World's Biggest Jelly in Slow Motion


  1. The Turtle King

    The Turtle King47 minutos atrás

    The whole time I was wondering why they wouldn’t eat any until the end.

  2. Will E

    Will EHora atrás

    “This is definitely someone’s fetish” ... what? No. Pfft. Who would be into something weird like THAT?! (Downloads video)

  3. Amir Marjani

    Amir Marjani5 horas atrás

    من ایرانیم داداچا

  4. SaviourInDistress

    SaviourInDistress17 horas atrás

    90% of these comments are americans not understanding british humour.

  5. Michelle Holland

    Michelle Holland19 horas atrás

    I think the jam confusion is because what you guys call jam we call jelly and what you call jelly we call jello

  6. Froggo Animations

    Froggo AnimationsDia atrás

    It’s jello in America

  7. Amira Chan

    Amira ChanDia atrás

    3:36 when you sneeze while in period

  8. AULIS A.O.T

    AULIS A.O.TDia atrás

    Its LUNCH TIME 🍴 (by green jelly)

  9. casey

    caseyDia atrás

    Pretty sure jelly is something that u wouls spread on toast and other things lol. Like grape jelly

  10. Daniel Pryde

    Daniel Pryde3 dias atrás

    No, no. It's called Jello here as well.Clearly someones having a laugh with you right now.

  11. SaviourInDistress

    SaviourInDistress17 horas atrás

    actually they are having a laugh with you. that was obviously a joke.

  12. Andy

    Andy3 dias atrás

    Proof that we guys never grow up....

  13. Death Reaper

    Death Reaper4 dias atrás

    I call jelly jelly, or jello, jam is a spread?

  14. WigglyOnBTD

    WigglyOnBTD4 dias atrás

    We don’t call it jam we call it Jello

  15. JakeGaming `

    JakeGaming `4 dias atrás

    I want to see the flash run in slow motion...

  16. Danny Bobanny

    Danny Bobanny4 dias atrás

    It’s called Jello good sits

  17. Mini- Mum

    Mini- Mum4 dias atrás

    🤣🤣🤣ROFLMAOACGU! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Broken Pieces

    Broken Pieces4 dias atrás

    Americans call it Jello.

  19. aka Tye

    aka Tye4 dias atrás

    in South Carolina we call “jelly” for you Europeans “jello” idk why but we do it sounds cooler though in my opinion

  20. Emerald Duke

    Emerald Duke5 dias atrás

    I call it jello

  21. Grace Hampton

    Grace Hampton6 dias atrás

    We call it jell-O actually

  22. Dustlessflame

    Dustlessflame6 dias atrás

    Nah we call jelly jelly and "jelly" jello

  23. ImBasicallyDed

    ImBasicallyDed6 dias atrás

    Cant beat mark rober lmao

  24. Fèîťäň 2

    Fèîťäň 26 dias atrás

    you need to make tge base bigger

  25. Stay Static

    Stay Static7 dias atrás

    Okay so I've never met anyone who calls jello, jelly.

  26. Soap Opera

    Soap Opera7 dias atrás

    Nobody: The Shining: 3:23

  27. Lakshya Kwatra

    Lakshya Kwatra7 dias atrás

    5:31 Oh yeah, spank it...

  28. BeersAndBacon Gaming

    BeersAndBacon Gaming7 dias atrás

    It's rank because gelatin is made by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones with water lol. So it can certainly go rotten.

  29. ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose

    ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose7 dias atrás

    It would behoove you to know what gelatin is made out of.

