1. Zayne Meowzner

    Zayne MeowznerDia atrás

    For me I never use dating apps, you just don’t know enough about that person in my opinion and there’s barely anything to go off of when starting a conversation. I only ever meet people in real life because I’m more likely to share similar interests because of where I meet them.

  2. Czarina Espiritu

    Czarina Espiritu4 dias atrás


  3. Liz Donguines

    Liz Donguines7 dias atrás

    thanks guys :

  4. Builder101's Loopy Life

    Builder101's Loopy Life9 dias atrás

    10:00 minutes in and I just now realized the dog behind Shayne

  5. Case Pease

    Case Pease9 dias atrás

    Says curb theme *Non copyright music plays instead of curb ... *Curb theme plays

  6. Gacha Wolfy

    Gacha Wolfy10 dias atrás

    this wanst on any dating apps (im underage) i was on snap and someone sent me something i opend it and it was a dingle wingle i deleted everything i saw unfriended and blocked him account

  7. It'sCooking Time

    It'sCooking Time10 dias atrás

    Hey guys and girls this video is to give us tips on how to start dating Courtney or Shayne. But remember theirs still single gang here who ever wants to join me.

  8. Jishnu Hari

    Jishnu Hari10 dias atrás

    Smash pit is doing better than smosh

  9. 1Bigbirdgaming

    1Bigbirdgaming11 dias atrás

    Idk how you guys are single, I’d rather be with someone that can make me laugh than any other thing

  10. Chloe Ballard

    Chloe Ballard11 dias atrás

    MAYBE just MAYBE you guys should .......... just be friends

  11. IsaiahPlaysMC

    IsaiahPlaysMC12 dias atrás

    Honestly, I'm glad I came across this video tonight. I was actually just talking to one of my friends about how I need to stop dating for a while and try to figure myself out. This video cemented that thought. I need to find things that I enjoy (I have a few already) and, if someone comes by and stuff happens, then it happens. I'm gonna go ahead and delete my tinder now. Thanks, Smosh, for being my favorite channel on BRreporter

  12. Alyssa Clark

    Alyssa Clark12 dias atrás

    So on a serious note my bio for a dating app was something about my love of dad jokes or puns. So when people first started messaging me it was a lot of give me your best dad jokes. So I learned a lot of puns and I loved it.

  13. Nolan Hess

    Nolan Hess12 dias atrás

    Ok. I didnt know that someone was like me as much as shayne. I relate to him on everything 😂 • My tinder profile bio was actually: 'I'm just looking for a date to the state fair or taco bell" not proud of it😂 my Instagram btw is nolan_hess_16. ;)

  14. Gigatless

    Gigatless13 dias atrás

    Not sure why they keep putting that goldfish into the vids lol she never even went on a date

  15. Joshua Paterson

    Joshua Paterson13 dias atrás

    B1G 61CK 3N3RGY

  16. savannah wolff

    savannah wolff15 dias atrás

    Why is everyone shipping them? if they wanted to date each other they would, leave them alone

  17. Liljan Nilsson

    Liljan Nilsson15 dias atrás

    4:28 look at how shayne looks at courtney Aaaawww

  18. Natalie Feder

    Natalie Feder15 dias atrás

    Still don’t understand how girls aren’t all over Shayne....

  19. Callum Pretorius

    Callum Pretorius16 dias atrás

    Ive watched this video twice and only realized that courtney is left handed or left and right handed

  20. robert Lewis

    robert Lewis16 dias atrás


  21. Brooke McFadden

    Brooke McFadden16 dias atrás

    Did anyone else notice the way Courtney and Shayne were staring at each other?? I ship them so hard and I hope they end up together

  22. Doc Roid

    Doc Roid18 dias atrás


  23. Xilibreak

    Xilibreak18 dias atrás

    Ok but shark suit dabbing, FREEDOM!

  24. Rennaaa

    Rennaaa19 dias atrás

    This video is so full of truth. Dating apps can be such a negative influence on some people.

  25. Jacqueline Romain

    Jacqueline Romain19 dias atrás

    Tbh i think they are dating

  26. Encontrol

    Encontrol19 dias atrás

    They definitely look like they should be a couple lol

  27. Miles Campbell

    Miles Campbell21 dia atrás

    These two could take turns pegging 🤣

  28. Miss Hollenbeck

    Miss Hollenbeck21 dia atrás

    me toooooooooo

  29. Zubair NMW

    Zubair NMW22 dias atrás

    This is my favorite Smosh video! I loved seeing more of Shayne and Courtneys perspectives and growth throughout their experiences.

