XXXTENTACION - bad vibes forever (Official Video) (feat. PnB Rock & Trippie Redd)


  1. Jayson Team

    Jayson Team31 minuto atrás

    He gonna live in my heart I don’t know about fakers

  2. Fortnite vids

    Fortnite vidsHora atrás

    Wtf we keep losing legends tupac now kobe

  3. Ajax the Great

    Ajax the GreatHora atrás

    I wish xx was still alive 😢

  4. Colton Fivecoats

    Colton Fivecoats2 horas atrás

    We ain't got to talk too much girl we can just put our grind on tonight

  5. Cloud King

    Cloud King2 horas atrás

    Songs like this are why I hate posthumous album releases because this is barely even a melody to base a song upon and PNB rocks nasty ass hopped on when no one ever gave a fuck about him. And trippie I understand but pnb rock sucks ass and it's just shitty mainstream capitalizing of a dead man. Stupid fucking Atlantic

  6. Zuk

    Zuk2 horas atrás

    Bruh is that other guy supposed to be X? cant replace x sorry :))

  7. brawl stars lokao eleutheriou

    brawl stars lokao eleutheriou2 horas atrás


  8. Tristan Salazar

    Tristan Salazar3 horas atrás

    A person never dies unless you keep them out of your heart. Goodbye you are our prince🙏

  9. anthony asselin

    anthony asselin3 horas atrás

    This song just hit me right in the feels everytime...

  10. Kxi Xrin

    Kxi Xrin4 horas atrás

    Imma ask again..why isn't Ski on this song?? Y'all heard So High off Stokeley?? He lowkey got vocals. LLJ☁️🕊️

  11. Clashing wi Nemesis.

    Clashing wi Nemesis.4 horas atrás

    Uzi and playboi carti are better.

  12. Daniel horacio

    Daniel horacio6 horas atrás

    Tem uma música do x parecida com essa mais n e ela alguém pode me ajudar?

  13. Ghost _Hunter211

    Ghost _Hunter2117 horas atrás

    I don't how people can dislike this! This song is soo beautiful :)

  14. SilkyDistress14

    SilkyDistress148 horas atrás

    After a month and i JUST now realized that the kid in the restaurant at 0:37 was wearing a shirt with x's face on it

  15. Mahdeeul Islam

    Mahdeeul Islam8 horas atrás

    Rip X I love trippe redd

  16. Alone

    Alone9 horas atrás

    Long life X🥀

  17. Sérgio royale

    Sérgio royale10 horas atrás

    Quem é brasileiro e está ouvindo em 2020 deixa o like

  18. Inês Oliveira

    Inês Oliveira10 horas atrás

    this is definitely not the kind of music videos that x would do, but I appreciate the effort anyway... I'm sure he would too...

  19. Mapas De Fortnite

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  20. Pedro Henrique Perazzolli

    Pedro Henrique Perazzolli11 horas atrás

    Muito top

  21. Wan Danial Asyraf

    Wan Danial Asyraf12 horas atrás

    Ooh, get your grind on tonight Grind all night, in the end Nigga, eyes roll in my brain, what we gon' do? I can barely keep control Catch the vibe of me, get the feel of me, in front of me Ooh, get your grind on tonight Grind on tonight, in the end Nigga, eyes roll in my brain, what we gon' do? I can barely keep control Catch the vibe of me, get the feel of me, in front of me I said, "Hey, put your pride right to the side" I can waste your time Or I can change your life, I said now "Oh, shawty, where you goin'? I just need one moment So baby, keep your focus" I said, "Stay, stay, babe Stay, stay with me Stay, stay, babe Please don't run away Please don't stray away" Ooh, get your grind on tonight Grind all night, in the end Nigga, eyes roll in my brain, what we gon' do? I can barely keep control Catch the vibe of me, get the feel of me, in front of me (oh yeah) Ooh (yeah) I can barely keep control (control) When you're grindin' all on me, ridin' all on me Girl, you take my soul, yeah (yeah) Ooh, you look like the girl of my dreams (dreams) My heart is on lock, need a key (key) It's right in your pocket, you see All sex, no stress (stress) I ain't tryna hold you back (back) Ice on, who bought you that? (Ice) Don't want you to go out sad (sad) Girl, you know I'm fallin' for you (yeah) And girl, you know I'm all in for you (yeah) And I'm in love with you Everything you do Ooh, get your grind on tonight Grind on tonight, in the end Nigga, eyes roll in my brain, what we gon' do? I can barely keep control Catch the vibe of me, get the feel of me, in front of me

  22. Janos Boros

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  23. TagForcer TLX.14

    TagForcer TLX.1412 horas atrás

    Legends Curse: 2017 - Lil Peep 2018 - XXXTentacion 2019 - Juice WRLD 2020 - Kobe Bryant Got those who don't know what, "Legends Curse" means. It's an effect that I completely made up where, one "Legend" will die a year, example is shown above, so yeah.

