1. Libanés

    Libanés2 horas atrás

    It’s impossible to watch this video at normal speed 😂

  2. thatgirlbesideyou

    thatgirlbesideyou8 horas atrás

    “HOLY sHIt”

  3. Elizabeth Jones

    Elizabeth Jones13 horas atrás

    This time I am siding with Trisha I don’t need receipts to know this might be facts like honestly

  4. Makayla Cardano

    Makayla Cardano16 horas atrás

    this is the Trisha I subscribed to. the real Trisha on her kitchen floor. I love this trish. stay true hun

  5. Brookalyn

    BrookalynDia atrás

    girl, i ain’t even the one talking and i’m out of breath trying to keep up.

  6. Lucy Bruh

    Lucy Bruh2 dias atrás

    this is honestly so refreshing for some reason... this is like the realest i’ve ever seen trish. i’m not a fan of her, there’s stuff about her that i don’t like and she’s said a lot of fucked up shit. i’m just not a fan, but she just seems like a real person in this and that’s really refreshing.

  7. George L

    George L4 dias atrás

    i changed my playback speed to 0.75

  8. Maddison Gray

    Maddison Gray4 dias atrás

    Trisha i get it your mad at Gabbie but you also don't need to be that way like if you wanted to say this on your video you could just say it slowly don't have alot of hate on her like she has a bad life and you did to but just cut her some slack

  9. Top FinesT

    Top FinesT4 dias atrás

    It doesn't mean she's an issue ,ur gonna make a video too and search for ways to make issue . youtubers cancelling suvks except for Miranda Sings I love her btw u suck!!!!

  10. Nusa Ambrozic

    Nusa Ambrozic4 dias atrás

    all she said in this 14 minutes was i don't know her, i met her twice, we talked for 2 seconds hahah so dumb

  11. Owllet 99

    Owllet 995 dias atrás


  12. CJ carp

    CJ carp5 dias atrás

    Your phone can Block her.....

  13. Glitter Kitty

    Glitter Kitty5 dias atrás

    diD YoU sWaB mY vAgIna?? 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Girl, that needs to be on a tshirt!

  14. Baby Breezzyy

    Baby Breezzyy6 dias atrás

    i love trisha bro!😂😌

  15. seccy pennywise

    seccy pennywise6 dias atrás

    okay so i like gabbie and i’ve avoided the drama for a while but i feel like i need to catch up because holy shit... the fact that she’s talking this fast and fluently in like ONE TAKE EXCUSE ME

  16. sophie forbes

    sophie forbes6 dias atrás

    why dose Trisha look like a crack head now like geez

  17. look behind you

    look behind you7 dias atrás

    I used to like gabbie story times but them she just started getting super overdramatic and it was obvious bullshit and I just got so sick of her. She's the only person I've ever unsubscribed from

  18. Shaida Bunyat

    Shaida Bunyat7 dias atrás

    girllll speaking so fast probably because all of the info is in her head she just wants to get it out of her mouth lmao

  19. Ikki Co

    Ikki Co8 dias atrás

    So that’s why Gabbie isn’t friends with the vlog squad anymore... tryna convince us otherwise. Okay Gabbe, you tried.

  20. Jeremy Diaz

    Jeremy Diaz8 dias atrás

    Maybe I’m the MONnstEeEErrRrR

  21. Emilia Eltawey

    Emilia Eltawey8 dias atrás

    She put her hand in your private business, caused a tense situation between you and a sexual partner. For the sake of the other person? Fine. But don't expect every relationship to come out 100% after unfounded, serious accusation. Not knowing something for a fact, hearing it from a third party, not going to you about it first (which, why tf would she when you've met her all of 2 minutes), but still putting her foot into it, just makes it gossip. Spreading rumors. You wanna be a real grown-ass woman, Gabbie? Go to the person that the rumors are about. Don't snake slither to their partners and drop bombs.

  22. Shubhangi

    Shubhangi8 dias atrás

    Trisha, take a breath now. We all know Gabbie is cancelled.

  23. Dakotah Hendricks Photo

    Dakotah Hendricks Photo9 dias atrás

    This video heavily implies Trisha is actually an insanely emotionally mature woman with much self awareness and idk... This is the real Trish y’all. Jokes on everyone that thinks she’s a ditz.

  24. I am a manly Man

    I am a manly Man8 dias atrás

    Dakotah Hendricks Photo she is fake, really fake.

  25. GlassGhost Aurori

    GlassGhost Aurori9 dias atrás

    I've never loved Trish more than this video, this is hilarious in it's own way, but I also feel bad she has to deal with Gabbie being an attention seeker when she's going through hard stuff. Shows how strong she is that she can get through this bullshit without breaking down.

  26. Reyna

    Reyna9 dias atrás

    Clearly i cant judge, but it sounds alot like Gabbie is suffering from not only depression but severe paranoia. The stuff shes done sounds very typical of that. Its awful, but i hope she gets some help

  27. Austin G

    Austin G9 dias atrás

    This is still iconic

  28. ellobec

    ellobec9 dias atrás

    I am pissed that someone would do this to anyone. But I’m highly amused at how I could see Trisha’s blood pressure rising by how fast she was talking and reacting in this video. You know someone is speaking their truth when their head nearly pops off out of anger. GO TRISH! Gabbie is a nasty bitch. Like SERIOUSLY? WHO DOES THAT? Nasty nasty bitch! And then polls HER fans about whether it was ok, because she didn’t even know if it was ok. Fucking. Moron. Nasty. Bitch!

