Worst As Seen On TV Products - RANKED


  1. HoLland-a-Saucy

    HoLland-a-Saucy7 horas atrás

    The face mask reminded me of the horror movie, “Eyes Without a Face”

  2. YellowKomodo

    YellowKomodo21 hora atrás

    Love it when the crew are all on

  3. Crystal Lizard

    Crystal Lizard3 dias atrás

    I remember seeing the ear vacuum when I was young

  4. strove stones

    strove stones4 dias atrás

    "It could be a good torture device though like you put the eye or something" ......oh

  5. Smash Revino

    Smash Revino4 dias atrás

    Emily made the weirdest creepiest face I’ve ever seen on a girl when she flipped her hair at the beginning. It gave me the chills

  6. The Wxlf Pack

    The Wxlf Pack4 dias atrás

    2:25-2:34 listen with eyes closed

  7. Grace O'Brien

    Grace O'Brien5 dias atrás

    is that cotton candy randy

  8. Avery Sammons

    Avery Sammons5 dias atrás

    Emily has such beautiful hair!

  9. Aii Grey

    Aii Grey5 dias atrás

    A schnitzel is not a piece of fried chicken... 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. Matthew Austin

    Matthew Austin6 dias atrás

    Emily. Good lord! There is just something about her.

  11. Emily L

    Emily L10 dias atrás

    Spot training is a myth

  12. Kinsey Fischer

    Kinsey Fischer10 dias atrás

    I have the ear cleaning thing

  13. MJ Music

    MJ Music10 dias atrás

    When she put the mask on

  14. Natsudragneeel Fairytail

    Natsudragneeel Fairytail11 dias atrás


  15. Max Merrill

    Max Merrill12 dias atrás

    11:10 aaaayyy its sally face

  16. Tony Iommi

    Tony Iommi12 dias atrás

    Emily, I’m in love with you.

  17. Vicki Sakakeeny

    Vicki Sakakeeny12 dias atrás

    critine is my favorit because she's into shoes judging by the fact she has breds and shattred back bords

  18. Jordan Patton

    Jordan Patton12 dias atrás

    Ummmm....is Jordan like a relative of Patton Oswalt? Cuz like?

  19. Wolf Cub

    Wolf Cub12 dias atrás

    Jordan was *shook* when Rhett opened that egg

  20. avery rios

    avery rios13 dias atrás

    Look how much ankle Rhett is showing 11:28 😂😍

  21. Master of Disguise

    Master of Disguise13 dias atrás

    Only wimps binge a season of Bojack at night. I watch the whole show!

  22. Asiyah David

    Asiyah David14 dias atrás

    What's up with the single mother joke?

  23. Cori Chan

    Cori Chan16 dias atrás

    that cottonswab really hurt my throat, i felt the pain

  24. ImDeh Best46

    ImDeh Best4617 dias atrás

    ‘Can I still call for that special offer’

  25. ZaikobonTV

    ZaikobonTV17 dias atrás

    2:24 some ahegao goin on


    ZARA WATTS18 dias atrás

    6:27 ahhhhhhh

  27. Skystalker

    Skystalker19 dias atrás

    How is the Flowbee and the GLH spray not in this?

  28. Benen Miller

    Benen Miller20 dias atrás

    Deeper rhett

  29. Jackie Bennett

    Jackie Bennett20 dias atrás

    Link makes me think of Dana Carvey

  30. Qualava

    Qualava21 dia atrás

    2:25 - 2:35 thats what she said

  31. Chris Woolever

    Chris Woolever21 dia atrás

    Imma need that redheads number

  32. TheMewtilator

    TheMewtilator22 dias atrás

    WTH?! No facial flex??

  33. Wet Floor Productions

    Wet Floor Productions23 dias atrás

    Link is gay confirmed

  34. Slxxpyhollow

    Slxxpyhollow23 dias atrás

    Emily is so hot

  35. Alpha_Goddess

    Alpha_Goddess23 dias atrás

    Did anyone else think that the mask look like the kid from Dr.Who ( reboot) ? It reminds me of the gas masks...

