Wonder Woman 1984 - Official Trailer


  1. hypnotize mind

    hypnotize mind41 minuto atrás


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  3. 516 Source of Randomness

    516 Source of Randomness41 minuto atrás

    0:15 So we all just gonna ignore that Star Wars copyrig

  4. Scott Mclearn

    Scott Mclearn41 minuto atrás

    Song Name: Blue Monday - New Order

  5. zonneP

    zonneP41 minuto atrás

    dc is still inferior to marvel. L

  6. Asher James

    Asher James41 minuto atrás

    can y'all sub I'm trying, to get a sub base before I start my vids.

  7. Majesty D

    Majesty D41 minuto atrás

    wtf, how is he alive?!!!! and what is up with the lighting? she never used lighting....

  8. Marcos Urena

    Marcos Urena41 minuto atrás

    1:36-1:38 he didn't punch him but I'll watch the movie.

  9. Don Scott

    Don Scott41 minuto atrás

    Gal Gadot looking as beautiful as ever ! ! ! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 😍 😍 😍 😍

  10. imaredhel

    imaredhel42 minutos atrás

    Not feeling the song choice for the trailer. I hope the movie is great!

  11. wi11y1960

    wi11y196042 minutos atrás

    A invisible jet flying through fireworks? I think not, the sparks you see in the sky are burning embers. They would distort from the passing of the plane. The pyrotech below would more than likely stop the show when they see the embers doing weird things from a invisible jet. (as it is illegal to shoot fireworks if a plane attempts to land during a shoot).

  12. shortmocha2005

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  13. Prem Kolkar

    Prem Kolkar42 minutos atrás

    DC future is bright.

  14. Wanda Maximoff

    Wanda Maximoff42 minutos atrás

    I hope Michael Jackson is present in this universe

  15. Ednaldo Alves

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  16. Naresh Ravi

    Naresh Ravi42 minutos atrás

    Finally she can fly. Love it

  17. Petey Piptendo

    Petey Piptendo42 minutos atrás

    I like the retro feeling.

  18. Ben Ten

    Ben Ten42 minutos atrás

    Swinging on lighting Now that's something original

  19. David Marshall

    David Marshall42 minutos atrás

    The big bad in this film is Baby Yoda. He'll show up and use the Force on Wonder Woman just as she's about to kill Mando.

  20. The Prince of His Own Kingdom

    The Prince of His Own Kingdom42 minutos atrás

    I very much hope Cheetah don't end up looking like the cast of Cats.

  21. ragingfiip

    ragingfiip42 minutos atrás

    Did.... uhh.... Did I just see her.... swinging from lightning bolt to lightning bolt like fucking Tarzan???


    XXEVILHULKXX42 minutos atrás

    She so hot

  23. Abhishek Ganguly

    Abhishek Ganguly42 minutos atrás

    WONDER WOMAN IS LOVE, yes I am shouting out of sheer joy.

  24. Karthick Vijay

    Karthick Vijay42 minutos atrás

    OMG the 80's trailer music

  25. abhi_the_troller

    abhi_the_troller42 minutos atrás

    Come on man how gorgeous Gal is looking. I can't get my off her. Awesome trailer and mind blowing scenes👏👏👏

  26. Blazing Insanity

    Blazing Insanity42 minutos atrás

    This looks dope. Finally a good superhero movie.

  27. ogobey

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  28. aakarsh chandranahu

    aakarsh chandranahu43 minutos atrás

    DC baby.

  29. Marxxus Aram

    Marxxus Aram43 minutos atrás

    I love the 80s but..... This looks like it's trying to ride the stranger things, Thor Ragnarok bus. Oh what the hell I'm getting on that bus. WW84!

  30. 516 Source of Randomness

    516 Source of Randomness43 minutos atrás

    "A long, long time ago..." I was really hoping for the Star Wars crossover there, not gonna lie.

  31. Cleider Phenon

    Cleider Phenon43 minutos atrás

    1:40 best part of the video You’re welcome

  32. Kauã FMV E SMV

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    AJ STYLES43 minutos atrás

    One word just mind-blowing 😎

  34. Bijan Love

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  35. Bahtialrock

    Bahtialrock43 minutos atrás

    Oh my God, I am dancing while watch this trailer... dance, brooo! IT'S WOW 👏

  36. Balaji R

    Balaji R43 minutos atrás

    Colourful... Comedy... What happened to WB & DCEU? By the way it's awesome..

  37. Michael Roehr

    Michael Roehr43 minutos atrás

    Blue Monday? Hell yeah!

  38. Hayabusa1300ist

    Hayabusa1300ist43 minutos atrás

    Who is the vilain here?

  39. Alexander Hodgson

    Alexander Hodgson43 minutos atrás

    "Steve" is 100% going to betray her