Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)


  1. khandkhorethe1st

    khandkhorethe1st17 horas atrás

    Came over from Shane's channel. Just finished watching his collab with you and I'm glad you've opened up. Just keep it real and I'm sure you'll succeed. Growth is good and can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. Lisa Goff

    Lisa Goff23 horas atrás

    Girl I've been subscribed thanks to my ten year old daughter then I fell in love with your personality and quirkiness. Just be you. Show us who you are and be proud of what you made of yourself. Never be afraid to hide the real you. My baby loves you and her mom does too. Remember you're inspiring young people who want to follow in YOUR footsteps! Keep that dream alive for them...and you xxxx

  3. Danni 101

    Danni 101Dia atrás

    I’ve watched your channel for 8 years and I still love it!!!! Your a real person and your such a kind soul. X

  4. cleg78

    cleg782 dias atrás

    Shane you did good and helped Bunny find herself again, I watched loads of her videos for such a long time but like I said on another of Bunny’s videos I disappeared as things were to same old same old but now YAAAAAAAAY Bunny is back and with a great big bang and in the best possible way. Loving your real you videos and seeing you for you. Keep this going, don’t look back. More videos of your own products, more videos of paranormal stuff and just more of going in the direction that you are. Loving the new stuff so so much

  5. paperjam lover

    paperjam lover3 dias atrás

    Im so happy you are getting all your fans back I cried because im soo happy for you bunny love your vids

  6. bnj8806

    bnj88064 dias atrás

    I know I’m late to the party, but my goodness...I wish I could talk to you. I’ve had the worst 13mos ever and need someone to talk to that understands ♥️

  7. bnj8806

    bnj88064 dias atrás

    I love this. I need this ♥️😭♥️

  8. Nessa Andi

    Nessa Andi4 dias atrás

    Awe Bunny you are so strong and amazing!!!!

  9. Patchwork Paradox

    Patchwork Paradox8 dias atrás

    U rock bunny !!!

  10. 67debdeb

    67debdeb8 dias atrás

    Don’t think of reinventing yourself bunny.. it’s just the next chapter. Life is funny like that. Everyone likes bunny the way she is.

  11. Donna Hansen

    Donna Hansen8 dias atrás

    Love you so much. Worried and Scared for you. You need to get some help, someone that can help your depression. Everyone here that watches your videos want you to be bright and bubbly again. We all love you and want you to be happy.

  12. Aleah Keske

    Aleah Keske9 dias atrás

    We love you bunny!

  13. sherri makin

    sherri makin9 dias atrás

    Bunny you are amazing. Keep being you ya beautiful and amazing girl 💕

  14. kenzie’s fansigns and slimes

    kenzie’s fansigns and slimes11 dias atrás

    i haven’t left yet and i don’t plan on it. i’ve been here since 2013, it’s been great.

  15. Lihi Admon

    Lihi Admon12 dias atrás

    Bunny you are the bravest girl in the world

  16. Brianna Webber

    Brianna Webber14 dias atrás

    Girl you chose the right T Shirt to wear for this new you =) Love yourself

  17. Marie Anderson

    Marie Anderson17 dias atrás

    Bunny keep ur head up. I love watching both of it channels and I love ur style . I would love for u to do my makeup and to meet u.

  18. Shanizzle

    Shanizzle17 dias atrás

    I love you so much even this video made me cry I have social anxiety and depression I legit love you know

  19. Bobby Yonker

    Bobby Yonker18 dias atrás

    Another new subscriber. I love you being real and open. Also, you are SOOOO intelligent and it really shows when you drop all pretenses and speak candidly with your audience. 🥰

  20. Hannah Walker

    Hannah Walker18 dias atrás

    I have never subscribed to anyone and for the simple fact of I dont want to support anyone that is not in this for the right reasons....I have watched so many of your videos but it all seemed so extra but entertaining and after your series with Shane it opened my eyes to who you are and how I can relate....By making this change you aren't just entertaining people you are helping them in a way to understand that it isnt just them....keep being you...and I'm subscribed for good...ps I used to keep dead butterflies in a heart shaped jar by my bed 💗 weird is relatable

  21. Danielle Baugus

    Danielle Baugus19 dias atrás

    Bunny , you are so inspirational !!!!!!!

  22. jimin is my bais:3

    jimin is my bais:319 dias atrás

    I subcribe to you!!!! (Am late i know)

  23. madison callahan

    madison callahan19 dias atrás

    Sis the ones who really care will stay we love you

  24. Kirsty Mabbott

    Kirsty Mabbott20 dias atrás

    I’ve only been a member of the swamp family for a short while but I love watching and find that your videos help me decompress before bed so I can sleep

  25. Aria OwO

    Aria OwO20 dias atrás


  26. Ally Chance

    Ally Chance21 dia atrás

    I'm back girl I'm so sorry I hurt you like that! Ive been so busy over the past 4 year's, I've honestly missed you so much! Forgive me, love you Bunny! 😘💯

  27. mackenzie elisara

    mackenzie elisara22 dias atrás

    We love you bunny!!!!

