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  1. peckerdecker

    peckerdecker10 horas atrás

    This trailer Looks *rubbish* The 1982 British tv series MUCH *better*

  2. szamlaszam

    szamlaszamDia atrás

    I'vе wаtсhed yеsterdаy in full НD qualitу at this websitе: *plushd. info*

  3. Tasha Vladimiroff

    Tasha Vladimiroff4 dias atrás

    Reading the novel now. 😀

  4. Trima Frank

    Trima Frank4 dias atrás

    Great cast and preview

  5. veda pierce

    veda pierce4 dias atrás

    liam neeson is an academy award nominee as well !!!!

  6. Marvin J

    Marvin J5 dias atrás

    1:35 the way she flip her hair the next scene so hot

  7. Retha Enright

    Retha Enright7 dias atrás

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  8. Magrath Milla

    Magrath Milla7 dias atrás

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  9. Fidler O'Dea

    Fidler O'Dea7 dias atrás

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  10. Doon Stone-Wigg

    Doon Stone-Wigg7 dias atrás

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  11. Damens Le Rennetel

    Damens Le Rennetel7 dias atrás

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  12. Muser4Life

    Muser4Life7 dias atrás

    Wow, what an amazing cast!

  13. Maura Wooten

    Maura Wooten9 dias atrás

    Widows (2018) » sites.google.com/view/watch-now-windows « ➧2h 9min | Kriminalität, Drama, Thriller | 16. November 2018 (USA) ➧All Languages [ Spainh | German | Franch | USA ] Ambientato nella Chicago contemporanea, in un momento di agitazione, quattro donne senza nulla in comune tranne un debito lasciato dalle attività criminali dei loro mariti morti, prendono il destino nelle loro mani e cospirano per forgiare un futuro alle loro condizioni. Regista: Steve McQueen Scrittori: Gillian Flynn (sceneggiatura di), Steve McQueen (sceneggiatura di) | 1 altro credito » Stelle: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki

  14. Doon Stone-Wigg

    Doon Stone-Wigg7 dias atrás

    Full Movie Online Widows Watch Now : t.co/eCYr9fHM5o

  15. Michael Latrell

    Michael Latrell9 dias atrás

    The other trailer is better

  16. HDGDp Lumar

    HDGDp Lumar10 dias atrás


  17. Fedon Mesth

    Fedon Mesth10 dias atrás

    0:45 Yooo it's PaperBoi ...all about that paper boy (Atlanta reference)

  18. Katrina Barrus

    Katrina Barrus11 dias atrás

    Who was the male actor who was paying Alice for her services?

  19. Axel Rodriguez Armas

    Axel Rodriguez Armas12 dias atrás

    Barabra gordon daughter of batman

  20. Jonathan KS.

    Jonathan KS.16 dias atrás

    _The film is to real to be popular_

  21. Jerome Isturis

    Jerome Isturis17 dias atrás

    Didn't know Amanda Waller had an origins movie

  22. The Rap Vault

    The Rap Vault18 dias atrás

    I like the fact that this movie has a Hispanic actor

  23. kidflip n

    kidflip n20 dias atrás

    big dicks

  24. Jonathan KS.

    Jonathan KS.22 dias atrás

    After black panter and get out we have this

  25. Shelby Coleman

    Shelby Coleman22 dias atrás

    1:48. Just pause it there. Trust me

  26. Alexandre Babin

    Alexandre Babin22 dias atrás

    2:04 they sure don't

  27. Ronee Ro

    Ronee Ro23 dias atrás

    A multi- racial Set It Off.

  28. Brenton Goldfinch-Belbin

    Brenton Goldfinch-Belbin23 dias atrás

    It did not do very well. Lackluster at best.

  29. DragonDad Reviews

    DragonDad Reviews27 dias atrás

    There's nothing to do so I'm going to watch this even though I know it's feminism propaganda. I have an idea. Let's take gender out of all sporting events. Let's make everything equal.

  30. Stevie_ M

    Stevie_ M27 dias atrás

    This looks embarrassingly bad. Pass.

