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  1. nikos M.

    nikos M.2 dias atrás

    Παίζει και ο ογκουνσοτο? Πως γκενεν αυτό?

  2. Lion of Zion

    Lion of Zion7 dias atrás


  3. Tim Blur

    Tim Blur13 dias atrás

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  4. davred20

    davred2014 dias atrás

    Load of crap why remove the original, s.

  5. hapakule tudame

    hapakule tudame15 dias atrás

    Michelle Rodriguez brought me here

  6. Natural Permanent Makeup

    Natural Permanent Makeup18 dias atrás


  7. roger kle

    roger kle20 dias atrás

    just looking at the cast im not going to watch it..we have the wannabe badass latina women and a all female main characters trying to be portrayed as strong women. nah, tired of that

  8. black jack

    black jack20 dias atrás

    This should have been a series like the original

  9. Cosmic Dust

    Cosmic Dust22 dias atrás

    Someone gonna regret disturbing every Liam’s journeys before.

  10. Hissane

    Hissane23 dias atrás

    Ben Shapiro brought me here. Now I'm going to have to check this one out. Looks pretty good.

  11. Jean-Louis Gosselin

    Jean-Louis Gosselin24 dias atrás

    One of the worst movies in the last 5 years. Utterly ridiculous. Do not spend a penny on watching this crap. Shame for Steve McQueen. I guess not everyone can be Michael Mann...

  12. Infamous Truth

    Infamous Truth25 dias atrás


  13. Santosh Devkota

    Santosh Devkota29 dias atrás

    I love to watch movies bt nowadys i dont have time to watch full movies so i just checked the trailers but this movie make me to cut my busy time..just watched it. N i lop it .wow

  14. 2010Bangie

    2010BangieMês atrás

    Can’t wait to watch this again!

  15. Ashley Field

    Ashley FieldMês atrás

    This how we solve period poverty.

  16. Luis Sanchez

    Luis SanchezMês atrás

    Reminds me of set it off

  17. certainly joel

    certainly joelMês atrás

    The soundtrack is buff

  18. Lord Debrick

    Lord DebrickMês atrás

    Just watched it... And thought it was pretty good actually :-)

  19. Carr Rexx

    Carr RexxMês atrás

    OK spoiler alert. This movie is way cool until one of the widows is a 12ft blonde giraffe. Oh ya, she blends in. Do I have to experience every human abnormality in my private home to feel absolved of sin? No! In my home fat people are lazy, black people are funny and whites make the best movies. Everyone knows the rules. Sorry proof me wrong.

  20. DumbFoundDead x

    DumbFoundDead xMês atrás

    I want to watch this but just seeing liam is turning me off.

  21. Rubbishyoutuber

    RubbishyoutuberMês atrás

    Viola Davis rules!

  22. Bautista Incardona

    Bautista IncardonaMês atrás

    This gonna be epic, Hans Zimmer colaborate here!!

  23. T K

    T KMês atrás

    Top actresses good casting good story really enjoyed it ..actually it's good to see how the table have turned on Liam lol

  24. David Kürzinger

    David KürzingerMês atrás

    Fox News

  25. Ryan Maharaj

    Ryan MaharajMês atrás


  26. Pink Guy

    Pink GuyMês atrás

    When gold diggers dont get a penny

  27. Sin Abruptly db

    Sin Abruptly dbMês atrás

    Extremely good movie. If you're looking at this trailer deciding if it's worth the watch, do it

  28. naveed ullah

    naveed ullahMês atrás

    Totally love it...

  29. somali Bilow

    somali BilowMês atrás

    woman has balls really

  30. Arrested Lycian Development

    Arrested Lycian DevelopmentMês atrás

    More liberal brainwashing propaganda garbage! White men are not attracted to black women! Quit pushing this disgusting agenda!

  31. Ylli Berishaj

    Ylli BerishajMês atrás

    Where’s Platt

  32. Ferenc H.

    Ferenc H.Mês atrás

    Very good movie. With surprising turns. Every actor made professional shaping. Michelle Rodriguez is fantastic.

  33. Pit&Bak

    Pit&BakMês atrás

    The worst film with Liam Neeson I have ever seen.

  34. AdrianManzo

    AdrianManzoMês atrás

    wasnt expecting that from steve Mcqueen.... but looks nice

  35. FunkyDoolittle

    FunkyDoolittleMês atrás

    thought Liam doesnt like black people

  36. nfcat1

    nfcat1Mês atrás

    Didn't enjoy it that much. From the comments here and the trailer, I was expecting this movie to be at least good.... But was slow, predictable and a story that we've seen many times. I give it 4/10

  37. Pit&Bak

    Pit&BakMês atrás

    4/10 ...if that from me. It's a rubbish film.

  38. F dL

    F dL2 meses atrás

    I agree with most of the critics. Very good film. Viola Davis was nominated for a BAFTA award for this.

