Why Spam Calls Are At An All-Time High


  1. Shiva G

    Shiva G7 horas atrás

    How can I whitelist a few numbers with the US carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T & T-Mobile? So those numbers can't be flagged as a "Spam likely"! Can anyone share the instructions, how doing it, please?!

  2. sevtecsev

    sevtecsev7 horas atrás


  3. B N

    B N8 horas atrás

    They call you and you answer and follow through. Shows how stupid the population is. Why would you receive a call and give out your ssn or any detail about you is beyond idiotic. So yeah, if I was a scammer I’ll continue calling.

  4. Clayton Barfield

    Clayton Barfield8 horas atrás

    I read them John 3:16 and message them back Christian tracts....a friend from church sings Amazing Grace to them.

  5. bl

    bl8 horas atrás

    simple, if not a contact don't pick up, if it's important they will leave a voice mail,

  6. Julie Enslow

    Julie Enslow8 horas atrás

    Thank you. I used to love it when I got a call about my credit cards, car warranty or student loan debts. I have no credit cards, my car is very old so no warranty and I never had a student loan. This video tells me I should not even tell them to take me off their list - as it is almost certainly an illegal robocall - by talking to them (and telling them nothing they can hurt me with - I thought - except I just proved it was an active number) just gets my number sold to other robocallers. So just refuse the call then block the number.

  7. mick mccrory

    mick mccrory9 horas atrás

    Just keep saying "Yes" every time they ask a question. After a few minutes, they will figure out you are f**king with them.

  8. Ross’Endgoal-ToWorkatDisney

    Ross’Endgoal-ToWorkatDisney9 horas atrás

    I keep getting a Chinese voice scam and I have no idea what it's saying. I keep blocking the number and they have like 427 other numbers to call from and they do.

  9. Sammy Storm

    Sammy Storm10 horas atrás

    Still there charging $299 a month? come on why can't they do it for less or for free

  10. Nora Qudus

    Nora Qudus11 horas atrás

    yes charge us for our own protection that is itself a rip off

  11. Ibri Obeyah

    Ibri Obeyah16 horas atrás

    If it's not my wife calling then I ignore it.

  12. Marty McFLY 1985

    Marty McFLY 198517 horas atrás

    People been FORCED into having Landline if they want broadband even though 90% of people who have landlines DON'T WANT THEM as everyone has mobile phones these days totally making need for a landline phone pointless Only calls I ever get on landline are scam calls permanently Landline are a Victorian piece of technology that's been replaced 30 years ago when mobile phones came cheaper in the 1990s Broadband yes in 2019 landline telephone NO in 2019 When cars was invented were people told you must keep your Horse and Cart as well NO So why is this happening with landline telephones Broadband is the car Landline telephone is the Horse and Cart

  13. Michael Tatham

    Michael Tatham22 horas atrás

    DNC list enforced my ass! I’ve complained thousands of times and still get the calls!

  14. Nerdbrain

    NerdbrainDia atrás

    only boomers answer their phone lol

  15. Michael Klos

    Michael KlosDia atrás

    Scams, the phone companies are involved... Time to hold the phone companies accountable...

  16. haley

    haleyDia atrás

    because our phone companies sell our info to these scam companies and then make apps that "block the robo calls" so we buy the app and they make tripple the money off us.

  17. haley

    haleyDia atrás

    oh damn lmao i wasn't expecting them to agree with me

  18. Mekk Mekk

    Mekk MekkDia atrás

    I had text and calls I had to switch my damn carrier!!!!!!!

  19. D C

    D CDia atrás


  20. bret hart

    bret hartDia atrás

    The moment my phone rings and it says spam I sweep the hang up button

  21. Sal

    SalDia atrás

    Having a business it makes it really hard to answer my phone its ridiculous!

  22. Mcbubblenuggets

    McbubblenuggetsDia atrás

    Got a scam call that I got a free furnace

  23. Brandy M

    Brandy MDia atrás

    I'm calling about your extended warranty....my extended warranty has been almost running out for 12 months

  24. Brandy M

    Brandy MDia atrás

    They keep clogging up my voicemail! They need to STOP!

  25. Jeremy Holovacs

    Jeremy Holovacs2 dias atrás

    Why are these just fines? Can't we give these a-holes the death penalty?

  26. steven herrold

    steven herrold2 dias atrás

    I KEEP HEARING THE GOVERNMENT IS CRACKING DOWN ON THESE THIEVES BUT THE CALLS KEEP COMING i wonder how these people sleep at night knowing they stealing some elderly person life savings

  27. steven herrold

    steven herrold2 dias atrás

    another scam that is not mentioned hear they send you a post card in the mail it says that they are going to give you a $1000 gift card from walmart or target but you have to pay a $495 processing fee i have gotten so many of those cards if i responded and if was true i would have more then $30.000 by now wall mart says they NOT involved in that SO ITS A SCAM

  28. Wesley Markham

    Wesley Markham2 dias atrás

    I got 7 today so far

  29. Chelsea Abigail

    Chelsea Abigail2 dias atrás

    I got a phone call that said “China main land” so I didn’t pick up. they left me a voicemail (didn’t understand anything) this is happening daily now..

  30. Brian K

    Brian K2 dias atrás

    With our crappy educational system, it's a wonder it's not more Americans getting scammed.

  31. luckycordel

    luckycordel2 dias atrás

    What can they do when the calls come from other countries? India! I get 6 to 10 calls a day. Never on the weekends though. I just hit the F.U. button. Sorry for all the legit calls not getting answered, Blame the scammers!

  32. Patricia Chicco

    Patricia Chicco2 dias atrás

    Calling about the virus you got on your computer. That’s funny because Im not even home. Lol omg the irs is after me, that’s funny because I don’t work lol

  33. Ray G

    Ray G2 dias atrás

    on 'yt' type phrases like 'tech support scam' , or 'google play card scam', or 'irs scam' to see how some of these work, and what to expect when these liars start calling

  34. Deej L

    Deej L2 dias atrás

    Now theres a joke that Boomer’s can get behind that actually has stats!

  35. Norman Perez

    Norman Perez2 dias atrás

    The U.S. Government should put a stop to this!, costing us tax payers billions!

  36. Bryant P

    Bryant P2 dias atrás

    I keep getting the call “your social security number has been compromised”

  37. Mihika Bangarbale

    Mihika Bangarbale2 dias atrás

    when i was little someone spoofed my house number and called my house

  38. euphoria

    euphoria2 dias atrás

    seriously why I use fake phone numbers online.

  39. James M. Horak

    James M. Horak2 dias atrás

    They always come in during normal business hours. Rarely do I get these calls at night or on weekends or holidays.

  40. James M. Horak

    James M. Horak2 dias atrás

    This is the Chinese consulate in the USA calling you about an unopened document. From a Houston Texas number. Houston TX area code.

  41. Kevin VanEmmerik

    Kevin VanEmmerik3 dias atrás

    I actually got spoofed by my own phone number. I was so confused haha

  42. Miami

    Miami3 dias atrás

    Cancel your "provider" and get a burner for phone calls.