  36. Landon Dutan Pasato

    Landon Dutan Pasato25 dias atrás

    Will it french fry

  37. applesandshoes

    applesandshoes25 dias atrás


  38. Chris

    Chris26 dias atrás

    9:22 Rhett you liar what do you think a rope tricep pulldown extension is.

  39. Redhead Update

    Redhead Update26 dias atrás

    Schnitzel is pork

  40. Chance Whybark

    Chance Whybark28 dias atrás

    9:30 bike pump. Old style manual railroad propulsion mechanism.

  41. yeey

    yeey29 dias atrás

    4:26 for the best part

  42. Sebastian Rios

    Sebastian RiosMês atrás

    I miss old good mythical morning when they would eat bugs 😂

  43. dylan jordan

    dylan jordanMês atrás

    I'm in love with the red head

  44. Peter Harris

    Peter HarrisMês atrás

    Yes Link u are weird

  45. Sarah Peterson

    Sarah PetersonMês atrás

    That face "rejuvenator" could totally be a serial killer mask...

  46. Bodie Accurso

    Bodie AccursoMês atrás

    2:25 completely that’s what she said jokes

  47. rufus gillespie

    rufus gillespieMês atrás

    How many times has your intro changed


    LAGGSANITYMês atrás

    Tan girl has shattered backboards 1s on. GG

  49. Princess Fuzzy

    Princess FuzzyMês atrás

    Are Jordan and Emily related?

  50. Kaitlyn J.

    Kaitlyn J.Mês atrás

    "It smells like a bitter divorce in here." 😂😂😂 i love Emily

  51. Cranking KingsTV

    Cranking KingsTVMês atrás

    Thats what she said 3:13

  52. cgougeon1535

    cgougeon1535Mês atrás

    V fab

  53. Evil Zach15

    Evil Zach15Mês atrás

    I had the wierdest state farm ad just now

  54. Diego Perez

    Diego PerezMês atrás

    Nobody: Jordan: HaPpY cOtEn CaNdY dAy DaDdies

  55. Marc Meier

    Marc MeierMês atrás

    7:14 *”I laughed the loudest, who’d have known...”*

  56. Eiji Kazama

    Eiji KazamaMês atrás

    i have a question...does it work on nose? for someone who have sinus problems or nose blockage?😀

  57. Austin Sanders

    Austin SandersMês atrás

    The entire crew is just nothing but real savages 😂 I love you guys

  58. Greg Paul

    Greg PaulMês atrás

    9:14 That don't involve

  59. Izzy Nat154

    Izzy Nat154Mês atrás

    Was it just me or did the mask look like it was out of the purge

  60. Zeretox Gaming

    Zeretox GamingMês atrás

    The movement of Stevie's eye brows is all I want

  61. samhouston1979

    samhouston1979Mês atrás

    If the “Epilady” doesn’t show up, I’ll be disappointed. It literally had a rotating coil that ripped hair from your face

  62. Sportykind’ve Vines

    Sportykind’ve VinesMês atrás

    The Boy is Rhett

  63. Pseudonym

    PseudonymMês atrás

    Is that Patton Oswald's brother?

  64. Temporärer Name

    Temporärer NameMês atrás

    Jetzt hab ich bock auf Schnitzel...

  65. Harry Todhunter

    Harry TodhunterMês atrás

    Everyone talking about stevie, Emily and jordan, but nobody is talking about Christine. SHE IS FREAKIN ADORABLE

  66. you must not know dick about starkid

    you must not know dick about starkid16 dias atrás

    I love her, extremely underrated. They make fun of her but clearly she's familiar with the gym.

  67. SilverFox

    SilverFoxMês atrás

    Do you know Joko and Klaas? They're german and you 2 are the english version of them

  68. HackySack

    HackySackMês atrás

    2:27 close your eyes and listen

  69. Marty Nguyen

    Marty NguyenMês atrás

    9:19 well that doesn't replicate any of the exercises...:D says the guy that doesn't go to the gym :DD that is really similar to close grip bench press or triceps pressdowns depending on the angle

  70. Marty Nguyen

    Marty NguyenMês atrás

    Stevie is a beauty

  71. BMoney8600

    BMoney8600Mês atrás

    I remember the Wax Vac commercial especially the "OW" part

  72. Emmy Lloyd

    Emmy LloydMês atrás

    So Jordan has a fetish for single moms and first responders? Good for him 😂

  73. Jesa Freese

    Jesa FreeseMês atrás

    I love that Bojack basically got a shoutout. 😂😂 Also... That face mask is TERRIFYING!!!

