Why I'm Coming Out As Gay


  1. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson39 minutos atrás

    Nobody should care what you do in private. Why does this have to be so public? Just shut up and live your life

  2. Danielle Riggins

    Danielle Riggins39 minutos atrás

    It's weird that he had to come out...what's understood shouldnt have to be said....like I thought we all knew he was gay I honestly didnt realize he never actually said it

  3. Jason Muniz Sanchez

    Jason Muniz Sanchez39 minutos atrás

    Why am I coming out Gay?..... Because it’s Pride month and we just want to capitalize on this whole lgbt stuff....I’m not really gay....I’m just TRYING it..... it’s our BRreporter channel....plus we like money 💰

  4. Adam Heene 56

    Adam Heene 5640 minutos atrás

    Ur so gay

  5. Little Book Dreamer

    Little Book Dreamer40 minutos atrás

    To see how Eugene pour his soul to created the video, seeing his struggles and insecurities was so beautiful and heartbreaking... I’m so so proud of him and I hope he finally can truly be happy and embrace who he is, because he freaking deserves it

  6. Hashi

    Hashi41 minuto atrás


  7. Zetrik

    Zetrik41 minuto atrás

    Well he does work for buzzfeed

  8. Ethan Vargas

    Ethan Vargas41 minuto atrás

    As long as your happy you can be whatever you want

  9. ItsTheLag Bro

    ItsTheLag Bro42 minutos atrás

    so basically ur gay

  10. ItsTheLag Bro

    ItsTheLag Bro41 minuto atrás

    Cool bro 👍🏽 not a fan but I’m happy u came out ! Very proud of u 👍🏽

  11. Chimmy eating kookies

    Chimmy eating kookies42 minutos atrás

    Eugene... I AM SO DAMN PROUD OF U 🙏😭😭😭 i have no words. This is so special 💗💗💗

  12. Hello Hyenn

    Hello Hyenn42 minutos atrás

    5:23 guys su let him talk

  13. gabby reeder

    gabby reeder42 minutos atrás

    You are enough. Don't let anyone tell you you aren't enough. When someone tells you that you are not enough that's just they themselves saying they are not enough.

  14. James Boxes

    James Boxes43 minutos atrás

    I always knew this nigga was gay

  15. Haylee Yeah yeah

    Haylee Yeah yeah43 minutos atrás

    Omg he’s gay ❤️

  16. julea marino

    julea marino43 minutos atrás

    Eugene, we knew, and we have always loved you. This was the most beautiful way to really tell it. thank you for this video and the wonderful things you do for all people.

  17. Coco Puffs

    Coco Puffs43 minutos atrás

    Once you come out there's no going back!

  18. fyukfy

    fyukfy44 minutos atrás

    wait really? didnt everyone already know? its super obvious lol

  19. PikachuMC99

    PikachuMC9944 minutos atrás

    I mean... it was kinda obvious that he was gay/LGBT

  20. Aria Li

    Aria Li44 minutos atrás

    Eugene, this is AMAZING. First of all, also a USC film school production student, and I was so shook when I found out you are too! It makes sense though. Because, second of all, I am so immensely impressed by the amount of professional energy you have dedicated to this project. You know the music down to the beats and dance moves, you created such a long and specific document for the set, and you were able to pull off commanding a bunch of actors and crew. But most of all-- you bared yourself to the screen. You brought all of yourself, all of your soul, and showed it to us in an incredibly cogent, self-reflective, and powerful way. That's... what being an artist is all about, at the end of the day. You are right-- this is one of the most important pieces you have ever created. I'm so immensely Proud of you for doing it.

  21. Chelsea Foster

    Chelsea Foster44 minutos atrás

    The love definitely outweighs the hate here. I found 1 negative comment and 10k dislike the video and 317 k like it. I hope one day all of the people who dislike this open their hearts and eyes

  22. Faith Houston

    Faith Houston44 minutos atrás

    we stan👏🏻👏🏻

  23. Elisey boi

    Elisey boi44 minutos atrás

    Crane as in the bird or crane as in the equipment used for construction ?

