Young Dolph, Key Glock - Baby Joker (Official Video)


  1. johnny big potato

    johnny big potatoDia atrás

    Why i dont have pool

  2. guacboy1973 Stunner baby

    guacboy1973 Stunner baby2 dias atrás

    Been running shit tell these lil niggas quit playin

  3. Adrian Doucette

    Adrian Doucette4 dias atrás

    The 4 Powers of Foreskin ~ Pleasure - Protection - Lubrication - Connection

  4. Clay Poxon

    Clay Poxon4 dias atrás

    Here after watching Joker 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Aaron Wambold

    Aaron Wambold5 dias atrás

    dam there's three in the tie for number one rap song

  6. Insta Rymes

    Insta Rymes6 dias atrás


    EXPLORATOR YT6 dias atrás

    1:29 ugly af

  8. Tarence Burrell

    Tarence Burrell7 dias atrás

    Key glock is trash asf 😂😂

  9. Mansa musa

    Mansa musa7 dias atrás

    Mexican Women Love The Black Mandingo

  10. MJ

    MJ7 dias atrás

    I can tell that 5'3 Mexican dude has been threw some shit

  11. Ben Madriz

    Ben Madriz7 dias atrás

    dope af

  12. token guy

    token guy8 dias atrás

    lmfaooo 2:52 look @ the blinds in the house

  13. Chris Maldonado Noco 970

    Chris Maldonado Noco 9709 dias atrás

    I respect Dolph 💯k even mode since he showed mad love to la Gente

  14. Matthew Mason

    Matthew Mason9 dias atrás

    Aye Dolph how you get 18M on this without WorldStar😂😂😂😂

  15. Derrick Johnson

    Derrick Johnson10 dias atrás

    This video lit

  16. TheCuttybrown

    TheCuttybrown10 dias atrás

    bump this too tho... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👇 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👆 if not.. (╯ ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)╯┻━┻ hit me if u rocking with it @ ig:Polo.Ralph.Foreign 😏

  17. Quan Martin

    Quan Martin11 dias atrás

    I just noticed the fat nigga in this video. The one who tell him to turn that shit down. He is the same fat ass from his By Mistake remix video. He couldn’t swim for shit and He gets his weed ran when he goes to check on his eggs. Lol PhatFuck😂

  18. VivoEn ElHumo

    VivoEn ElHumo12 dias atrás

    2:35 damn mi amor 😍

  19. manue3l1976

    manue3l197612 dias atrás

    El Joven Dolfo mi respeto pinchi locote.

  20. calicancer661

    calicancer6612 dias atrás

    La neta que el joven dolpho se la rifo! , emperio routa de papel! Y si!

  21. Gucc Montana

    Gucc Montana14 dias atrás

    da nigga real

  22. Jesus Jaime

    Jesus Jaime14 dias atrás

    Yea yea glock

  23. Jesus Jaime

    Jesus Jaime14 dias atrás

    Dolph goes off man

  24. Ethan Engebretson

    Ethan Engebretson15 dias atrás

    “You ain’t ever had to move cause your spot too hot, you ain’t ever shot a hitta, you ain’t ever been shot “

  25. David Golphin Jr

    David Golphin Jr15 dias atrás

    McLaren®, Audi®, Lexus®, Mercedes-Benz®, Maserati®, Lamborghini®, Bentley®, Nickelodeon®, Warner Bros®, Disney®, Pixar®, and McDonald's® rape Sheriff Victor Hill every day, he really in prison.

  26. Deebo

    Deebo17 dias atrás

    Ngl glock went ballistic on this

  27. Ryan Barker

    Ryan Barker18 dias atrás

    Bumps Nice

  28. drizzy 41

    drizzy 4118 dias atrás

    Looks like cj from gta san andreas leveled up a little bit 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  29. Smoove Ja

    Smoove Ja20 dias atrás

    Every gun jam pussyboii

  30. GenericAsianPianoKid._.Nick

    GenericAsianPianoKid._.Nick21 dia atrás

    yo i thought dolph and glock were the two hispanic dudes

  31. chris212 perez

    chris212 perez21 dia atrás

    Them models tho

  32. The Exhaust Show

    The Exhaust Show22 dias atrás

    What's the ig of that girl with grey shorts lmao

  33. Soccer Rules

    Soccer Rules21 dia atrás

    The Exhaust Show pretty_flak0 i got you G

  34. Jaydon Jointer

    Jaydon Jointer22 dias atrás

    Lil pump,

  35. Jaydon Jointer

    Jaydon Jointer22 dias atrás


  36. Mando Zamora

    Mando Zamora24 dias atrás

    Lil Young Bloods Don’t Know None Bout This Shit Bitch 👇🏽

  37. SirRoc Music

    SirRoc Music24 dias atrás

    dogged look happy af🤣🤣🤣

  38. Jason Schnee

    Jason Schnee25 dias atrás

    Str8 fire

  39. Soild Guy

    Soild Guy25 dias atrás

    Dont buy a phone thats a g 6

  40. King Shad

    King Shad25 dias atrás

    Who is shawty with tats on her stomach

  41. Gerald Vounas

    Gerald Vounas28 dias atrás

    He jumped over a challenger 😂😂😂 that nigga stupid 😂😂😂😂

  42. Kristen Carson

    Kristen CarsonMês atrás

    I love you Dolph

  43. IMJustinTime

    IMJustinTimeMês atrás

    That camouflage challenger! 🔥🔥

  44. Kanen Wilkins

    Kanen WilkinsMês atrás

    Love to see the black community and the Mexican community getting along ✊🏾

  45. danny Castro

    danny CastroMês atrás


  46. Hector. 223

    Hector. 223Mês atrás

    Rip Juice WRLD mane who woulda thought him and dolph were cousins 😪🙏

  47. SurvivalHorrorTV

    SurvivalHorrorTVMês atrás

    bish in the grey shorts got a big ol pussy!!!!! damn!!!!! big ol god pussy. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL *workaholics