  39. Charles Dawkins

    Charles Dawkins2 meses atrás

    Set it off 2😑

  40. Derrick Parker

    Derrick Parker2 meses atrás

    Why tf an I just now seeing this trailer

  41. Prophet

    Prophet2 meses atrás

    Set It Off 2

  42. petros rantou

    petros rantou2 meses atrás

    Wtf is dis shaize ? Dear Hollywood stop propagate feminism ,women they are weak from all points of view,scaried of a small bug , also soft bones except that they have strong lips and jaws,few are gifted with long throats ,thats why i love them 😘😘😘

  43. WorldWide Roamers

    WorldWide Roamers2 meses atrás

    Trailer >>>>> actual movie ..disapointement

  44. really?

    really?2 meses atrás

    Worth to watch?

  45. Roberto Lerma

    Roberto Lerma2 meses atrás

    I loved Viola Davis performance in this movie her form of acting in this movie made me love her even more. She never fails to at her roles ever

  46. Brian C.

    Brian C.2 meses atrás

    What "Oceans 8" should've been.Not that cheesy,predictable throw up of a movie.

  47. wally19

    wally192 meses atrás

    dont waste your time... boring movie, a 80% intro, 10% finish, 10% credits.

  48. kmorris9098

    kmorris90982 meses atrás

    This movie was hot garbage. Wasted a red box rental on this one. Thank God we didn't spend $30 to see in theaters. Pacing was way off. Just waited for 2 hours for it to get started, never happened.

  49. Oxidizing Hazard

    Oxidizing Hazard2 meses atrás

    Most boring movie I’ve seen in a while.

  50. M.J. C.

    M.J. C.2 meses atrás

    What a crock of DooDoo

  51. Ailbhe Griffin

    Ailbhe Griffin2 meses atrás

    I didn’t enjoy it, trailer makes it seem much more action packed than it actually is

  52. Lovish Landson.U.M

    Lovish Landson.U.M2 meses atrás

    MOVIE REVIEW: This movie is purely and simply amazing, and I found my self crying through some of the parts which are rare considering movie quality is going down. I wouldn't want to sit here and write all the spoiling details on this film for others who have not seen it if you have not seen it yet, I RECOMMEND YOU GET IT AND WATCH IT. FINAL VERDICT: 9/10 one thing I must add to this is I am truly happy to see some real acting, cause man what has happened in 2018 was a wreck when it came to movies, in my opinion, Halloween was horrible and they pumped that real hard, but I love this film truly.

  53. Le Colosse

    Le Colosse2 meses atrás

    the swirling agenda is so strong these days! NFL, liberal media and now Hollywood who are pushing it. hard to believe that a black woman had to play the lover role with a racist like liam neeson.

  54. Dexter Black

    Dexter Black2 meses atrás

    Viola Davis

  55. NeaFrancia PH

    NeaFrancia PH2 meses atrás

    I just watched it today, and now im finding a reason to tell ppl how amazing the movie i just watched! Very unique story about widows, empowering women. Great actors, great intense build up and nothing left me hanging. The ending dont disappoint too so yea all in all i love it.

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    Movie Alert2 meses atrás

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  57. Jack Robins

    Jack Robins2 meses atrás

    Viola Davis is such a great actress! She’s awesome! Want to see this movie!

  58. e d

    e d2 meses atrás

    This is the film that You make when You run out of ideas. Horrible .

  59. Younes Ramni

    Younes Ramni2 meses atrás

    Great movie I recommend it 👍👍👍

  60. tryptychUK

    tryptychUK2 meses atrás

    Based upon the 1983 British ITV series of the same name written by Linda LaPlante who also wrote Prime Suspect.

  61. Me Rodriguez

    Me Rodriguez2 meses atrás

    Guys is just me or this is a REMAKE of a British series I watched in the 80's 🤔 and with the same bloody name?

  62. Testos Tyrone

    Testos Tyrone2 meses atrás

    F'k the racist and the bedwench...

  63. Olya A

    Olya A2 meses atrás

    This is the remake.. the original movie (TV series) was made in 1983

  64. Olya A

    Olya A2 meses atrás

    +Azhar Qureshi I hope you find one soon :)

  65. Azhar Qureshi

    Azhar Qureshi2 meses atrás

    Hi I'm looking for girlfriend

  66. Zeeshan Ahmed

    Zeeshan Ahmed2 meses atrás

    How do you cut a sea into two halves.. With a sea-saw

  67. G G

    G G2 meses atrás

    All I read is Windows

  68. Waqas Ali

    Waqas Ali2 meses atrás

    Very nice movie good boy and girl 😎🙌👈

  69. Anastasija Bukumirić

    Anastasija Bukumirić2 meses atrás

    The worst movie ever.