  29. Hanna VF

    Hanna VF10 dias atrás

    Yes queen dont let her manipulate you don't fall for her lies lmao gabbie us literally a sociopath/narcissist she needs to be cancelled

  30. StrikeZone

    StrikeZone10 dias atrás

    Trisha should make more videos like this...acting like a real person!

  31. Wav_y_yy

    Wav_y_yy10 dias atrás

    trisha said, hold my oxygen

  32. Leen Malek

    Leen Malek10 dias atrás

    I feel she’s doing this for views because she always upload these kind of videos like Trisha I love u but nobody cares

  33. Little Qiera

    Little Qiera11 dias atrás

    Sis went: "HI IT'S JAMES CHARLES!" GOTTA TALK FAST🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  34. Ria’s Tutty Talk

    Ria’s Tutty Talk11 dias atrás

    Ok now I’m convinced Trisha is biracial. Her whole black girl read just came out. I knew it 🥰

  35. J K

    J K11 dias atrás

    👏🏼👏🏼yes Trisha 👏🏼👏🏼

  36. Caitlin K

    Caitlin K11 dias atrás

    I just discovered Trisha, and I think ur my new role model. I love her

  37. Megan Beck

    Megan Beck11 dias atrás

    toxic people are shamefull

  38. Bailey Huff

    Bailey Huff11 dias atrás

    I have to respect Trisha for saying things like “I’m a drama queen” and “a lot of people probably don’t like me” it shows that Trisha has some maturity in her somewhere

  39. dehydratedcactus

    dehydratedcactus11 dias atrás

    if she's talking fast she's talking facts

  40. M S

    M S12 dias atrás

    Crack is wack

  41. Moon Light

    Moon Light12 dias atrás

    3:54 is literally my life 😂😂

  42. lovly lottie

    lovly lottie12 dias atrás

    How did I understand all of this

  43. Lauren Rubino

    Lauren Rubino12 dias atrás

    “did you swab my vagina?” lmao love you girlll

  44. Lupe Lana Gomez

    Lupe Lana Gomez12 dias atrás

    Before this video: I was not a fan of Trisha. I didn’t mind Gabbie Hanna. During this video: Trisha’s not complaining. She’s ranting. Gabbie Hanna seems to be the person who would want to befriend you to bring you down. After this video: I feel bad for Trisha Gabbie’s a piece of work that needs help. She needs to see a psychologist which is ironic because she has a degree in psychology.

  45. krispyy potato

    krispyy potato12 dias atrás

    For people confused abt her talking so fast,I’m like that too, when explaining something I often want to explain it fast so it’s out there and people know,I honestly think it’s bc we want things to be over and done with

  46. Nighty Nightshade

    Nighty Nightshade13 dias atrás

    Compare how raw and real this is to Gabbies videos on people in general. They come off so calculated and manipulative!

  47. Nighty Nightshade

    Nighty Nightshade13 dias atrás

    6:52 EXACTLY! I never let drama affect my opinion on anyone unless said person can’t take RESPONSIBILITY! Not saying you should if you weren’t in the wrong. But if there is proof. Fucking own up! A victim who’s always pointing the finger with no real integrity and facts is fuckin cringey.

  48. Jolen Teo

    Jolen Teo13 dias atrás

    3:11 she gets to the point

  49. Craig Callaghan

    Craig Callaghan13 dias atrás

    Cocaine...... She's sniffed more than a Henry hoover could.

  50. Awesome guy 24

    Awesome guy 2414 dias atrás

    Stfu already damn 🙄

  51. Ashley Perras

    Ashley Perras14 dias atrás

    “I’m that friendless bitch on BRreporter” I died

  52. patience child

    patience child14 dias atrás


  53. Jenna Debbink

    Jenna Debbink14 dias atrás

    Don't take this the wrong way, and this is not related to this video, but I scrolled though Trisha's videos and it looks like she is Bipolar. She goes through highs and lows and her youtube videos reflect that.

  54. Emma Olson

    Emma Olson14 dias atrás

    Kinda glad Rice Gum thwopped Gabbie 😳

  55. Pratiksha

    Pratiksha14 dias atrás

    Had to watch in 0.75x

  56. Frederick porter

    Frederick porter14 dias atrás

    Who are you to talk shit about how steph handled HER drama when you have videos like these still on youtube 🤦🏾‍♂️

  57. Frederick porter

    Frederick porter14 dias atrás

    Gabbi made stories talking shit about you and you responded, which is what you should have done. Nik made stories talking shit about steph and she responded, just like you did so you sound DUMB af in your new clout chaser videos about her.

  58. Swan and Pedo

    Swan and Pedo15 dias atrás

    Are you sick

  59. Joseph Pierce

    Joseph Pierce15 dias atrás

    We need the lyrics to this song

  60. Isabelle Padron

    Isabelle Padron15 dias atrás

    trisha: i’ve met this person on two occasions” also trisha: invites this person to her bday party sorry huh???

  61. Makayla Cardano

    Makayla Cardano16 horas atrás

    @Joy W. yeah and they had mutual friends

  62. Joy W.

    Joy W.3 dias atrás

    She asked to go, Trisha said it towards the beginningishhh

  63. Michala Zappia

    Michala Zappia15 dias atrás

    This is me in the shower winning the argument


    BEYONCÉ PARK15 dias atrás

    I believe Trisha PERIODTTT