  30. Ledger Wilcox

    Ledger Wilcox8 dias atrás

    We call it jello

  31. Teddyx7617

    Teddyx76178 dias atrás


  32. Jesse Keen

    Jesse Keen8 dias atrás

    Mark rober

  33. Luigi Macaraig

    Luigi Macaraig8 dias atrás

    Laughed so hard when his nose bent. Imagine if it was Gavin's big nose

  34. Fire_master 60000

    Fire_master 600008 dias atrás

    You’re wrong we Americans don’t call it jam we call it jelly too lol

  35. CheddarChipRufflez

    CheddarChipRufflez9 dias atrás

    Eat Your Cereal

  36. Ethan Goslin

    Ethan Goslin9 dias atrás

    *Mark Rober wants to know your location*

  37. Prime Time

    Prime Time9 dias atrás

    Actually Mark Rober created the worlds largest jelly

  38. Adam Blesener

    Adam Blesener9 dias atrás

    We do NOT call that jam. It’s jello. I know that jello is the brand but it’s what it’s called, I don’t care what you think

  39. Aaron J M Miles

    Aaron J M Miles9 dias atrás

    Dan not so casually presenting a spoon while half encased in jelly is my personal highlight 😂

  40. KcHunterGirl 51

    KcHunterGirl 519 dias atrás

    Its jello

  41. Max 57125

    Max 571259 dias atrás

    Mark rober making the American jelly pool

  42. JamesthekinggamerXD

    JamesthekinggamerXD9 dias atrás

    No that goes to mark Rober

  43. Jacob Whitaker

    Jacob Whitaker9 dias atrás

    Americans called it jello


    THEMASTEREAL9 dias atrás

    “World’s biggest” except it isn’t.

  45. Captain Corv

    Captain Corv9 dias atrás

    Was just watching body cam footage of a police officer in a shootout. The blood flowed exactly how that first jello flowed

  46. OliveMan 16

    OliveMan 169 dias atrás

    Dan should let fav do it since he has a broken hand

  47. Spider Boi

    Spider Boi9 dias atrás

    It’s jello

  48. Vincent B

    Vincent B10 dias atrás

    Americans do call it jelly

  49. Myonna Johnson

    Myonna Johnson10 dias atrás

    We call it Jell-o

  50. Late Night Cereal

    Late Night Cereal10 dias atrás

    Is that why the English only thinks jam exists? You accidentally used jellies name for jello, so you were like, "well, let's just say Americans call jam jelly."

  51. ThingsForYourScreen

    ThingsForYourScreen10 dias atrás

    Dan fell onto a pile of glass when he swims, watch the slowmo the jelly shattered the retaining glass

  52. Willis McGillis

    Willis McGillis10 dias atrás

    0:55 does Dan have autism or something? Dude just calculated 28000÷2÷365 while forming and projecting a full sentence.

  53. Willis McGillis

    Willis McGillis8 dias atrás

    @Laura H. It was a joke! Will everyone please stop being so hypersensitive? I swear I cant even say "bless you" without offending someone

  54. Laura H.

    Laura H.8 dias atrás

    he probably calculated it before?

  55. Willis McGillis

    Willis McGillis8 dias atrás

    @Adrian Matthew Rai youre right, I meant to say aspergers.

  56. Adrian Matthew Rai

    Adrian Matthew Rai8 dias atrás

    As someone whos autistic, math is so so hard i have no idea why people think we're like calculators lol

  57. alberg 24

    alberg 2410 dias atrás


  58. 乃尺ㄩ卄乃尺ㄩ卄uoɹǝɯɐƆ

    乃尺ㄩ卄乃尺ㄩ卄uoɹǝɯɐƆ10 dias atrás

    I'm in America and its called jelly and Jellatin

  59. Louise Denehy

    Louise Denehy11 dias atrás

    America we all it jell-O, btw.

  60. Toaster Strudles

    Toaster Strudles11 dias atrás

    Americans call it jelly

  61. Bearcat Pest Control Vlogging

    Bearcat Pest Control Vlogging11 dias atrás

    Americans call it jell-o

  62. SauliusLT cool

    SauliusLT cool11 dias atrás

    Why was this recommended in the Minecraft survival guide feed?

  63. krushna Nagpure

    krushna Nagpure11 dias atrás

    It looks like it's blood

  64. 6e7 David KIROLOS

    6e7 David KIROLOS11 dias atrás

    How much does it cost i need to know

  65. MissAbiDoe

    MissAbiDoe12 dias atrás

    gavin smacking the jelly *OH yeah*