  30. Ace Blaxkout

    Ace Blaxkout22 dias atrás

    Loved how deep and personal u guys went with this, wasn't expecting it and really helped me a lot. Hope the rest of the cast gets involved in videos like this.

  31. Levy

    Levy23 dias atrás


  32. LoLa LoVe•TinyDancer

    LoLa LoVe•TinyDancer23 dias atrás

    You two need to date each other!

  33. Miss Hollenbeck

    Miss Hollenbeck21 dia atrás

    yess NOW

  34. gabriel estrella

    gabriel estrella24 dias atrás

    Wow, you guys are bad at this...lol

  35. gabriel estrella

    gabriel estrella17 horas atrás

    @Miss Hollenbeck what? 😂

  36. Miss Hollenbeck

    Miss Hollenbeck21 dia atrás


  37. Kevin Cagle

    Kevin Cagle24 dias atrás

    The way that shayne was looking at courtney when she was talking about validation he looked like he was falling for her. To me atleast

  38. Samantha Zenewicz

    Samantha Zenewicz26 dias atrás

    Are you guys dateing

  39. Miss Hollenbeck

    Miss Hollenbeck21 dia atrás


  40. clay jbustet Raynor

    clay jbustet Raynor26 dias atrás

    I ship them

  41. Waylon Johnson

    Waylon Johnson29 dias atrás

    Me wathing this as a 2 year old :wait what?

  42. Anelia Mihaylova

    Anelia MihaylovaMês atrás

    You guys talking about dating but I honestly think you and Courtney Shane should be together you guys look so cute together honestly like what this comment if you agree

  43. rain cerelle

    rain cerelleMês atrás

    Smosh shippers be like; Shayne and Courtney should date each other

  44. Mr McBubblez

    Mr McBubblezMês atrás

    I've had tinder for a while (5years) and nothing happened...after awhile I got bored so I changed my pictures to a bunch of creepy photo bomb pictures of me and my bio to 'usually referred to as hey you behind those bushes'

  45. Aljaž Jesen

    Aljaž JesenMês atrás

    the thing is they over complicate everything and make it awkward AF

  46. Fancy Pants

    Fancy PantsMês atrás

    I think the producers are trying to get them together

  47. Fancy Pants

    Fancy PantsMês atrás

    16:01 I imagine that’s Shayne asking Courtney to lunch... they are cute

  48. Calex Productions

    Calex ProductionsMês atrás

    Courtney: “I was very interested in dating some in my field with film etc” As if shayne wouldn’t be a good fit for you 🙄 They’d be soooo cuteeee

  49. lost person

    lost personMês atrás

    glad that I'm not the only one that feels awkward or bad about not getting matches.

  50. Daisy C.

    Daisy C.Mês atrás

    just date each other already

  51. Livid-Aria

    Livid-AriaMês atrás

    6:27 Courtney: r/notliketheothergirls

  52. Kai wagner

    Kai wagnerMês atrás

    I was on okcupid and talking to a person and they asked what I do for work and I told them I was a security guard at a specific site, I know stupid now ugg. But yeah this person stalked me at work.

  53. Courtney Simpson

    Courtney SimpsonMês atrás

    I met my fiancé on tinder 😂

  54. linn h

    linn hMês atrás

    Sounds weird because they're bestfriends but they also would be a perfect match in my eyes.

  55. Samantha Sartelle

    Samantha SartelleMês atrás

    I went on a date with a guy u had been talking to for about a month on bumblebee and when I told him I wasnt really interested he messaged all of my guy friends on Facebook to ask "how to deal with me"

  56. aika mauton

    aika mautonMês atrás

    shayne and courtney should date

  57. BikeRyder13

    BikeRyder13Mês atrás


  58. aiden morrell

    aiden morrellMês atrás




    Does anybody else ship Shane and cortney

  60. Gray-Mae Gucci

    Gray-Mae GucciMês atrás

    I ship

  61. paige eck

    paige eckMês atrás

    Is it just me or does it look like Shayne doesn’t have pupils in his profile picture

  62. Firefairy Gaming

    Firefairy GamingMês atrás

    I was supposed to meet a guy from an app, but I had a family emergency.... and I told him about it... his next response was “ when you have my baby’s you won’t have to worry about your family” and I ghosted his ass HARD!

  63. Dazzling Dynamite

    Dazzling DynamiteMês atrás

    It's amazing how Shayne can get so deep, down-to-earth, and true... And how he recognised his toxic behavior... I appreciate it a lot...👏👏👏 Proud of you man... Proud. Of. You.

  64. Jessie Walker

    Jessie WalkerMês atrás

    You guys would be a cute couple!!