Young Dolph - That's How I Feel (Audio) ft. Gucci Mane


  1. Corey Joseph

    Corey JosephAnos atrás

    "For a 100 shots heard you paid a 100 stacks hope you got your receipt going go get your money back" HO Goti you ah bitch

  2. A W

    A W2 anos atrás

    Yo gotta did respond on his last tape it was hard

  3. A W

    A W2 anos atrás

    Song is called think about you

  4. Jay Ramirez

    Jay Ramirez2 anos atrás


  5. Rick Rijuana Productions

    Rick Rijuana Productions2 anos atrás



    ALEXANDER EWUSIE2 anos atrás

    This shit crazy maynnn

  7. Ike Tailleur

    Ike Tailleur2 anos atrás

    Zaytoven!! Bytxh😦

  8. kwaza kendricks

    kwaza kendricks2 anos atrás


  9. ChrisCuts Tv

    ChrisCuts Tv2 anos atrás

    😩 my song right now

  10. Pinkie Ming

    Pinkie MingAnos atrás

    Christin Gaither photo

  11. MarJ Lit Lyrics

    MarJ Lit Lyrics2 anos atrás

    Liked it before i listened to it lol

  12. Preston Brown

    Preston Brown2 anos atrás

    Marvin gate

  13. Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker2 anos atrás


  14. Cool ChrisFromStLouis

    Cool ChrisFromStLouis2 anos atrás

    But im bulletproof the best track tho.copn the CDQ.copped the art of hustle too back then.js

  15. chill_bro_videos

    chill_bro_videos2 anos atrás

    Who would win in a brawl: Dolph & Gucci Mane vs Birdman & Meek Mill?!

  16. JokerFilms300

    JokerFilms3002 anos atrás

    chill_bro_videos dolph and gucci. meek don't fight any way

  17. Bombay Jay

    Bombay Jay2 anos atrás

    chill_bro_videos nahh bird man would be rubbing his hands too much to fight

  18. Dakota Parker

    Dakota Parker2 anos atrás

    chill_bro_videos Gucci and birdman

  19. 303StreetMachines

    303StreetMachines2 anos atrás

    #SittinInTheTruckSmokinABlunt 💭💨💭💨💭💨💭💨💭💨💭💨💭 ⛟

  20. 303StreetMachines

    303StreetMachines2 anos atrás

    Thanks new videos coming soon

  21. Robert  Gutierrez

    Robert Gutierrez2 anos atrás

    Outkast Racing nice fox man

  22. Gabriel Zapata

    Gabriel Zapata2 anos atrás

    dolph gabana n guwopp 🔥🔥🔥

  23. William Ross

    William Ross2 anos atrás

    It's Dolph

  24. Brian Turner

    Brian Turner2 anos atrás

    it's dolph!!!!

  25. Marcus

    Marcus2 anos atrás

    Listen to Vibes Freestyle Ft Relevent (Prod. King Wonka) by Te'Vian 👏™ #np on #SoundCloud

  26. Andre Gudierez

    Andre GudierezAnos atrás

    +Devyn Walker (Dwalk) 8h8h

  27. Devyn Walker

    Devyn Walker2 anos atrás

    Te'vian anytime man glad to help people make their music better

  28. Marcus

    Marcus2 anos atrás

    Devyn Walker thanks for the feed back yeah guy my bro had messup in the begining i came in. in the middle

  29. Marcus

    Marcus2 anos atrás

    Devyn Walker thanks for the feed back yeah guy my bro had messup in the begining i came in. in the middle

  30. Devyn Walker

    Devyn Walker2 anos atrás

    the audio is messed up your voice isn't supposed to be that loud over the music and it is supposed to be in tune with the music other than that you had the right idea you probably made a mistake or something

  31. Michael Allen

    Michael Allen2 anos atrás

    Dolph run this rap shit!!!!💯💯💯💯💯

  32. Lydia_ TheDadHat

    Lydia_ TheDadHat2 anos atrás

    Bro the beat was on for 2.4 seconds nd I pressed 👍🏾 immediately!!!!! Cant wait to get in my whip for this one 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. Devernius143 Reigning