  24. Jay Shandal

    Jay Shandal44 minutos atrás

    I’m so proud of you and I’m amazed at how much work you put into this and the result is absolutely amazing. I love you so much and you’re genuinely such an inspiration and wow, this was just absolutely amazing❤️❤️❤️

  25. Hermaeus Mora

    Hermaeus Mora45 minutos atrás

    The Try Gays

  26. Jessica Hopkins

    Jessica Hopkins45 minutos atrás

    I appreciate the support the try guys gave for this project. It clearly mattered to him to share this through his art and to do it now

  27. Spark 515

    Spark 51545 minutos atrás


  28. JustAnotherNewYorkCityRAT

    JustAnotherNewYorkCityRAT45 minutos atrás

    Lmao why do these faggios keep making vids about coming out?? Stop this shit all you want is fuckin attention god damn

  29. Just some guy

    Just some guy46 minutos atrás

    We all knew you were gay.

  30. Queenly Moostache

    Queenly Moostache46 minutos atrás

    Im sorry but....didn't he already come out????

  31. Nissan R32

    Nissan R3246 minutos atrás

    they should make a video on how to become stunt drivers. “well not BECOME more like train”

  32. Bethany Qian

    Bethany Qian46 minutos atrás

    Fuck I’m in tears again

  33. הברנז'ה

    הברנז'ה46 minutos atrás


  34. Ricis Official

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  35. Bernard Stable

    Bernard Stable46 minutos atrás

    So he is trying to say he take raw dick in his booty 🤔🤨

  36. diane b

    diane b47 minutos atrás

    I thought Eugene was already openly gay. I don't understand what the "coming out" is about, unless it was a personal growth thing for Eugene.

  37. Pirate Heart

    Pirate Heart47 minutos atrás

    Eugene Lee Yang is such a fucking inspiration holy shit

  38. Missy Thomas

    Missy Thomas48 minutos atrás

    I Love you and I love all the guys and peeps. I know the video is going to be great. I can't wait. I know who you are...... a beautiful human who is great.

  39. GamingKid999

    GamingKid99948 minutos atrás

    16:50 is forza 4 music!

  40. Ty Hawkins

    Ty Hawkins49 minutos atrás

    Cause it’s June, and it’s a great way to be marketable?

  41. Solid Viper

    Solid Viper49 minutos atrás

    so many people are becoming gay nlw

  42. Iris Vlinder

    Iris Vlinder49 minutos atrás

    I always thought he had already came out (As bi?)

  43. Frank Hannaway

    Frank Hannaway49 minutos atrás

    I came out the first time in 1970. Watching this I realized that I've been coming out continuously since then. The more you learn there more there is to share. Thank you Eugene. Sometimes when I see a gorgeous young man like you I think you must be having the time of your life. It is sobering to remember that so many of us, including myself, still need reassurance and acceptance. Much love my friend. Thank you.

  44. Sam M

    Sam M49 minutos atrás

    Oh he likes a dick shoved up his ass

  45. Jason m.

    Jason m.50 minutos atrás

    Who cares

  46. braeden90000

    braeden9000050 minutos atrás

    I’m Unsubbing because I hate gays

  47. Kayli Cruz

    Kayli Cruz50 minutos atrás

    He is so brave. I'm so proud of Eugene.

  48. Aids Baker

    Aids Baker50 minutos atrás

    Remember when coming out was such a big deal but now you can be anything and no-one really cares. This is why emotional coming out videos are so weird. You are gay great job we support you heres a balloon and a sub par sugar cookie thanks for coming to harris teeter!

  49. B.T. Nguyen

    B.T. Nguyen50 minutos atrás

    To me, happiness is not something you obtain or become. It’s something you constantly have to find in all shades of life. The fact that Eugene is slowly grasping and realizing that self love is something to fight for and the fact he turned it into a beautiful artwork. Damn, we stan some great people

  50. CanadianLoki76

    CanadianLoki7651 minuto atrás

    Not exactly surprised. I thought all 4 of them are gay.

