the sun at all times. Ps thanks for the reply I've been asking that question for 2 years.

  95. Tobey Sherrin

    Tobey Sherrin2 dias atrás

    Technically, it only spins that speed at the equator. It takes one full day for the earth to fully spin, regardless of where you are. Also, you're spinning at the same speed, so you don't notice. Think of it like a car: you can be driving at 100kph, which is extremely fast, but it feels like you're not moving at all because you're sitting on something moving the same speed.

  96. Nafis A.P

    Nafis A.P2 dias atrás

    Then if the flat-earthers go to the north pole with boats the pac-man "effect" can't effect the boats they use ???

  97. Billy Parker

    Billy Parker2 dias atrás

    One thing I would agree with flat earthers on is that the shape of the earth is not debatable. It is objectively spherical.

  98. Icanntspel

    Icanntspel2 dias atrás

    Why would people want to lie about the shape of the earth xD

  99. Cinnamon Cat

    Cinnamon Cat2 dias atrás

    I love how the guy’s gf/wife/sister is just smiling and sipping coffee

  100. MaggTheDerg

    MaggTheDergDia atrás

    GF/sister oh yea its Alabama time

  101. just another human

    just another human2 dias atrás

    fake astronauts & cosmonauts aside, the only person who has perhaps seen the earth from above (auguste piccard) claimed "“It seemed a flat disk with upturned edge". i think i'll go with him

  102. French Guitar Guy

    French Guitar Guy21 hora atrás

    That’s a lie Auguste Piccard is a Jewish shill and is in on the conspiracy, no human has been more than 1km above sea level, you can read it in Mein Kampf

  103. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace2 dias atrás

    @RubyIsBack Yep. They often claim Nikola Tesla was a flat Earther, when of course he wasn't.

  104. RubyIsBack

    RubyIsBack2 dias atrás

    @Scott Wallace Yeah FE's will always bring up an excuse saying that a famous person stated something they never even said.

  105. Scott Wallace

    Scott Wallace2 dias atrás

    Except that Piccard was not a flat Earther. He was just commenting on how the bit of the Earth he could see through his tiny window looked.

  106. Geologist

    Geologist2 dias atrás

    Funny that these dummies talk about proof, and yet they can’t prove their own theory. I mean, phreaking magnets underneath the earth?? 😂😂 Where’s your evidence? Lol

  107. French Guitar Guy

    French Guitar Guy21 hora atrás

    Geologist let me guess, your kids have measles

  108. Johnnie Whetstone

    Johnnie Whetstone2 dias atrás

    Another propaganda video

  109. Delta

    DeltaDia atrás

    Lemme guess your kids aren't vaccinated as well?

  110. RubyIsBack

    RubyIsBack2 dias atrás

    The debate of the shape of the Earth is not propaganda, karen!

  111. Hrach Hakobian

    Hrach Hakobian2 dias atrás

    I hope someone will send those flat-earthers to space so see the truth! But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send them in that Soyuz with a hole in it!

  112. Konstellashon

    KonstellashonDia atrás

    Daredevil Mad Mike Hughes just died in his homemade rocket ship...

  113. Philip Schilling

    Philip Schilling2 dias atrás

    I don't believe that your mom is really a flat-earther. You most likely fabricated this story and used her as a way to make the video relatable.

  114. Zamm

    Zamm2 dias atrás

    Does that mean flat earthers are wrong about everything? No answer? Okay.

  115. French Guitar Guy

    French Guitar Guy20 horas atrás

    No even better, they can learn from their mistakes, not come to unsubstantiated conclusions about topics you know little on without listening to an expert- and when you’ve listened to this expert find another one and find out what they have to say, keep doing this. Being stubborn in your knowledge is an easy way to be proven wrong as science moves forward

  116. Mike

    Mike2 dias atrás

    Flat earthers are wrong about everything to do with the earth being flat yes, but that doesn't mean they can't lead perfectly normal productive lives in every other sense. There are people who sincerely believe the end of the world is about to happen, yet they still live as though they're going to be around in 50 years. Compartmentalization is an amazing aspect of the human brain.