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  1. one three

    one three3 horas atrás

    hollywoods getting too pc for me im out

  2. Cukito4

    Cukito43 horas atrás

    That's right. They don't have balls. Never had, never will.

  3. Wild Milkman

    Wild Milkman4 horas atrás

    This is how you do a all female heist movie. Not some bullshit that panders to feminist propaganda.

  4. Patricia

    Patricia8 horas atrás

    Lol, but we know you got the balls...

  5. Sarah Baker

    Sarah Baker8 horas atrás

    Annelise and these white men haha

  6. John Doe

    John Doe10 horas atrás


  7. biggaknox718

    biggaknox71814 horas atrás

    This Cast!!!

  8. Alkin erce

    Alkin erce16 horas atrás

    Another feministic flop of a film

  9. ruben garcia

    ruben garciaDia atrás

    Looks cool

  10. Preston Lions FC

    Preston Lions FCDia atrás

    the only thing i know what will happen in this movie Liam Nesson, Jon Bernathal, rest of male actors will be killed off this movie, i haven't seen this movie it explains it on trailer if their husbands aren't coming back then that means those male actors won't be in it as much. shameful wasting great talented actors in this movie :/

  11. Søren Christensen

    Søren ChristensenDia atrás

    Just vomited in my mouth.. a big pass for me :D

  12. Hvaddafuck4

    Hvaddafuck4Hora atrás

    Søren Christensen hold kæft

  13. Charlene Warren

    Charlene WarrenDia atrás

    I may watch this, but would also like to see the original English version.

  14. single dad kickin fat pig's to the kerb

    single dad kickin fat pig's to the kerbDia atrás

    After 30, women are basically useless. No man wants a old wall hitter. Enjoy your cats and anti depression pills.

  15. Amir Nadeem

    Amir NadeemDia atrás

    Dose anyone know the age restriction on this movie

  16. YaroTechPro

    YaroTechProDia atrás

    Daniel ohhhh NICE !!!!

  17. YaroTechPro

    YaroTechProDia atrás

    Wait wait !!!!!!!!!! I need see it ohhhh :( Epic !!!!

  18. jack flash

    jack flashDia atrás

    Yeah now go make me a sandwich.

  19. Potato muncher

    Potato muncherDia atrás

    Finally not a sequel to an all male cast where they change the whole cast to females. This is what I’m saying it’s not that they are females but you straight up can’t change the whole cast of a movie and expect it to work. This movie shows promise

  20. Mindy Dingle

    Mindy DingleDia atrás

    For the rest of the world this is a film for a rubbish English tv mini series in 1980s . Main character was Dolly Rawlins and she was white and infertile so was the mother figure for the other women. It's EXACTLY THE SAME STORY BUT OBVIOUSLY MORE DRAGGED ON AND BORING THAN THE 8/9 part series.

  21. Mindy Dingle

    Mindy DingleDia atrás

    Come on it's the same bollocks from the 80s with anne mitchell from shitennders as Dolly Rawlings . Was crap then it will be crap now

  22. Erich Crowley

    Erich CrowleyDia atrás

    Liam Neeson's wife in this movie, the african woman. Fkn hideous. She uglier than Sarah Jessica Parker

  23. Jason16M

    Jason16MDia atrás

    Film was incredibly average

  24. Steffonya Raines

    Steffonya RainesDia atrás

    This cast is insane. I’m so thirsty to watch this movie it’s a shame

  25. Benjamin Bowman

    Benjamin Bowman2 dias atrás

    If they are going to label all the award winners and nominees, at least get your facts right! Geez! I mean, Liam Neeson was I think the only mistake, as he was an Academy Award Nominee for “Schindler’s List”. But he’s a big A-Lister! Gosh!! PLEASE. GET. YOUR. FACTS. RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  26. Terrence Smalls

    Terrence Smalls2 dias atrás

    I'll be there to watch this on Friday!


    YSRGAMES2 dias atrás

    that whole "balls to pull it off" line was like... ya had me, then ya lost me.. cmon..

  28. arym hansie

    arym hansie2 dias atrás

    Danial Kaluuya is ruthless in this move, not someone to mess around with

  29. arym hansie

    arym hansie2 dias atrás

    Watched this movie today-Viola is AWESOME!! She is a fabulous actor and deserves an academy award for her performance

  30. Captain Diablo

    Captain Diablo2 dias atrás


  31. Itzel Montserrat

    Itzel Montserrat2 dias atrás

    I’m just so happy to finally see Michelle Rodriguez on screen again!!

  32. Lucy Smith

    Lucy Smith2 dias atrás

    Just saw this film today and highly recommend, was not ott was very real and bloody good. Reminded me of the film 'Heat' which i adore. (Not 'The Heat')

  33. juliandinosaur

    juliandinosaur2 dias atrás

    1:58 did they forget that Liam Neeson was an Oscar nominee too?

  34. juju1992ful

    juju1992ful2 dias atrás

    Liam In bed with viola helped my fantasy it’s a beautiful contrast I must say ❤️ love them both

  35. Waldo P. Schmeer

    Waldo P. Schmeer2 dias atrás

    AKA “anything you can do I can do better. I can anything better than you: THE MOVIE”. I can’t wait to see this. I hear there is a suspenseful scene where one of them is making a sandwich and can’t get the mayonnaise jar open sorta quick. Spoiler alert: the villain is an evil white man.