  48. alphacino

    alphacinoMês atrás

    wanna know how I got these scars? I'm the baby, joker

  49. ChucK P Rise 2274

    ChucK P Rise 2274Mês atrás do ya thang Glock

  50. A Jizzle83

    A Jizzle83Mês atrás

    Damn she got a phat ass in those grey shorts🍑🍑💯😭🙏🏾👀

  51. joshua parks

    joshua parksMês atrás

    when are u come out with a ather ab

  52. Spaceboy Cadet

    Spaceboy CadetMês atrás

    Their energy is enough to take over the world

  53. Cannibal Corpse

    Cannibal CorpseMês atrás

    I’m da joka baby

  54. Coach Nook

    Coach NookMês atrás

    Jesus Christ that Mexican girl!!!! Omg

  55. oswaldo cruz

    oswaldo cruzMês atrás

    Stripper dance 💃🏻


    SKUMBAG LEOMês atrás

    joker baby

  57. Giggity

    GiggityMês atrás

    this vid confused the fuck outta me

  58. joshua parks

    joshua parksMês atrás

    hard shit

  59. Jeffrey Dion

    Jeffrey DionMês atrás

    Dolph never disappoint but glock took this wit that verse..

  60. brendan Henson

    brendan HensonMês atrás

    Iss the Mexican joker

  61. noemniz

    noemnizMês atrás

    Cocky ass nigga and I’m stuck in my ways

  62. Jovany melgar

    Jovany melgarMês atrás

    Damn I'm the man The man with the plan Roll up in a van, slide door back and blam.... Can't front, that's on point

  63. Doctor Pepper

    Doctor PepperMês atrás

    Whole lot of camouflage shit in the driveway Plug look like Baby Joker on Next Friday Blue gas in the Demon, now I'm gettin' sideways Blue racks on me, I been havin' shit my way 18-wheeler loaded, fresh up off the highway All week long she been begging me to ride me Carbon one-fifth and it's right here beside me Cut a nigga off if I find out he lied to me That's something you just don't do, okay? Trust is everything, make sure we keep that, yeah Dolph, why you fuck all that money off all on your boys? Bitch, 'cause them my niggas (the gang) Did all this shit straight up out of my pocket Didn't need no crack, I'm that nigga (it's Dolph) You ain't never had to move 'cause your spot too hot You ain't never shot a nigga, you ain't never got shot You ain't never ran into your ex-bitch in the park Hit the automatic start and flexed on her in the drop (drop-top) Maison Margiela attire (uh) I heard you a vagina buyer (trick) I run with the hustlers and snipers (uh) Another seven digit wire (uh) Dope boy, retro, Michaels (uh) I been ridin' 'round with my rifle (uh) I know some trappers and swipers (uh) I'm the shit, I'm still in diapers (uh) She ride it like a motorcycle (uh) I fucked her good and fucked her life up (uh) Ain't none of these niggas like us (nah) Huh, Dolph You know these niggas hatin', Dolph No cap Yeah, yeah Ayy, fuck 'em let 'em hate, I'ma keep gettin' paid (fuck 'em) Cocky ass nigga and I'm stuck in my ways Designered down and I'm still wearing J's I'm 'bout to get a Cullinan, I couldn't get the Wraith (yeah, yeah) Big boy double R, it's on the way (skrrt) Or I might switch it up and put a Cutlass on eights (the fuck?) I pull up, hop out, look at they face (uh) Yeah, this young nigga Key Glock goin' crazy (glock) I been gettin' so much cake, uh (what?) I can barely keep up what the fuck I make (yeah) Goddamn, think I gotta get a new safe (new safe) Out of rubber bands 'cause this shit kept breaking (kept breaking) Yeah, I'm the man, the man with the plan (uh) Pull up in the van, slide the door back and blam (skrrt) Four-fifty rounds on the nightstand (uh) Everybody know that Glocks don't jam (jam) Yeah, fuck what you heard, yeah, you heard what I'm sayin' (fuck you) Yeah, Paper Route Business got drums, rock band (paper) Yeah, runnin' this shit, tell them niggas stop playing (stop) Yeah, young nigga hot, need to cut on the fan (hot) It's a whole lot of camouflage shit in the driveway Plug look like Baby Joker on Next Friday (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Blue gas in the Demon, now I'm gettin' sideways (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Blue racks on me, I been havin' shit my way (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) 18-wheeler loaded, fresh up off the highway All week long she been begging me to ride me Carbon one-fifth and it's right here beside me Cut a nigga off if I find out he lied to me (bitch, bitch)