Will Smith hosts Meme Review


  1. PorkFreeGaming

    PorkFreeGamingHora atrás

    We are waiting for Elon Musk

  2. Electric 333

    Electric 333Hora atrás

    I laughed my ass off, just them taking some of the memes seriously focken killed me.

  3. Micheal 1075

    Micheal 1075Hora atrás

    When this is #1 on trending

  4. Uzan Ending

    Uzan EndingHora atrás

    One of Rewind 2019. BRreporter should take it

  5. Corban Thenoob

    Corban ThenoobHora atrás

    #1 on trending! Get hecked t series

  6. Tekkara

    TekkaraHora atrás

    #1 Trending? BRreporter must lowkey want pewdiepie to beat T-series

  7. Renny Boi

    Renny BoiHora atrás

    Elon laughing while Justin questions himself and the state of society morally.

  8. AmPorwal

    AmPorwalHora atrás

    We want saiman says to host meme review

  9. Jose Hernandez

    Jose HernandezHora atrás

    Eres el mejor crack

  10. Cas and the Cactus

    Cas and the CactusHora atrás

    I love how, well Justin is being all deep about the deer and what it says about society and how our sense of humor is so warped, Elon is stuck between laughing his head off and not wanting to actually be laughing at a dead deer on meme review.

  11. MochiGirl11

    MochiGirl11Hora atrás

    When you witness a historic moment

  12. cj_slamduncan

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  13. your mom gay

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    We made it to #1 on trending boys

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  16. Justin A.

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    Damn this on no.1 trending

  17. Fatalyti611 Is the killer

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    Running out of IDEA i suppose

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  19. marki XD 2

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  20. KayleeIsntSatisfied

    KayleeIsntSatisfiedHora atrás

    can we just talk about how Elon musk has an actual good sense of humor unlike most celebrities

  21. VarietyTrash9000 _

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  22. BD

    BDHora atrás

    yt did an oopsie and put pewds on trending

  23. Splash

    SplashHora atrás

    Papa elon saves the day

  24. Thayanne Mendonça

    Thayanne MendonçaHora atrás

    Me inscrevi pq o LubaTV pediu, mas vou começar a ver os vídeos agora de verdade. Boa sorte contra o T-Series

  25. The Offical Mega Oof

    The Offical Mega OofHora atrás

    *Ahhhh Ha Ha*

  26. Brogan Brittain

    Brogan BrittainHora atrás

    Top 10 Anime Crossovers

  27. Kevin Beharrilal

    Kevin BeharrilalHora atrás

    Pewds got the formula now

  28. GNArmagenon

    GNArmagenonHora atrás

    Nice!!!!!! Elon san


    SUBSCRIBE TO MEHora atrás

    pewdiepie 368

  30. Niyazi Köken

    Niyazi KökenHora atrás

    Elon should review the pewds subreddit

  31. francocruz75

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    #1 on trending

  32. Jon ravin

    Jon ravinHora atrás

    i did not know pewds could be #1 on trending

  33. Jaelyn Nunez

    Jaelyn NunezHora atrás

    Why can’t Elon host mars review???

  34. The Munky

    The MunkyHora atrás

    That was so good. :'D

  35. Icy Azsazsinz

    Icy AzsazsinzHora atrás

    Pewds is TRENDING

  36. Kayden Pyle

    Kayden PyleHora atrás

    #1 on trending

  37. SaltyLemmon

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    i’ve never been happier



    We WANG MORE? !

  39. Sid Lalwani

    Sid LalwaniHora atrás

    Its number 1 on trending

  40. TheFlashDevil Panda

    TheFlashDevil PandaHora atrás

    It’s crazy to think that Elon could help PewDiePie become the first BRreporterr to host meme review on Mars

  41. PokeVapesOreos

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  42. Zazel Skycrest

    Zazel SkycrestHora atrás

    eventhough the deer thing is kinda dark, I just can't stop laughing

  43. frostboi 1000

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  44. yee haw

    yee hawHora atrás

    BRreporter f’ed up #1 on trending

  45. Sxpreme -

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    ELON MUSK 💯💯💯

  46. polina vertegel

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    number one on trending... which one of you kidnapped susan

  47. Jerry Marz

    Jerry MarzHora atrás

    Tf is you trending now

  48. Kevin Le

    Kevin LeHora atrás

    Number 1 on trending and ads NANI

  49. Ted Hndz

    Ted HndzHora atrás

    Wow top trending

  50. Ian Austin

    Ian AustinHora atrás

    Elon hysterically laughing at the dead deer makes me afraid

  51. Adam Marvin

    Adam MarvinHora atrás

    How can pewds shit if he has no legs??

