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    NikkieTutorials what gloss is that your using 🤩

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    NikkieTutorials 9

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    Why doesn’t she just get Micro blading ( she can clearly afford it😂)

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    NikkieTutorials why don’t you get Micro blading

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    2:33 there were a lot of pretty words in and that description

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    I got this wunderbrow gel for Christmas and i love it ❤️

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    It looks like you arent wearing a shirt

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    Oh my your skin looks amazing in this video

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    how long will it stay?

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    why would u get black brown like obviously you’re not gonna be that

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    May ganyan ako mahirap talaga ilagay

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    Omg your so funny I love watching you so much

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    Do you ever still use this product?

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    Y’all... okay so I have EXTREMELY sparse brows due to overplucking in the 90’s and hypothyroid disease and ya girl is going IMMEDIATELY to purchase this beaut. Ya girl REQUIRES this level of perma-brow.

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    Check out AlexisJayda, you’ll love her 🤩😍🤪🤗

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    Nikkie, You should try Nyx eyebrow gel. Its waterproof and i think it's little bit easyer to work with. Only problem could be shades cause i think they have only three. Xoxo

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    You changed in a good way ! So proud of you

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    You’ve lost so much weight from here I’m so proud of u girl

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    Hi, I’m a fan from Philippines 🇵🇭 I’m also using this product, I got shades Auburn and Brunette. They’re really good especially on tropical weather, and I also have an oily to combination skin type. Glad you find this product too😌😂

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    Bruhhh I’ve been using this like forever it’s amazing like oml 😂🙏🏻

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    Same, girl. Now everyone thinks I naturally have brows. pffff

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    Forget Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade

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    The worst part about beauty gurus that you really get into is that you end up watching all of their videos in one weekend. But with Nikkie and Jeffree, you have like ten YEARS of videos and that's great.

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    video starts at 5:04

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    *softly rubs on brow* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW NoTiN CoMo EsTa

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    You are so cute and pretty ❤️❤️❤️

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    Okay😂I am german...Wunder schön

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    What eyebrow brush did you use?

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    You are hilarious !

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    Wunderbrow is everything those who complain cant use it.

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    after your brows look like 2 wings that just about to jump off your face & fly away!

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    How good is your German? Du you understand it?

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    Where can you buy this?

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    * wUnNDerScHÖn * we love an international queen ( ciao from italy ❤💓🇮🇹)

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    Nikkie found her life saver product

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    where is the “it’s me nikkie hello”???

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    I have that product for 2 months now and never used it until I saw this video. NIKKIE! I SUBBED!

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    Does somebody know what brush she actually uses??

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    Chatty cathy

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    Then how the heck do you fix it when you mess up 😭😭😭 btw Nikkie you look so gorgeous when all drenched in Evian 💋

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    You are crazy girl😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Not to be mean but you had thicker browns back then but you shaped them more to look better but when you apply your brow products it looks good

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    This was your best brow moment you should really go back to this product

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    I came back to watch some of your old videos, and OMG nikkie you’ve lost so much weight! You can see a clear difference between this video and your latest videos. Good job girl!!

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    Same! Totally a different person!

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    Omg I love your video's and I love doing my makeup

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    Im from germany 😂😂😅

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    “I’m not okay,” lol

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    I need this!

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    OMG! love watching this video and I, for some reason, do not even mess with my brows...i guess because I have no clue what they should look like or afraid it would come off unnatural.

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    Woooooow no Way! i need that brown gel in my life!

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    Does nikki use this on every video of her?

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    I apply Anastasia pomade first then use that stuff bc it’s so light but it’s good for summer bc my brows always lighten or fall off and sometimes it crusts but idk it’s good but has its flaws but it does stay on !!

  59. Monni Robb

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    I know how you feel about having really light eyebrows. I have naturally blonde hair so my eyebrows are blonde af

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    This product is basically the same as the other fiber hair eyebrow in the bottle you tried in your other tutorial. It was from Japan or something. Do u think they work the same?

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    You should get your brows tattooed 💕

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    Nikkie I love you but If you think that your brows are light your wrong mine are white!!😂❤️

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    5:53 are the best her brows have ever looked

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    Put rogaine 5% in your brows twice a day and you will see dramatic results! I’ve been doing it for 2 years and I have thick dark brows now and couldn’t be happier! Trust me try it but it has to be 5% My doctors said it can be men or women’s it doesn’t matter.