  24. 물개

    물개13 horas atrás

    we miss u X

  25. corrupted Sync

    corrupted Sync14 horas atrás

    I can't even fucking understand him the beats over powering his voice or his mumbling

  26. Cadence Griffith

    Cadence Griffith14 horas atrás


  27. Nigh CoreReality

    Nigh CoreReality15 horas atrás

    Or tell me he's not dead XXXTeNCioN

  28. The seven Deadly sins

    The seven Deadly sins15 horas atrás

    wow you did good xxx girl we love you and xxx


    LA'TAVIUS JULIUS16 horas atrás

    Rip x remember young beast

  30. Tapi Talley

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  31. DaHuskyGaming

    DaHuskyGaming17 horas atrás

    well his last video before he died ....

  32. Koda Stoned

    Koda Stoned22 horas atrás

    Fav x song

  33. Jabari Spears

    Jabari Spears23 horas atrás

    First xxx Then juice Now kobe and gianna plzz make it stop🤧💕

  34. The king Of death

    The king Of death23 horas atrás

    Rest in peace x I will never forget you you will always be remembered you lived nice caring Legend and you died nice caring legend you will always be in my heart forever

  35. joely

    joelyDia atrás

    Honestly trippie is usally just autotuned leaned out garbage in my opinion but.... This is actually good you can tell he cares about making this song a good send off for X and I really think he should sing more coz dribbling over a mic isn’t the best

  36. Awais Ahmed

    Awais Ahmed5 horas atrás

    joely what fucking mumbling all the time rather listen to trippie screaming

  37. joely

    joely5 horas atrás

    Awais Ahmed yeah but X sounds good

  38. Awais Ahmed

    Awais Ahmed9 horas atrás

    joely he barely uses auto tune if anything x does

  39. dom eddy

    dom eddyDia atrás

    The one guy at the table have a x shirt on

  40. Daniel Rodriguez

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  41. Slavic Gaming

    Slavic GamingDia atrás

    Rip My Man xxx

  42. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel RodriguezDia atrás

    Sad :'( :'( :'( 😭😭😭

  43. Jackson Jackson

    Jackson JacksonDia atrás

    i still love x after he died i was the one wit bad vibes forever

  44. doron clark

    doron clarkDia atrás

    X for life

  45. GaryDLS

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  46. Daul Dentiny Dragon

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  47. Daul Dentiny Dragon

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  48. Skdj Djdjs

    Skdj DjdjsDia atrás

    2017: peep 2018: x 2019: juice 2020:Kobe 😭

  49. SnirHR

    SnirHRDia atrás

    Heros come and go Legends stay Forever ~Kobe Bryant R.I.P X R.I.P Kobe R.I.P juice wrld R.I.P Lil Peep

  50. Emanuel Jefferson

    Emanuel JeffersonDia atrás

    Finally gets on radio

  51. Gachasadness

    GachasadnessDia atrás

    2017 Lil peep 2018 xxx 2019 juice wrld 2020 ..?

  52. lil tef

    lil tefDia atrás

    Love xxxtentacion💟♥️

  53. thanasis stamato

    thanasis stamatoDia atrás

    U were the best x 🙏🙏🙏

  54. Toochee Downs

    Toochee DownsDia atrás

    We die twice. Once when we die and the next when the last person who remembered us dies.

  55. Dia atrás

    Xxxtentacion my hero 😞

  56. Kero

    KeroDia atrás

    I wasn't such a big fan of him sure he had some fire 🔥 songs but this one made me cry Rest in peace to all the legends❤️🕊️

  57. Tonnie bryt

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  58. Gum Yoo

    Gum YooDia atrás

    Pnb rock sounds like x

  59. Imre Kiss

    Imre KissDia atrás

    OMG The babe is a sexbomb !!

  60. emme arellano

    emme arellanoDia atrás

    respect women you freak

  61. sukarius

    sukariusDia atrás

    you wont be forgotten in next generations

  62. Jackson Bruno

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  63. snowdum ツ

    snowdum ツDia atrás

    rest in peace kobe, forever in our hearts

  64. Sam Kumar

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