  52. Zack Tanner

    Zack TannerHora atrás

    pewds do it with him

  53. X Matchstick X

    X Matchstick XHora atrás



    JERRY VIRGINHora atrás

    Can we get some Fs for T-gay?

  55. Parnian Maroofi

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    number one on trending?? is this the end?!!

  56. Perryace

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    BRreporter did an oopsie and made this #1 on trending

  57. NorthbayBoss -

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    Trending #1 Let’s GO!

  58. TheHomelessLady

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    Thank you Elon and Justin, very cool

  59. JJToons

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    Pewdiepie is on trending This is rare

  60. ericca corvera

    ericca corveraHora atrás

    meme lord elon

  61. Kenneth Ramos

    Kenneth RamosHora atrás

    Where tf is elon musk

  62. Austin Starks

    Austin StarksHora atrás

    T series hosts meme review, lets make it happen boiz

  63. Chris Died

    Chris DiedHora atrás

    a rooooover you say?

  64. ALF God 69

    ALF God 69Hora atrás

    I shot my wife

  65. Nick Pelonis

    Nick PelonisHora atrás

    Yo anyone know what’s the music that starts at 0:48? it sounds familiar but I can’t remember

  66. Cottinmouth

    CottinmouthHora atrás

    Wtf trending

  67. 250-Fives

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  68. st00g3y

    st00g3yHora atrás

    Good move having Will Smith host meme review. He did a great job

  69. Rampyare Lal

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  70. Dan TRE

    Dan TREHora atrás

    Its pronounced ah-la-din not ala-din

  71. Don't Take The B8 M8

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  72. Ammosam Hoost

    Ammosam HoostHora atrás

    Elon actually hosts meme review 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  73. Taco Meme

    Taco MemeHora atrás

    I like how Elon takes his meme business very professionally

  74. kaytarose

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    #1 on trending! 🙌🏼

  75. kristanmaree

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  76. Amrit Saund

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    BRreporter DID AN OOPSIE

  77. ANDERSON10

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  78. Youcantseeghost

    YoucantseeghostHora atrás

    why 720p?

  79. kizzieking

    kizziekingHora atrás

    I’ve never seen something so cringe but so beautiful in my entire life....

  80. KeiferXBL

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  81. Ian Mickelson

    Ian MickelsonHora atrás

    Pewds is on trending !!!!!!!

  82. Nightime Burnout

    Nightime BurnoutHora atrás

    justin ruined this lmao

  83. EasyBreezy

    EasyBreezyHora atrás

    I literally never watch Elon talk before but he was so bubbly and his laugh is charming and everything really makes sense why we all trust him to colonize Mars and not fuck it up. Not saying that he definitely won't, but I get why we'd let him now.

  84. Dr Death

    Dr DeathHora atrás

    Good bye opportunity, we will remember you

  85. *_Canal Normal_*

    *_Canal Normal_*Hora atrás

    Yaaaa Dat's it

  86. TheCnidarians

    TheCnidariansHora atrás

    its actually A LA DEEN as in general aladin

  87. Frinze Zyruz

    Frinze ZyruzHora atrás

    Opportunity *Ru-ver*

  88. Ocean Wave

    Ocean WaveHora atrás

    Justin and Elon is the best!

  89. Goala

    GoalaHora atrás

    I love how they just dissected each meme and taught us some history 😂 thank you Felix !! 🙏🙏

  90. Forsaken Gecko

    Forsaken GeckoHora atrás

    Nice to see a multi billionaire mingle with the people, through video meme content. Loved it.

  91. Emily

    EmilyHora atrás

    I wanna bite Justin’s cute chubby arms 💗💗💗

  92. teddy girma

    teddy girmaHora atrás

    Sc0Bßy don’t GoT WaVeS

  93. Young Orange

    Young OrangeHora atrás

    Buys a Tesla for 100M special

  94. Danilyn Schools

    Danilyn SchoolsHora atrás

    Anyone here 2029

  95. Roberto Ocaviantyo

    Roberto OcaviantyoHora atrás

    PewDiePie why don't you hired a hacker to beat t series

  96. Sebastian Quiros

    Sebastian QuirosHora atrás

    #1 in trending? Finally?

  97. Amrit Saund

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  98. Bupple LPS

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  99. TheCoCoDaddy

    TheCoCoDaddyHora atrás

    Curiosity is powered by Plutonium 238 not solar panels.

  100. Husky Fan

    Husky FanHora atrás

    BRreporter put you on trending??