  28. Karen Speer

    Karen Speer22 dias atrás

    Here from Shane’s channel and I love you. I never knew about you but now I’ve found you and ima watch ya all the time. Your beautiful inside and out. I wish you the best ❤️

  29. Isabelle Walker

    Isabelle Walker24 dias atrás

    Hii bunny, im here from Shanes channel and i am just so happy that you are becoming the real you and i cant wait to explore your channel and watch your amazing videos 💞 Edit: when you dried your tears with a beauty blender 👌 iconic

  30. Cecilia Pina

    Cecilia Pina26 dias atrás

    We love the Real you ❤️❤️

  31. Taylor Bruce

    Taylor Bruce27 dias atrás

    oh my god what. a. QUEEN. using a beauty blender as a tissue. DEAD.

  32. Aly’s Life

    Aly’s Life27 dias atrás

    I'm not good with words, but I love the real you and love the effort you put forward

  33. PrettyPrincessGamer

    PrettyPrincessGamer28 dias atrás

    I'm here for the real you. Just subscribed.

  34. Ale Alahu

    Ale AlahuMês atrás

    You're my favorite youtuber ever😭 I really really miss you soooo much! And I love you so much💕

  35. Sidsel Overgaard

    Sidsel OvergaardMês atrás

    Well done Girl ❤️ it is not easy to be yourself when you always have to be on, when you are to scared to show yourself because if you do people will just leave. But we love you, we will never leave because you are yourself ❤️ We will stay because you are you !

  36. Jeye Lin Lotus

    Jeye Lin LotusMês atrás

    Bunny you are just SOOO FRICKIN COOL. You are getting real being real with YOU and loving openly unconditionally. You go GODDESS go!✊🐰💖 you are a friend in my head lol and Im sending so much love and support your way. Been here since the dawn of the Swamp Fam 🐲 (I dont have a gator emoji 😔)

  37. Simply Beautiful On a Budget

    Simply Beautiful On a BudgetMês atrás

    Love when you're being yourself hun don't ever feel unworthy we need you like you need us. I suffer from bipolar depression and have high anxiety, so I can understand. So glad Shane did his series with you and I'm glad to be back love ya chick.

  38. jerelyn scott

    jerelyn scottMês atrás

    I know exactly what you mean about the health scare and being frustrated that you can't do what you used to do. I lost EVERYTHING just 90 days ago due to a health issue. The depression that comes with it is the worst thing in the world.

  39. Diana Macias

    Diana MaciasMês atrás

    I love your unboxing vid

  40. tubapanda

    tubapandaMês atrás

    I never unsubscribed, but I will be honest: I did stop watching for a good while - at least several years. And it was sad, because I felt like I had lost a connection to you, as dorky and weird as that sounds. Right now, I'm so glad you're back. It feels like I've been reunited with a long lost friend. Thank you for being brave, Bunny. And thank you for being you. We love you.

  41. Kristi Carr

    Kristi CarrMês atrás

    I love you Bunny!! I have been watching you for years and will never stop

  42. Jordan Frye

    Jordan FryeMês atrás

    i think everyone needs to subscribe to Bunny ❤️❤️😘

  43. robloxiangirl

    robloxiangirlMês atrás

    You have a new sub :) luv u

  44. sanie9

    sanie9Mês atrás

    I would love to see some video's about your extraordinary items. I loved to see all those crazy items you showed in Shane's video :D I subbed for the first time 'cause I love your crazy and incredible personality! Lots of love from the Netherlands

  45. Ethan Christie

    Ethan ChristieMês atrás

    I am so happy you are being you again. I have seen alot of videos of you and u did get less you. And became just a stressed you. Now you are you again. I am happy and my heart is glad you are grav3yard girl again. I love you. Welcome back :)

  46. Cubcub & Me

    Cubcub & MeMês atrás

    Girl next time be nicer to Garret

  47. Sarina Davila

    Sarina DavilaMês atrás

    hi I'm new to your channel and I absolutely love it

  48. Regina Dickson

    Regina DicksonMês atrás

    Graveyard Girl and Graveyard Girl 2.0 are just other parts of the same Bunny! You know what DOES upset me about this video?? That you FELT THAT YOU HAD TO MAKE IT in the first place. You’re Golden Gator-dont give toxic people your power...it only hurts YOU in the end. I’ll walk with you if you let me....you’re smart, creative, funny, loud, silly, giving, helpful...the list inexhaustible....breathe deep...it’s ok....

  49. Regina Dickson

    Regina DicksonMês atrás

    The BEST IS YET TO COME DEAR LADY!!! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow’s not here so just enjoy your present...you appeal to me because you are who you are-I’ve never felt you were ‘fake’ but you having let us walk your path with you. And that my dear Bunny keeps your karma as a positive flow...people are fickle and loyalty is not a large part of society as it was in days past. Just to return the favor I shall lay myself bare....I am basically a bed bound handicapped woman of 51 whose husband has been passed on two years as of the middle of November but people like you, or Shane or even the Try Guys give so much more to your friends on here. I actually believe true friendships can/do form when we lay ourself bare because that’s when you find out whose going to support you, listen to you, HEAR YOU!! ❤️🌸🐊🌸❤️ You are many faceted- enjoy ALL of them because the sum of you is made up of all those facets...peace✌️

  50. Lexi Murrant

    Lexi MurrantMês atrás

    need a closet tour or shoe haul for sure! xx