  31. Kult Smolt

    Kult Smolt29 dias atrás

    Davis wow well done again!!! Cast great up s.

  32. YesGregYes

    YesGregYes29 dias atrás

    "The best thing we have going for us is being who we are because nobody thinks we have the balls to pull it off." I'm going to think about that. See the movie. Then think about that some more. #Widows

  33. Naijababe Dagrin

    Naijababe DagrinMês atrás

    Totally enjoyed this movie

  34. Mohammed Ahmad

    Mohammed AhmadMês atrás

    Going to c it this Thursday with my wifey.


    TETSUOOOMês atrás

    Mohammed Ahmad you will enjoy it. An absolute masterpiece

  36. august ken

    august kenMês atrás

    saw the movie today.. dont watch it its too slow almost fall asleep

  37. Hemalatha Dorairaj

    Hemalatha DorairajMês atrás

    Want to watch this movie for viola😍😍

  38. Mark Chris

    Mark Chris2 dias atrás

    Just came across this now .. Can we get to know one another please... I promise not to be crazy

  39. Mesi Fransiska

    Mesi FransiskaMês atrás

    OMG the famouses on set. Wow

  40. garry newby

    garry newbyMês atrás

    The movie oceans 8 should of been

  41. Dumb Freddy

    Dumb FreddyMês atrás

    def propoganda planted here and there, which weakens film. The "trick" in the beginning is so Obvious it"s insulting. Trying really hard to pull of ocean 11 with women - prob better effort than others .... good actors good acting ok movie

  42. why760nitro

    why760nitroMês atrás

    VERY Slow paced movie if you go see this listen to the sounds of negroes sigh when when Robert duvall say niqqers near the beginning, hay homies its only a moves chill Bro

  43. Johnny Wheels

    Johnny WheelsMês atrás

    Great cast but movie was very disppointing! Poor scripting and some of the scenes were bullshit, not directed well and were politically motivated to elicit more racial divide. Ending was a complete bomb, left with a major hole in the story. Many unanswered questions! Guess Manning never got his money??

  44. Yvonne Weekes

    Yvonne WeekesMês atrás

    I remember the series in London when I lived there. But you see Viola Davis...I LOVE HER... can't wait to see this...Serious heavy weights... Liam Neeson, Colin Farrel, Robert Duvall...are you kdding me... Cyan wait to see this.... Viola forever.

  45. Morgan Hill

    Morgan HillMês atrás

    Michelle Rodriguez 😍

  46. Faazil Firzan

    Faazil FirzanMês atrás

    Dont waste your money.

  47. deadmike naf

    deadmike nafMês atrás

    lol, fail. ill pass.

  48. Lyle Russon

    Lyle RussonMês atrás

    Good Movie!

  49. Nir Nagary

    Nir NagaryMês atrás

    Lyle Russon that is the worse movie i ever seen in my life. I really suffered all the movie long

  50. skills1ent

    skills1entMês atrás

    Widows is a complete disaster! Don't waste your time or money! Unless you're an easily entertained moron. Then of course you'll love it!

  51. tryndamerer1

    tryndamerer1Mês atrás

    Shittest movie ever... just famous actors and people think it would be good... such a waste of time i have left in the middle of the movie..

  52. Nir Nagary

    Nir NagaryMês atrás

    tryndamerer1 wow it was so bad, i wish i could have left it in the middle..

  53. Marco Estiercol

    Marco EstiercolMês atrás

    LOL at the verosimilitude of this film.

  54. Minh Nguyen Le

    Minh Nguyen LeMês atrás

    Very Good Trailer, they dont Spoiler the Part where Liam Neeson is kickin some Dudes Butts for Kidnapping his Daughter.

  55. TZCoder

    TZCoderMês atrás

    PAPER BOY!!!!

  56. antonie poes

    antonie poesMês atrás

    Want to know what movie is gonna take everyone by surprise: brreporter.com/v/video-puKWa8hrvA8.html

  57. William Forest-Hill

    William Forest-HillMês atrás

    Why does this only have a 63% audience score?