  36. boobieshitthefloor

    boobieshitthefloor2 dias atrás

    Seen ads for this dumb movie too many times so in revenge I am coming to downvote all your videos about it. Hollywood produces nothing but bullshit and crams it full of crap nobody else agrees with

  37. Joe_Daddy_1975

    Joe_Daddy_19752 dias atrás

    This movie is about the final operating system made by Microsoft... Widows

  38. Toni De Cavalcante

    Toni De Cavalcante3 dias atrás

    Set it off 2 looks good

  39. Victoria H

    Victoria H3 dias atrás

    What is the song on the trailer?

  40. Gill Downey

    Gill Downey3 dias atrás

    Seen it last night.. loved it.. what a cast

  41. ElVaquero19

    ElVaquero193 dias atrás

    "It's like an action movie, but with women!" Can't wait to see this flop just like every all-female action flick

  42. The one friend who Isn't original

    The one friend who Isn't original3 dias atrás

    Another remake eh probably going to watch it anyway

  43. zerox505

    zerox5053 dias atrás

    Finally a good movie with great female representation. More of this please.

  44. Roberto Leonardo

    Roberto Leonardo3 dias atrás

    A Steve Mc Queen's film without Fassbender is a Steve Mc Queen's film?

  45. thefabledknight

    thefabledknight3 dias atrás


  46. kidxstream

    kidxstream4 dias atrás

    I am a huge fan of Widows, the original series from the eighties here in the UK. (It was a book,I highly recommend the original series and book. I know the US did a remake mini series or TV movie which was MEH at best as well. I don't know if the film will have the same twists so maybe don't watch the original series or read the book before the film encase anything is spoilt but yeah just some unwanted advice from someone on the internet.) When I first heard about this film I was doubtful because of my nostalgic love for the original, however after this trailer I am all for it! Amazing actors and actresses cast, still has a very real feel like the original. Ann Mitchell will always be Dolly to me but hey if anyone is gonna come close in filling those shoes it's gonna be Viola.

  47. silvercat151

    silvercat1514 dias atrás

    ex-Pat Brit here. I remember the excellent original TV series. It was the first tv series written by Lynda La Plante, who went on to write other such greats as the stellar Prime Suspect series which ran for 15 years and starred Helen Mirren. When Widows hit the tv screens in Britain it was as innovative and as full of impact as Hill Street Blues was when it first aired. I hope the film keeps the spirit of the tv series. It has a lot to live up to.

  48. Laqueta GymstarFitness

    Laqueta GymstarFitness4 dias atrás

    Oh em gee it's PAPERBOI!!

  49. Damiko Ali

    Damiko Ali4 dias atrás

    The better ocean’s 8

  50. SERN

    SERN4 dias atrás

    I guess Liam Neeson was _taken_ away. I'll see myself out.

  51. murat karakuş

    murat karakuş4 dias atrás

    I saw the name of the director, the writer and frikkin Hans Zimmer... I am sold!

  52. koketso letwaba

    koketso letwaba4 dias atrás

    Powerful combination... Viola+Liam💪

  53. Big Man

    Big Man4 dias atrás

    "Nobody thinks we got the balls to pull it off"....i wonder why

  54. kayla babs

    kayla babs4 dias atrás

    I saw this movie and was highly disappointed. There was hardly any action. And the film was overly too long.

  55. Ricardo Mendes

    Ricardo Mendes4 dias atrás

    Film could of been 100 times better it's basically a heist movie which only last 30 mins mattered lol. Disappointed in this movie.

  56. gireipein

    gireipein4 dias atrás

    Looks good, good cast as well.

  57. Luis Dones

    Luis Dones5 dias atrás

    This is like the 2018 version of Set It Off!!.. I'm here for it!!!! 👀👀

  58. ImAbraham

    ImAbraham5 dias atrás

    I can already see this movie maybe huge numbers

  59. v01ce

    v01ce5 dias atrás

    Just saw it. This one might sweep the Oscars next year. What a ride

  60. Tykel Williams

    Tykel Williams5 dias atrás

    Where is roger and Francine(Franny)

  61. RoidWatch

    RoidWatch5 dias atrás

    LOL is this a joke?

  62. Liam De Brun

    Liam De Brun5 dias atrás

    Widows was an amazing film 5/5 Check out my review for more liamdeblogs.blogspot.com/2018/11/widows-review.html

  63. lucy Mejia

    lucy Mejia5 dias atrás

    Its does dam kids trying to pronounce windows again

  64. Eva Figueroa

    Eva Figueroa5 dias atrás

    A must watch!!

  65. Ben Connor

    Ben Connor5 dias atrás

    Can we just be grateful for this cast?! Even paper boi from Atlanta and the my dude from get out !!

  66. BO NES

    BO NES5 dias atrás

    Oh, Please. Ridiculous movie.

