1. Let Me Explain Studios

    Let Me Explain Studios2 anos atrás

    Just so this is addressed from the get-go, I asked Jaiden several times if I could use any recording of her and she was completely fine with it.

  2. Itz Pancakes!

    Itz Pancakes!4 meses atrás

    I love ur videos

  3. Kario The best

    Kario The best4 meses atrás

    I love your vids and I like it more then no body have never seen and your vids more better

  4. Wahab Alwasmi

    Wahab Alwasmi4 meses atrás

    I love you

  5. Michael Shoemaker

    Michael ShoemakerHora atrás

    Hey for tomska why didn’t you draw his eddswold for

  6. mastenmangames play's

    mastenmangames play's13 horas atrás

    Lucky meeting a king. . . Fnaf king :v so jealous

  7. Mai Miklič

    Mai Miklič3 dias atrás

    *Rewatch Videos time* After 2 years she finally caught up to him *YasSsSsS*

  8. Macie’s epic vids Take two

    Macie’s epic vids Take two4 dias atrás

    Why do you draw James so small

  9. Ramiro Hernandez

    Ramiro Hernandez5 dias atrás

    Thanks Tom

  10. crazydaveo3

    crazydaveo36 dias atrás

    I want to say I’m an animator, but I’m trash, I am so bad...

  11. Kim Cutiepie

    Kim Cutiepie6 dias atrás

    Btw the cup ramen r all korean and the restaurants r korean

  12. Ashley Rodriguez

    Ashley Rodriguez6 dias atrás

    Rebeca mama mode is to strict

  13. Santiago Jose Florentino Gutierrez

    Santiago Jose Florentino Gutierrez7 dias atrás

    You seen Tom I know him he does his own Chanel and eddworld chanel

  14. Min tokiga bror

    Min tokiga bror8 dias atrás

    1:28 now we know how jaiden looks

  15. Mr. Stopmotion

    Mr. Stopmotion9 dias atrás

    Look at James a 1:29 he’s just Itching himself

  16. tica leaf

    tica leaf10 dias atrás

    😱😃😁😆:When I saw you and Tom with Markiplier himself!

  17. Tofu Time

    Tofu Time11 dias atrás

    The animated markaplier looks like a alien

  18. bendy and frends

    bendy and frends13 dias atrás


  19. Shea Humbard

    Shea Humbard13 dias atrás

    2:28 Red That Is Blue !?

  20. Rosario Juarez

    Rosario Juarez14 dias atrás

    Thanks Tom

  21. Charlie Smith

    Charlie Smith14 dias atrás

    I love him I was laughing on google fued he said for one of the question he said for one answer he said a dog named Steve I was laughing at that

  22. Trollfeeder1234

    Trollfeeder123414 dias atrás

    I ship em You know which ship

  23. SteelDefense-ESP

    SteelDefense-ESP16 dias atrás

    ... What Just Happend Right Now?

  24. FloofBall101

    FloofBall10116 dias atrás

    *Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks Tommmmmmm*

  25. Hayden Hahn

    Hayden Hahn17 dias atrás

    9:35 Omg it’s jaiden and she has a face!😂

  26. Isidora Acevedo

    Isidora Acevedo17 dias atrás

    Wow you are talented! You could work on broadway! I would go see you, I live in NYC

  27. PuggyWuggy 2000

    PuggyWuggy 200017 dias atrás

    I just felt so at ease, and so happy- JAIDEN POSES We all stood outside and just chat- JAIDEN POSES

  28. EeveeGirl :3

    EeveeGirl :318 dias atrás

    *Thanks Tooooom*

  29. Jay’s Jayden

    Jay’s Jayden19 dias atrás

    OMG my name is Jayden to tell me herBRreporter channel

  30. Tula Tula

    Tula Tula19 dias atrás

    THX TOM!

  31. Kovid Cadera

    Kovid Cadera19 dias atrás

    Rebecca: We shopped around a Japanese market Me: Oh cool! *Notices Korean writing and sign of Korean BBQ (7:30) 0_o Are WE invading Japan now?

  32. Obaid Qidwai

    Obaid Qidwai21 dia atrás

    becuse i live in another coutry

  33. Obaid Qidwai

    Obaid Qidwai21 dia atrás

    i can't go to vidco

  34. Nemo Ethan Strayed

    Nemo Ethan Strayed21 dia atrás

    1:11 Errr... Rebecca... I'm afraid you let Baymax take James's spot... EDIT: 6:51 Okay. It got real serious.

  35. ITZ_BOYbones_ XD

    ITZ_BOYbones_ XD23 dias atrás

    1:28 jaiden wach cho lookin at hahahaa i cant see jame in this shot though

  36. Lizbeth Martinez

    Lizbeth Martinez24 dias atrás


  37. Hectic Finess

    Hectic Finess25 dias atrás


  38. Daemyn Saldivar

    Daemyn Saldivar26 dias atrás

    She roasted the annoying orange guys 0:25

  39. Joshua Dun

    Joshua Dun27 dias atrás

    1:25 jaiden animations face reveal😱

  40. The Last Despacito Spider

    The Last Despacito Spider28 dias atrás

    The pronunciation is ma ma becca :)

  41. Sara Anderson

    Sara Anderson28 dias atrás

    Will you do vid con on 2019 or 2020 Because my parents don’t have enough money for your merchandise And I have never seen a BRreporterr in real life Also I think I might have fun at vid con

  42. AnnoyinglySalty

    AnnoyinglySalty28 dias atrás

    Tom isn't just the greatest human alive, he's a KWEEN!!!!

  43. AnnoyinglySalty

    AnnoyinglySalty28 dias atrás

    Said before, will say it again, Jaiden is prettier then she gives herself credit for.