  51. Grace Pizarro

    Grace Pizarro51 minuto atrás

    “Are people ever truly happy?” For those out there suffering, yes. True happiness exists, and it’s a beautiful thing. It may take a long time to find it, but if you’re willing to be patient and make the choices, you’ll find it

  52. Umayr

    Umayr52 minutos atrás

  53. Kathryn Buntin

    Kathryn Buntin52 minutos atrás

    This was beautiful to watch and has made me (another person who does not cry as much as they probably should) bawl my fucking eyes out. Thank you for sharing all of this. We love you so much, Eugene. Never forget that

  54. Burntburgers

    Burntburgers53 minutos atrás

    Get over yourself no one cares what you do in your bedroom please stay away from children

  55. The_apocalypse_is_coming

    The_apocalypse_is_coming54 minutos atrás


  56. jesscateyeSQUAD

    jesscateyeSQUAD54 minutos atrás

    I think it's easier for his parents to accept him bc he is super famous as opposed to a non famous person telling their parents. What are they going to say we disown our very rich son that would have taken good care of us when we no longer work, and has ton of money to adopt many children just bc he is not straight 😂

  57. Realistic Optimist

    Realistic Optimist54 minutos atrás

    I’m sure it will shock many

  58. sydneynapeahi

    sydneynapeahi55 minutos atrás

    Beyond proud

  59. STNL_Stainless

    STNL_Stainless56 minutos atrás

    maybe because its pride month and you wont be judged as much?

  60. EddonJay Dianne25

    EddonJay Dianne2556 minutos atrás

    #2 Trending in the Philippines 💗 we support You Eugene 💕🌈

  61. kate Anderson

    kate Anderson56 minutos atrás

    Baby Eugene is so cute!

  62. Danielle Gemmell

    Danielle Gemmell56 minutos atrás

    Thank you for giving me the confidence to accept who i am

  63. Jordan Lutz

    Jordan Lutz56 minutos atrás

    Okay. We get it...

  64. Doreen Muzorori

    Doreen Muzorori56 minutos atrás

    Lovely to meet you Eugene. Thank you for letting us into your world

  65. Thia

    Thia57 minutos atrás

    So brave

  66. Terese Maree

    Terese Maree57 minutos atrás

    This is amazing. I cried watching the other video as I can't even begin to imagine what you've gone through. although it was just visuals, it touched me on another level. Love this and I'm sending all my love and support.

  67. Mason Ald

    Mason Ald57 minutos atrás

    I had a hunch for a while, so I'm glad he's finally coming out!

  68. V H

    V H58 minutos atrás

    No one cares anymore

  69. Reuben Casa-Grande

    Reuben Casa-Grande58 minutos atrás

    They’re all a bit bent though

  70. Desmond Jolly

    Desmond Jolly59 minutos atrás

    I don’t Ike the try guys but this is a good video I guess

  71. RaceOplasmaz

    RaceOplasmaz59 minutos atrás

    It’s 2k19 no one cares your gay

  72. Hudzin

    Hudzin59 minutos atrás

    Gay Asians are the least threatening group of people

  73. VianneyCreates

    VianneyCreates59 minutos atrás

    Thank you, Eugene. I'm just a plain old straight gal, but I remember growing up in my Catholic household. My parents are super liberal, mind you, but growing up...I remember two topics being taboo. We never spoke about suicide or being gay. They were like words you didn't dare utter, like Voldemort. So wrong, so evil, so disgusting...you never talked about it. How wrong and horrible is that? I'm so glad that my parents have moved away from that thinking, and so many others have, as well. There is still so much work to do, it was a message ingrained in so many...and I'm talking about the 80's and 90's. Still so much more to do.

  74. Blue bro

    Blue bro59 minutos atrás

    Its alright to be gay, your still human

  75. Connie Nix

    Connie Nix59 minutos atrás

    EUGENE is my favorite Try guy and he still be my favorite try guy. No matter is he is bi, straight or gay.

  76. golden waffles

    golden waffles59 minutos atrás


  77. Lilli Cheesman

    Lilli Cheesman59 minutos atrás

    Thank you Eugene for making this video and representing that there is a better life outside of the one I’m living. Thank you for pushing yourself to your breaking point to give people like me hope for an open and caring world. Thank you for touching my heart and bring me to tears while watching this video. Thank you for being yourself.

  78. Dylan Sykes

    Dylan SykesHora atrás

    Ok I know this video is about Eugene but when Zach came sauntering out with his matching sports jacket casually draped over his shoulder my heart swelled at the glow up moment.

  79. Raylene Calderon

    Raylene CalderonHora atrás

    Whoa he’s gay? I’m at shock.... I really didn’t even know.

  80. Peachy Pineapple

    Peachy PineappleHora atrás

    In the orange scene if Eugene was dressed in all orange and his hair was blonde he could’ve looked like a super sane or like Naruto.