  67. Natalinexo

    Natalinexo5 dias atrás


  68. Danielle Watson- Brown

    Danielle Watson- Brown5 dias atrás

    Totally seeing that movie

  69. MajeztyQueen Mom

    MajeztyQueen Mom5 dias atrás

    All I saw was Viola Davis....and that all I needed. I can’t WAIT 😜😄

  70. DarkPrinceMoebius

    DarkPrinceMoebius5 dias atrás

    Oh so this is the Ocean's 8 and Ghostbusters reboot we were looking for.

  71. Dark&Twisted

    Dark&Twisted5 dias atrás

    When Viola finally leads, they give her a white Husband??? nah Hollywood, I'll pass thank you.

  72. Dark&Twisted

    Dark&Twisted4 dias atrás

    +caegb you compositely missed my point brethren, but never mind...

  73. caegb

    caegb5 dias atrás

    Dark&Twisted the director is black. if he doesn’t have a problem....

  74. Robert Dem

    Robert Dem6 dias atrás

    when i found out my bae VIOLA DAVIS has a new movie coming out i FREAKED OUTT 😍😱

  75. Erica Daniel

    Erica Daniel6 dias atrás

    I got to see this, it look like a nail biter.

  76. Cake Crazy

    Cake Crazy6 dias atrás

    Well done to Steve McQueen 👏🏼

  77. Cake Crazy

    Cake Crazy6 dias atrás

    Brilliant film....Not a patch on the original widows!.....Dolly....

  78. kidxstream

    kidxstream4 dias atrás

    Ann Mitchell will forever be Dolly to me. In the reprinting of the book Lynda La Plante actually credits her as the one and only true Dolly. ;;'x

  79. Queensheba - M

    Queensheba - M6 dias atrás

    Great movie

  80. Majeed Master

    Majeed Master6 dias atrás

    It got 96% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes 😲😲😲 this movie is going to break the records!!!

  81. Kim Joana

    Kim Joana6 dias atrás

    🔵 *"Widows"* [2OI8] ᴍᴏᴠɪᴇ: t.co/5YK0e8wr7S Unglaublicher... film!! Sehr.. zu empfehlen.. ..es auszuprobieren!!

  82. Jonathan Browne

    Jonathan Browne6 dias atrás

    What a cast! Going to run to the theatre to see this today!

  83. Ксюша Чумаченко

    Ксюша Чумаченко6 dias atrás

    what's the song's name? Thank you!

  84. Mr me

    Mr me6 dias atrás

    all the twisted legends in one movie

  85. Jj Ross

    Jj Ross6 dias atrás

    More me2 pandering, and black woman bed wenching,and gays and interracial, Hollywood 🕎✡🇮🇱is destroying America, PC got u scared but,not me baby.

  86. Keith Larsuel

    Keith Larsuel6 dias atrás

    Looks great, must see!!!

  87. SeFu2006

    SeFu20067 dias atrás

    Viola Davis kind of scares me

  88. Frederick Wells

    Frederick Wells7 dias atrás

    Send "MRS VIOLA THANG" a message via. BOYCOTT!!! WHY??? Let's not forget her recently ENDORSING AND PROMOTING the SWIRLING of BLACK WOMEN with the WHITE MEN!!!(OFAY!)

  89. Tash's Journey

    Tash's Journey7 dias atrás

    Viola Davis & Michelle Rodriguez... yes!!! Definitely watching!!!

  90. Jesus Ruiz

    Jesus Ruiz7 dias atrás

    Set It Off with a twist?!! Count me all the FFFFFFFFF way in!

  91. Lolalai

    Lolalai7 dias atrás

    Here we go! And Kaluuya is now in the big league, just like that....

  92. Theory Guy

    Theory Guy7 dias atrás

    I dont know why but i love Viola Davis.

  93. Butt Bandit

    Butt Bandit7 dias atrás

    Hell yeah another movie starring disabled people being badass

  94. Susan Njuguna

    Susan Njuguna7 dias atrás

    colin farell...Whop!Whop!

  95. Sherry Brown

    Sherry Brown8 dias atrás

    I have to see Ms. Viola Davis

  96. Tori Leira

    Tori Leira8 dias atrás

    I love Viola Davis!

  97. Hybby z

    Hybby z8 dias atrás

    So after her husband was Taken away from her, she must use her specific set of skills to finish the job.

  98. Ash Doirin

    Ash Doirin8 dias atrás

    Man I really wanna see this movie ❤️

  99. Orlando Cruz

    Orlando Cruz8 dias atrás

    I love movies with chicks with balls.

  100. thewizboy

    thewizboy8 dias atrás

    this is SET IT OFF all over again

  101. Dj Peekay

    Dj Peekay8 dias atrás

    Isn't this the Lynda La Plante Britsh TV series remake?

  102. Casa Tequila SF

    Casa Tequila SF8 dias atrás

    Too bad he is ruined Nina Simone’s music

  103. kamesha jones

    kamesha jones8 dias atrás

    most of the comments are about race and gender why can't it just be a good movie? hell it's a fictional movie some of you really need a life

  104. SIMON Gill

    SIMON Gill8 dias atrás

    This is a remake of an 80s British TV show