    Devernius143 Reigning2 anos atrás


  34. Saiyan Cerise

    Saiyan Cerise2 anos atrás

    Woah! 😍

  35. Brian Brownlee

    Brian Brownlee2 anos atrás

    This my shit right here

  36. Meli

    Meli2 anos atrás


  37. Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson2 anos atrás

    gucci kills erythan he touch dats crazy

  38. Christian Martinez

    Christian Martinez2 anos atrás

    ill shoot ya can't urge with that!! Haha 💯

  39. formidable dashter

    formidable dashter2 anos atrás

    hope you got your recipes go and get your 100 back

  40. Evan Branagan

    Evan Branagan2 anos atrás

    Lmao. Read that again

  41. Simba Hendrix

    Simba Hendrix2 anos atrás

    Imagine these 2 on a whole Tape with only Zaytoven on the Beat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Vin Portz

    Vin Portz2 anos atrás


  43. Jarvis Walker

    Jarvis Walker2 anos atrás


  44. James Harvey

    James Harvey2 anos atrás

    Acid Hendrix damn right straight fire

  45. Marvin Hendríx lafláre

    Marvin Hendríx lafláre2 anos atrás

    Acid Hendrix 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Leer Luciano

    Leer Luciano2 anos atrás

    they been made a mixtape together called east Atlanta Memphis or some shit like that

  47. Ill Payne

    Ill Payne2 anos atrás

    Im a upcoming Independent Artiste....Take a chance to listen to my music you wont be disappointed. Like comment if u did.

  48. Ryan Pastirjak

    Ryan Pastirjak2 anos atrás

    shits wack fam :(

  49. Tyveon TV

    Tyveon TV2 anos atrás

    but i like dolphs music better

  50. Tyveon TV

    Tyveon TV2 anos atrás

    from what i see..gotti aint thinking bout dolph. dolph da 1 hating on gotti 4 real

  51. Hi Mcdunna aka brmoody515

    Hi Mcdunna aka brmoody5152 anos atrás

    Lebron James King James said so mind now BBSses

  52. Evan Branagan

    Evan Branagan2 anos atrás

    "You think im going out like pac and biggie? You must be stupid"-🐬🐬🐬

  53. Cam Robert

    Cam Robert2 anos atrás

    manager That's funny you say that cause Dolph said he AINT going out like PAC or Biggie

  54. Lyrically Superior V.

    Lyrically Superior V.2 anos atrás

    manager na i know for sure he made those disses cuz gotti told him too n he made several tracks dissin dissin dolph on his young and reckless mixtape go hear it youll know wat i mean cant hate on dolph now for responding he should have been responding a long time ago

  55. Tyveon TV

    Tyveon TV2 anos atrás

    Lyrically Superior V. everyone ASSUMES gotti told black youngsta to diss him...everybody assumes he put money on dolphs head. What if black youngsta took it upon himself...what if dolph got beef with some of his ex plugs who he taints in his songs. Dolph predicted 4 albums ago that he was gonna die like biggie and pac so he prepared himself. Dolph is the one who using beef for promotion but like i said...i still like dolphs music better but u can tell he hating.

  56. Ice Cream Jones

    Ice Cream Jones2 anos atrás

    Gucci Killed that Verse hardest song on the album

  57. Fox 8 you

    Fox 8 you2 anos atrás

    PMG IceCreamJones real shit🔥💯

  58. Ever Velasco

    Ever Velasco2 anos atrás

    me fascina

  59. Yh Nate

    Yh Nate2 anos atrás

    Them boys slide💯

  60. Jose Carpio

    Jose Carpio2 anos atrás

    young dolph

  61. Gameing with siha

    Gameing with siha9 meses atrás

    For real

  62. Jimmy Glenn

    Jimmy Glenn2 anos atrás

    shits lit