  81. thatquirkyredhead

    thatquirkyredheadHora atrás


  82. Amy Leigh

    Amy LeighHora atrás

    So happy for the love and support that the fellow TryGuys are giving Eugene. 💕

  83. Denae Roebuck

    Denae RoebuckHora atrás

    The ppl whom disliked this are homophobic . to those ppl: WHY CLICK ON THIS VIDEO IF ALL YOU GONNA DO IS HATE

  84. harley Queen

    harley QueenHora atrás

    you be you boo!!!!no one can change you!!!!you are beautiful!!!! im so proud of you eugene!!!! thank you for being an inspiration!!!!

  85. Shruti Yeravadekar

    Shruti YeravadekarHora atrás

    So proud ❤️

  86. Dj El-amin

    Dj El-aminHora atrás

    Do you booboo

  87. poison and shite

    poison and shiteHora atrás

    Why is BRreporter promoting non stop gay garbage?

  88. Åñdrømëdæ

    Åñdrømëdæ57 minutos atrás

    Because it's Pride month.

  89. Robo Studios

    Robo StudiosHora atrás

    It makes me sad I keep seeing comments and replies that say “being gay is a disgrace to humanity, bring these people to a padded cell immediately.” I don’t care if the Bible says “it’s wrong to be gay” it’s just wrong. Imagine being hated and getting death threats just because your different. I hate when people don’t think about how others feel sometimes. Some people kill them selves because they get hated on for something. Just stop it. Just let people be who they are.

  90. Ydolem Geige

    Ydolem GeigeHora atrás

    Eugene: ‘and Dad...that involves a crane’ Ned: ‘ Son, you’re gonna have two cranes’ 😂😂😂

  91. I'm what you call swagger

    I'm what you call swaggerHora atrás

    It’s been forever since I’ve seen buzzfeed. Btw check my channel out and sub if you want 😎

  92. poop poop

    poop poopHora atrás

    Going through the comments and seeing all of the homophobic comments just wants me to throw up 🤢

  93. sophi t

    sophi tHora atrás

    i love him sm and have sm respect for him

  94. Allen Redding Jr

    Allen Redding JrHora atrás

    I thought he was all ways gay

  95. Julie Vankirk

    Julie VankirkHora atrás

    Fuck all gays

  96. Åñdrømëdæ

    Åñdrømëdæ56 minutos atrás

    Fuck all homophobes.

  97. Hanna Patricia Abigail Suva

    Hanna Patricia Abigail SuvaHora atrás

    Love, I am so proud of you. This tugged my heart in many ways that I found myself crying because of how you talked about your struggles being an asian and part of the LGBTQ community because I relate to those feelings. Ever since the start of Try Guys, you have been my most favorite person because of how much of a strong person you are and now that you have brought down those walls, I admired you a whole lot more. Thank you for this. It gave me comfort and helped me with all this emotions that I was holding inside of me.

  98. Derrick Humphrey

    Derrick HumphreyHora atrás

    Gay means happy

  99. Tay Weeks

    Tay WeeksHora atrás

    This is inspiring. All sappy shit aside, Eugene really turned his passion for video making into one of the most moving videos I've ever seen in recent years. I was confused by it at first, but overextended thought, I think I have begun to understand the deeper themes behind your video besides the obvious message of your coming out. I really think you've created something that could cement who you are and what your legacy will be. And I'm glad I got to see. I pray that you keep the content up, and I pray that all who have seen your video were moved by it the I was. Thank-you Eugene.

  100. Christina Dial

    Christina DialHora atrás

    I am proud of all of you who participated and really put the work and support into this beautiful piece of artwork. Eugene I am so proud of you I am inspired by the things you do and the beautiful person you are inside and out. Thank you for making this world a better place to live in. In the future I hope the whole world could just be love and no hate were not there yet but eventually we will be with people like you who are accept people for just being that people.

  101. Po Lani

    Po LaniHora atrás

    Love you.

  102. Kupido Nitsuga

    Kupido NitsugaHora atrás

    I had a good cry watching this.

  103. Hannah S

    Hannah SHora atrás

    I thought the video was beautiful when I first watched it, but it's so much more stunning knowing all the layers of meaning behind it. Such a poignant piece of art.