  74. DirtBikeBoy

    DirtBikeBoyMês atrás

    Schnitzel... Radda radda raddaradda radda. (CartoonNetwork-Chowder.)

  75. CAGsoccer 7

    CAGsoccer 7Mês atrás

    This is the best channel on BRreporter I love it it’s so fun to watch I love your vids

  76. Mr pickenz

    Mr pickenzMês atrás

    The amount of soy in this room is ridiculous...

  77. Jarrod Carter

    Jarrod CarterMês atrás

    Stevie's so gorgeous!!!

  78. agustin herrera

    agustin herreraMês atrás

    I didn’t know what a Schnitzel was. I thought they were talking about some guy I know. Rada Rada.

  79. Tekashi 69

    Tekashi 69Mês atrás

    how many "thats what she said" jokes could I say in this video. A lot.

  80. Juan Diaz

    Juan DiazMês atrás

    STOP shaking your flaps 6:45 🤢

  81. Morgan Lubansky

    Morgan LubanskyMês atrás

    Am i the only one that thought he was dressed as rick in the thumbnail??

  82. Jerome Benipayo

    Jerome Benipayo2 meses atrás

    Wow. Didn't know stevie has a dirty mind. Makes her hotter.

  83. 10/10 Spellling

    10/10 Spellling2 meses atrás

    When we will see the Will it beauty mask video?

  84. The French Scetch

    The French Scetch2 meses atrás

    Who remembers when the wheel of mythicality was spun during the video?

  85. Game Master

    Game Master2 meses atrás

    Stevie, you got my hearth dammit!

  86. AnselAlly

    AnselAlly2 meses atrás

    Im convinced that GMM only hired good looking people.

  87. Jack Roberts

    Jack Roberts2 meses atrás

    I learned how to make a pizza bagel/ baguette before how to scramble an egg.

  88. Destiny Watson

    Destiny Watson2 meses atrás

    Years later and I’m still wondering where Link got the shirt he’s wearing

  89. Ann-Jaqueline Elendt

    Ann-Jaqueline Elendt2 meses atrás

    A Schnitzel is not fried chicken! It can be any meat, but it is mostly pork. And it can be a huge flapp of meat.

  90. Linda Forand

    Linda Forand2 meses atrás

    Wasn't this on before?? 😳

  91. Michaël X

    Michaël X2 meses atrás

    These products are fantastic!* I thought these were supposed to be terrible?? *Well, except for maybe the creepy horror movie mask.

  92. christina wechkin

    christina wechkin2 meses atrás

    *hears vibrations and moaning* 'honey??' dont worry babe. its my... e g g s c r a m b l e r if ya know what i mean 😏

  93. Justin Barber

    Justin Barber2 meses atrás

    Well HELLO Emily. Yummy😋😍

  94. Tanisha Kumar Is an Army,Monbebe,and a Blink!!!

    Tanisha Kumar Is an Army,Monbebe,and a Blink!!!2 meses atrás

    Stevie is so pretty! High five girlfriend!

  95. airfobrat

    airfobrat2 meses atrás

    schnitzel - fried PORK not chicken -.-

  96. Brandon Gainer

    Brandon Gainer2 meses atrás

    Rhett's face at 4:29 is hilarious

  97. MCNUGGET Minecraft

    MCNUGGET Minecraft2 meses atrás


  98. Janja

    Janja2 meses atrás

    "It will be great torture device if you put your eye in it" XD my kind of humor

  99. XMaddyXheartX Z

    XMaddyXheartX Z2 meses atrás

    Do will it ramen

  100. memesdanker

    memesdanker2 meses atrás

    Link: Harder, deeper, deeper, DEEPER

  101. Mahdi Uddin

    Mahdi Uddin2 meses atrás

    Stevie is over 30 wtf?