  58. William Forest-Hill

    William Forest-Hill16 dias atrás

    Jonathan KS. Too* And tru-ché

  59. Jonathan KS.

    Jonathan KS.16 dias atrás

    The reality of the film is to real

  60. Kurt Wilkinson

    Kurt WilkinsonMês atrás

    Looks awful. Especially the acting.

  61. Nicolás Palma

    Nicolás PalmaMês atrás

    Another feminist propaganda movie. This is bullshit.

  62. Simion Babenco

    Simion BabencoMês atrás

    Nobody went to see the movie it was a huge piece of sh*it ,that viola is the worse actress ever she destroy any movie she in.

  63. Rossay Iyambo

    Rossay IyamboMês atrás

    where can i get this movie?

  64. Aaron Jacobs

    Aaron JacobsMês atrás

    Will Hollywood ever make another movie without a political agenda. The subtle propaganda here is really patronizing.

  65. ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ

    ԋαɳʂ ωolʇMês atrás

    hmmkay not bad the trailer looks good

  66. Pretty Banda

    Pretty BandaMês atrás

    I’m here coz of Annalise Keating 😁😁😁

  67. JLT Yes

    JLT YesMês atrás

    This movie is like the special Olympics, and the comments section is the crowd.

  68. JLT Yes

    JLT YesMês atrás

    Tanked at the box office. Maybe because majority dudes don't want to see girls in male action flicks, and girls don't want to see girls actin like dudes.

  69. Ahmed Khattab

    Ahmed KhattabMês atrás

    Can any one tell me about the music of trailer

  70. Decimation1030

    Decimation1030Mês atrás

    I got offered $5 to say this movie was good. It's not...

  71. TheFullmetal Alchemist

    TheFullmetal AlchemistMês atrás

    Just watched the film. Great movie! This is diversity and discussion of social issues done right. Everyone go support this movie!!!

  72. Rourke Bar

    Rourke BarMês atrás

    brreporter.com/v/video-q5NC7eI_KMw.html at least Bruce Willy is OK

  73. CriminalIntent89

    CriminalIntent89Mês atrás

    generic shitty movie thats trying to push the "metoo" feminist bullshit. theres a reason why this made no money

  74. Crepuscular Night

    Crepuscular NightMês atrás

    CriminalIntent89, how did it do that?

  75. Fennel & Clark

    Fennel & ClarkMês atrás

    Hey! This looks like a great movie - I personally love thrillers, the performances look great, and I really love the fact they're not glossing over the social issues in the story. My husband and I own a small jewelry company in Rhode Island, I also would like to point out that Ms. Davis is wearing what I believe is one of our necklaces at the 1:10 point in the trailer. It's called Luna (White), and it's right here: fennelandclark.shop/products/luna-freshwater-pearl-necklace There's only a couple left in stock, but I'm making more right now!

  76. Tess cg And Movies

    Tess cg And MoviesMês atrás

    I'm watching this movie alone at 9pm Singapore time.

  77. Calinks

    CalinksMês atrás

    Daniel Kaluuya is always a bro but in here? Man keep that dude as far away from me as possible.

  78. dannon2010

    dannon2010Mês atrás

    They DO have the balls, to pull this off...big fat hairy balls.

  79. Gurujot Singh Khalsa

    Gurujot Singh KhalsaMês atrás

    This trailer didn't capture the more thoughtful nature of this movie.

  80. Blackshadow164

    Blackshadow164Mês atrás

    This movie will flop

  81. Ray Hopkins

    Ray HopkinsMês atrás

    If you make a movie nobody wants to see then nobody goes to see your movie. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW

  82. Jo Bobgg

    Jo BobggMês atrás

    Annnnnnnnd it bombs.

  83. Morpheus

    MorpheusMês atrás

    More 'I am woman hear me roar' propaganda....yawn

  84. VJ

    VJ10 dias atrás


  85. LeMan Booker

    LeMan Booker25 dias atrás


  86. Adrienne

    AdrienneMês atrás

    Absolutely loved this movie. That ending was something.