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    you and Liza Koshy HAVE TO DO A COLLABBBB

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    For days? Hunny no you gotta wash your makeup off at night 😂😭

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    I've been using this product for 3 years now and I can't seem to move on to anything else. It's my Holy Grail.

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    She is absolutely adorable! I was cracking up!!

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    Lol! Always love your videos, I'm at Far North Queensland (Aus) and summer is sure as hell on it's way. I've ordered my Wunderbrow gel for that reason , it's still on the way and watching this makes me just as much excited already lol! 🤗

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    Wich pencil do you use for your brows to make more definition?

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    Nikkie: ,,FEELING MYSELF“

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    Good for swimming too!

  73. Sharon Carter

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    Alcohol wipes takes it right off. I also use the wipes before I apply and to clean my brush. I like the brush you don’t like. Just want to say your so much fun to watch, love your sense of humor.

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    This video 😂 and your personality 😍

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    I just ordered this yesterday, too excited 🤗🤗

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    applies at 5:06

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    You... are... GOLD! Genuine and hilarious, I love your attitude. SUBSCRIBED! Such a helpful tutorial.❤

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    Lmao an other NDA video

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    Where was this product during high school at P. E.? X2

  81. Tabitha Jarnot

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    I use this tattoo brow stuff on my brows and they're waterproof and smudge proof like the stuff you use in this video. The tattoo brow stuff that I use aren't the tinting tattoo brow products, but I absolutely love it! The only thing is, when you take it off with makeup remover, it slightly stains my brows a bit green for about 10 minutes or so, but other than that, it's amazing.

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    Oh my God when you did the transfer test I was cracking up

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    i wanna marry this product

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    does anyone know how much face surgery nikki has had?

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    Face surgery? Or Botox and fillers?

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    It's Linz none

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    Hey Nikkie!! I started plucking my eyebrows from a very young age and as a result they became very thin and light, however, now I found out an oil called ‘Castor oil’. This thing really changed my eyebrows!! It gave them life and improved their growth drastically!! I rubbed in the oil with a q-tip before going to bed and i am VERY impressed with the results!! Highly recommend

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    Any type of oil like coconut or lavender etc will take it off.

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    It's crap

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    Am i the only one who got mad when she didn’t say “It’s me, Nikkie” in her intro??😐😩

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    i SCREAMED when you said wunderschön

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    Can anyone tell me what her lipstick is?? I love it!

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    nikkies face 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    💛I bought this the minute I saw it! Beware- use a light hand or it will go on crazy with their applicator....or don't use their applicator. Ooops! You just said both those things in your video. I couldn't take the gel off with makeup remover, I had to use facial oil. Trust me it's insane.💛

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    I bought this and didn’t even know where to start. Thank you!

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    Thank u! I had a blast watching this video esp. At the end seeing how shocked and over the deep end trying to get the product smudged removed etc! Total LMAO! IM being totally real and no disrespect! Loved it! So fun and I have brows like u so maybe worth a try!:)

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    Omg i didn’t know u know German?!

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    Schat wil je aubbb een keer eeen behind the scenes filmen??? Hoe je je videos filmt en je achttergrond enzo???? Aubbbb ik wil ook beginnen met videos maken ben echt benieuwd hoe jij het filmt en wat voor lampen je hebt enzoo

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    Ok but were you able to remove the product later?

  100. Rebecca Sandström

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    Im blond and i can't do my eyebrows cuse i'm too blond and everybody see me in "no" eyebrows and i'm going to start class 6 and got to eyebrows which is fine but i still wanna do my eyebrows when i'm home or something but i can't what sould i do?!?!?!?!?

  101. grace _ Michelle

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    I'm deffo buying that because there has been so many times when I wouldn't wear makeup to school the day I had pe or drama or a hot day because my face would sweat and my eyebrows would rub off even though I spent so much time shaping and filling in and carving my eyebrows

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    I just found this channel. I wish I could double like you and this video. Thanks for being you

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    2:37 “directions”

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    Can you try Maybelline Tattoo Brow????

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    Probably just me but it reminds me of a Kylie lip kit (the packaging)

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    A Video with you doing ur eyebrows...ON CAMERA. I‘m living