YBN Cordae - Broke As F**k (Official Video)


  1. HighDefinition.

    HighDefinition.2 horas atrás


  2. tyler.kane

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    THEDCBLUELINE YT4 horas atrás

    He’s so underrated ☹️

  4. qrscanner gt

    qrscanner gt11 horas atrás

    Mom: why you didn't brought the pen that you Broke Me: 0:11

  5. Yo Boi Sunset

    Yo Boi Sunset13 horas atrás

    Hey sulema😂

  6. Geoffrey Evans

    Geoffrey Evans14 horas atrás

    That second beat reminds me of a soulful Kanye/Common vibe.

  7. The Spedeski

    The Spedeski15 horas atrás

    Ayeee I still bike to the store

  8. random soccer nation

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  9. mohammad alali

    mohammad alali18 horas atrás

    i love you man aint no one doing rap music in such pure and authentic way, i hope i gets to see you live one day man fr fr much love

  10. Jerry V

    Jerry V18 horas atrás

    Negroes acting stupid under the strict supervision of their Jewish producers....!!!!...... Jews needs this blacks to rap about guns, violence, money, mamon.... Destroying black American society!!!... Jews were behind slave trade, from beggining, Google it... Aaron Lopez etc

  11. BiGMANLUiS

    BiGMANLUiS2 horas atrás

    chill fucking antisemit

  12. Nick boi Rocket launcherQ

    Nick boi Rocket launcherQ19 horas atrás

    Reco nasty fell s

  13. Mike Jones

    Mike Jones23 horas atrás

    Yo this deserves so many more views

  14. Rex Noct

    Rex Noct23 horas atrás

    that beat switch tho

  15. Quinn Hiles

    Quinn HilesDia atrás

    How i make a million from a dollar it was dummy luck !!

  16. Endless _eric32

    Endless _eric32Dia atrás

    This is this generations tyler the creator

  17. Tony_The_Goat -YT

    Tony_The_Goat -YTDia atrás

    Who else thought it was over

  18. Bagyo Jenner-Webster

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    that beat change thoooo @1:59

  19. Quickthony Quicktano

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  20. square_bodyz 1972

    square_bodyz 1972Dia atrás

    That's a sick ass bike

  21. Set Subarashii

    Set SubarashiiDia atrás

    I love that he loves his grandma, I love my grandma too that’s relatable. I’m holding onto every precious day I have with her... 😭

  22. clan G3RIND

    clan G3RINDDia atrás

    I'm still broke af

  23. Phillip Malveaux

    Phillip MalveauxDia atrás

    Album of the Year so far

  24. Adriiin Delan

    Adriiin DelanDia atrás

    Deep and harf af💯💯👌🏻👌🏻

  25. Brandon Terrill

    Brandon TerrillDia atrás

    that beat flip into the resurrection, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Joe _

    Joe _Dia atrás

    This camera work is insane

  27. Mr DMENOR

    Mr DMENOR2 dias atrás

    this is what we need more of! FOR THE CULTURE!

  28. Supernova

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  29. The god

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  30. Thale Leaf

    Thale Leaf2 dias atrás

    Glad there is finally some mainstream that isnt so brainless Edit: loved how the beat and mood changed later in song

  31. Bugzzy Banks

    Bugzzy Banks2 dias atrás

    Hope people realize you in the nomination with pros #HHA

  32. ash greninja

    ash greninja2 dias atrás

    Cordae: Prada I like Fendi too Blue Face: oooooooooh

  33. Kalob Norton

    Kalob Norton2 dias atrás

    Real shit

  34. banke ibitoye

    banke ibitoye2 dias atrás

    Producer:how many girls do u want in this video Cordae: huh?

  35. Marcus Rivera

    Marcus Rivera2 dias atrás

    The next Cole 🙌🏽🙌🏽 REAL lyricists are still alive and well 🙏🏽


    COMP STXRMZ2 dias atrás

    Yo could bail him out with yo rich ass

  37. lolvideowatch

    lolvideowatch2 dias atrás

    I wish he made the second half of this song longer or a separate track, but i guess he was broke as fuck he had to put 2 tracks on 1 to save that money

  38. Joshua Galvan

    Joshua Galvan2 dias atrás

    Did you go to beacon high G?

  39. Logan Carpenter

    Logan Carpenter3 dias atrás

    he went crazyyyyyy

  40. TRN Blast

    TRN Blast3 dias atrás

    I'm not dying until I get a Cordae and Denzel Curry collab

  41. TRN Blast

    TRN Blast16 horas atrás

    Oh yeah forgot, sorry

  42. Raymond Rivas

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  43. Master Mcbates

    Master McbatesDia atrás

    they have brreporter.com/v/video-IJhyaDfhpy4.html

  44. ibra_17 dz

    ibra_17 dz3 dias atrás

    YBN Cordae making is way through rappers" ass

  45. Thee OnyxMonique Channel

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  46. Theodore Cornelius-Adkins

    Theodore Cornelius-Adkins3 dias atrás

    pure fire u dislike u gay

  47. the blesses one

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  48. Nicole Blackman

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  49. Robert Rodrigue

    Robert Rodrigue3 dias atrás

    These are the type of rappers that make history.

  50. Storm Clan

    Storm Clan3 dias atrás

    Has a comathezine bands flow

  51. LiqUiD November

    LiqUiD November3 dias atrás

    H E L L A B A N G E R

  52. SK.Erase

    SK.Erase3 dias atrás

    He just copied school boy q’s flow

  53. John Doe

    John Doe2 dias atrás

    Just like he did with J.I.D.'s NEVER. Go listen to it then go listen to Kung Fu😂😂

  54. Lil Pump

    Lil Pump3 dias atrás

    This should blow up, not panini

  55. cody krona

    cody krona3 dias atrás

    man got shot over a brisk

  56. Flexx 3Much

    Flexx 3Much3 dias atrás

    Gave me the chills gangggg🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. kelsey bocek

    kelsey bocek3 dias atrás

    I'm 23 and fuck with you hard fam 🔥🔥 you lyrical af for being a young dude in the game and really paint a picture. Keep grinding and salute for keeping this real shit alive and making sure we feel it, Love 💪🏼

  58. CooliJoni

    CooliJoni3 dias atrás

    *This Beat* 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Star-boy Diego

    Star-boy Diego3 dias atrás

    Piti sa bon anpil wi

  60. TehZapp

    TehZapp3 dias atrás

    4 years from now, Cordae will be huge, mark my words

  61. SebbeF

    SebbeF3 dias atrás

    Incredible how much better the second part sounds when listening through the whole thing.

  62. Domenick Castro

    Domenick Castro4 dias atrás

    This song heat and the beat switch good 🤯🔥🤯

  63. Tshepiso Mbodi

    Tshepiso Mbodi4 dias atrás

    I love this song

  64. JBRG_Yasco

    JBRG_Yasco4 dias atrás

    🔥🔥but y you look 14😂

  65. Sxnxstro Oficial

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