  87. Hawaii Living

    Hawaii LivingMês atrás

    Such a horrible low budget movie.. I gave it 👎🏻👎🏻 🤦🏻‍♂️

  88. scoobidie bop

    scoobidie bopMês atrás

    Oh doubling down on the empowering women thing. We'll see how this ends "cough" Ghostbusters"cough". TBF tho white man black women couple fair play 🙌

  89. The Whisperer

    The WhispererMês atrás

    scoobidie bop I agree. They hardly ever show that in Hollywood.

  90. moviemadness 1030

    moviemadness 1030Mês atrás


  91. gülfiliz devecioğlu

    gülfiliz devecioğluMês atrás

    viola davis and liam neeson...this is an OMG

  92. kutubu19 Vlogs

    kutubu19 VlogsMês atrás

    Best movie I have watched in a long time I just wat he’d it yesterday

  93. sipho x

    sipho xMês atrás

    what a movie 🙌🏾.

  94. Traycee S

    Traycee SMês atrás

    Best Movie this Year!

  95. Mr. Reality

    Mr. RealityMês atrás

    it bombed because it was propaganda

  96. Mr. Reality

    Mr. RealityMês atrás

    This film bombed LMAO

  97. JawiR008

    JawiR008Mês atrás

    The Ocean's 8 we deserved

  98. Mr. Reality

    Mr. RealityMês atrás


  99. Lorenzo Morgan Jr.

    Lorenzo Morgan Jr.Mês atrás

    "Is it me or" did anyone recognize that the diner or restaurant at the end of the movie "Widows" was the same diner or restaurant in the movie "Moonlight"?

  100. Sharna G

    Sharna GMês atrás

    I just watched this movie. It is great. Acting and the way the sceens were shot are great. 👍🏽👍🏽

  101. Jordan D

    Jordan DMês atrás

    Anyone see it yet? What’s your rating?

  102. Adrienne

    AdrienneMês atrás

    So good.


    TEMI LONDONMês atrás

    Jordan D 8/10 must watch

  104. Marvis Black

    Marvis BlackMês atrás

    I I'm going to go see it now

  105. Justin Fencsak

    Justin FencsakMês atrás

    Underrated film!!

  106. Will Francois

    Will FrancoisMês atrás

    McQueen as a thing about not hiring Americans to play American roles. His American-financed movies are cluttered with British/Irish actors playing American roles. For such reason, I hardly pay to go watch them.

  107. Fritz Castro

    Fritz CastroMês atrás

    Suicide Squad Get Out too Fast too Furious Taken to Atlanta

  108. Amy Bruch

    Amy BruchMês atrás

    Who wants to watch a bunch of feminist, man hating Nazi women acting like men? Just stop with the race baiting, sexist movies...ok? I'm tired of watching reruns of the good ole movies back before the fascists took over our television sets.

  109. Crepuscular Night

    Crepuscular NightMês atrás

    Amy Bruch, what do they do that is man hating? What makes them "nazis"? And why are only men dangerous? What's wrong with starring women?

  110. Alexa B

    Alexa BMês atrás

    Hans Zimmer composed

  111. Yewande Ajayi

    Yewande AjayiMês atrás

    I love this

  112. 7thno

    7thnoMês atrás

    Women in charge? Nah i ll pass.

  113. Mr. Reality

    Mr. RealityMês atrás

    youre not the only one this film bombed lol

  114. HUANG

    HUANGMês atrás

    I just watched it, acting skills is good but the story is werid

  115. Ms Witty By Nature

    Ms Witty By NatureMês atrás

    Makes me think of Set It Off. Gotta see this!

  116. J T

    J TMês atrás

    Facts...like a modern one.

  117. Tyson Hamblin

    Tyson HamblinMês atrás


  118. John Blessed

    John BlessedMês atrás

    The devil really knows how to make wrong look right in movies but sin is still sin.