  70. Azhar Qureshi

    Azhar Qureshi2 meses atrás

    I'm looking for girlfriend

  71. Grand Fresh

    Grand Fresh2 meses atrás

    This is Set it off 2 even the driver looks like the girl in that movie..

  72. Akhtar Jamali

    Akhtar Jamali2 meses atrás

    This is Movie best ????

  73. mark ferris

    mark ferris2 meses atrás

    It's a remake of a British 80's TV series also called Widows. It was inspired by the book of the same name by English author Lynda La Plante

  74. atokz nenekz

    atokz nenekz2 meses atrás

    what is this movie all about

  75. andy rivera

    andy rivera2 meses atrás

    liam is not a racist ! this movie prove it😊 thanks michelle rodriguez😊

  76. DsW

    DsW2 meses atrás

    This is a great switch-up, it's usually the female characters who get fridged to further the plot. Good way to turn the trope on it's head.

  77. Heru Permono

    Heru Permono2 meses atrás


  78. Heru Permono

    Heru Permono2 meses atrás


  79. JON E.

    JON E.2 meses atrás

    Amazing film

  80. Kuhle Gwamanda

    Kuhle Gwamanda2 meses atrás

    It’s a actually a good movie

  81. Mstr Dstboy

    Mstr Dstboy2 meses atrás

    im already widow maker

  82. S

    S2 meses atrás


  83. Bracketville August

    Bracketville August2 meses atrás

    I have to see this movie. I have to purchase

  84. BAdrianne91

    BAdrianne912 meses atrás

    How in the world this movie had a low budget??? What people is thinking???

  85. Goya

    Goya2 meses atrás

    SPOIL ALERT! Neeson is alive!

  86. The Flash 2024

    The Flash 20242 meses atrás

    Obviously you can't kill Liam neeson, he will find you and kill you instead

  87. Bro' Joe

    Bro' Joe2 meses atrás

    Just another violent nonsense movie for the lowest common denominator intelligence.

  88. Bro' Joe

    Bro' Joe2 meses atrás

    How many times is somebody knocked out for an hour, after being hit over the head?

  89. wacko User"s DEN

    wacko User"s DEN2 meses atrás

    This was mind boggling.Truly a healthy dose of women self empowerment !

  90. Hannah Ismail

    Hannah Ismail2 meses atrás

    Pls don’t waste your time watching this - like l did .. such a poor movie..


    HASSAN ALI2 meses atrás

    1:37 what do you want them to tell your kid your mom was a thief and she got killed wow what a motivation for her kid to be a dentist when he get old lol

  92. Juicy Tomatoes

    Juicy Tomatoes2 meses atrás

    Wow the cast are amazing.. is this movie good?

  93. Mandlovhu HRH

    Mandlovhu HRH2 meses atrás

    Just finished watching it ... loooooove it

  94. Trill Spill

    Trill Spill2 meses atrás

    Movie was trash and definitely not like they promoted, it wasn't even as action packed as the trailer...

  95. Starry&Bohemian

    Starry&Bohemian2 meses atrás

    Neeson in peculiar action role... (a man with a too heavy regret) Even so Viola Davis is the main attraction here, she's at so many crossroads of this story She's got the wheel(s on fire)

  96. Andora Leigh

    Andora Leigh2 meses atrás

    Oooooo I wanna watch this

  97. Bernarda Cardoso

    Bernarda Cardoso2 meses atrás


  98. lavere

    lavere2 meses atrás

    Just seen it, enjoyed the build up and deep acting with lots of big names

  99. Goofey ButReal

    Goofey ButReal2 meses atrás

    Viola! Yes, I can’t wait to see this.

  100. Connor B

    Connor B2 meses atrás

    black people

  101. Kacem

    Kacem2 meses atrás

    more like niggas

  102. Smoked Eel

    Smoked Eel2 meses atrás

    So these days bad guys are good guys, crime justified by "extraordinary circumstances", killing people is funny. Don't cry people when you get robbed on the street in broad daylight and no one help you but recording and posting on internet (for fun of course).Greetings from good old days fellas!

  103. 5.000.000

    5.000.0002 meses atrás

    0:17 The Punisher

  104. 4K Movie

    4K Movie2 meses atrás

    download 4k-hd.club/movies/thrillers4k/648-widows-4k-2018-ultra-hd-2160p.html

  105. Paulo Hendrix

    Paulo Hendrix2 meses atrás

    That's a MOVIE! :)

  106. Rosani San Gilbert

    Rosani San Gilbert2 meses atrás

    Es muy entretenida hay muy buenos actores

  107. Shalintha Perera

    Shalintha Perera2 meses atrás

    Big fan if viola davis whata natural beautiful actress she is amazing movie ...love from srilanka

  108. Jacques C

    Jacques C2 meses atrás

    Was a really good watch. It reminded me a small bit of "set it off". Well worth the watch.