Young M.A & Erica Mena Go At It w/ Nick & The Red Squad 🔥 | Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle



    TRAP HIP HOP53 minutos atrás

    Yea YOU BROKE THO 😆😆😆 Thanks for your like

  2. DJ Jackson

    DJ Jackson16 horas atrás

    White boy flamed em

  3. Jalita Purdue

    Jalita Purdue18 horas atrás

    Yo as if fallen😂😂😂

  4. Pat Robinson

    Pat Robinson22 horas atrás

    Justina hog the Mike to much

  5. Petty Keshia

    Petty Keshia22 horas atrás

    Home boy snapped

  6. 3pitomeofmusik !

    3pitomeofmusik !Dia atrás

    Yall put young m.a. in the title but WHO IS THE WHITE BOY?!?!?!?!

  7. Isaha Raulins

    Isaha RaulinsDia atrás

    That white boy tho

  8. Makynz Gray-Travis

    Makynz Gray-TravisDia atrás

    2:46 my mouth stuck open broooooo

  9. Momo Gusuki

    Momo Gusuki2 dias atrás

    White boi went harder than this niggas... I felt that disprespect💔💀😂😂

  10. Dem Chapped Lips

    Dem Chapped Lips3 dias atrás

    Ya'll see how quick those guys in the back ran when that white boy went off? None of them wanted that smoke 😂 😂 😂 😂

  11. sirron mac

    sirron mac4 dias atrás

    Young ma should of prepared at least one bar her wildstyle made me cringe and she be going in on her songs smh maybe she was nervous

  12. Curtis Moore

    Curtis Moore4 dias atrás

    My nigggaaaa chhrraooon got tied of gettin hit with all them flames from all the other episodes till this 1 and he hit they asss with this fireee. He was fa real cause he was redd as a bottle of 🔥 sauce joe....... 2 funny

  13. Chikezi Alexis

    Chikezi Alexis4 dias atrás

    Y'all see Justina at the end

  14. Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever4 dias atrás

    Charron got tired of that he was frying they ass

  15. Tristen Mcmickle

    Tristen Mcmickle5 dias atrás

    He's White I will punck his Lil White ass

  16. Shamoya Stewart

    Shamoya Stewart5 dias atrás

    I felt the last diss all the way in Jamaica 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. euphoryuh

    euphoryuh6 dias atrás

    0:51 right next to Young Ma.... Dat ass

  18. Diamond Tv

    Diamond Tv6 dias atrás

    Is Erica butt hanging or am I high?😭

  19. Storm Simpson

    Storm Simpson6 dias atrás

    Charron went dumb the whole episode🤣🔥

  20. Mylee Greer

    Mylee Greer6 dias atrás

    2:19 me when someone says something mean to my bff

  21. Zacky ?

    Zacky ?7 dias atrás

    She got a fat and juicy ass God damn

  22. Just Akeelah

    Just Akeelah7 dias atrás

    That white boyy kill whole show

  23. BKJ Nation

    BKJ Nation8 dias atrás

    Eeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Damnnnnnn!!!!!

  24. Little Miss Baledi

    Little Miss Baledi8 dias atrás

    That ass was falling indeed

  25. iSiP Toronto

    iSiP Toronto8 dias atrás

    He never has any clean disses lol. Goes in hard everytime. 😂

  26. TheInfamousTW

    TheInfamousTW8 dias atrás

    " you so pussy young m.a would fuck you" can this go in a history book?

  27. oraldo Salinas

    oraldo Salinas9 dias atrás

    How come all these rappers never have bars smh

  28. GabbyS0Prxtty

    GabbyS0Prxtty10 dias atrás

    “You’re such a pussy that Young M.A would f*ck you” that went hard af😂💯💀🔥

  29. الماس

    الماس10 dias atrás

    that white boy 👌🏽🔥

  30. nuffflavor

    nuffflavor10 dias atrás

    Whew that was RAW !

  31. yungmatt009

    yungmatt00911 dias atrás

    2:28 these niggas walked away IM CRYING

  32. Futbol Toqejuege

    Futbol Toqejuege11 dias atrás

    He shited on conceited

  33. Ms. Teewee

    Ms. Teewee11 dias atrás

    Waysssssss he killed that

  34. JjOpoku55

    JjOpoku5512 dias atrás

    What’s white dudes name

  35. Lady Lady

    Lady Lady8 dias atrás

    Charron. He's a master in rap battles

  36. 1kTarantino

    1kTarantino12 dias atrás

    The white boy ain have to go in like dat‼️


    PRINCESS CRAWFORD12 dias atrás

    No one: Literally no one : Nick cannon:*dancing* I'm pretty but I'm loco Me:😂😂😂💀💀

  38. c.j Polly

    c.j Polly12 dias atrás

    He went hard he's on fire and he lit it up

  39. Kool aid

    Kool aid13 dias atrás

    "i heard you was a no show"

  40. moon child

    moon child13 dias atrás

    Is erica pregnant whats up wit her stomach she just looks pregnant cuz my sister is too and her stomach looks like that

  41. xXGrimm GamerXx

    xXGrimm GamerXx13 dias atrás

    If anyone just wants to listen to the rap by the white guy here the time stamp. 2:21

  42. James Billy

    James Billy14 dias atrás

    Nick cannon is a good guy.

  43. Emilia Treviño

    Emilia Treviño14 dias atrás

    Damnnnn white boy killed it

  44. Jay Entertainment

    Jay Entertainment15 dias atrás

    Red squad

  45. UziCuzi __

    UziCuzi __15 dias atrás

    1:36 “owh erica”

  46. Wdw129 O

    Wdw129 O15 dias atrás

    Fire bro fire

  47. Julio Moreno

    Julio Moreno16 dias atrás


  48. Heavin Marie

    Heavin Marie16 dias atrás

    They need to get da baby on here🔥🔥🔥🤧

  49. Yunogasai123

    Yunogasai12316 dias atrás

    *Nick that one kid in school that instigate all the fights*

  50. Aisha

    Aisha17 dias atrás

    The white tall guys tryna act hard he really ain't like he trys to act hard but really he is just a really trash guy

  51. Weed Head

    Weed Head17 dias atrás

    Yung m.a sucks she really tryin to be a dude n justina needs ro stop actin black

  52. RIP Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo onfroy

    RIP Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo onfroy17 dias atrás

    Young ma sounds high as fuck

  53. Ebony Pine

    Ebony Pine17 dias atrás

    That white boy was rude and rogue

  54. Tasia Leona

    Tasia Leona18 dias atrás

    "Idk if u know ma but yo ass is falling." 😂

  55. Balázs Kállai

    Balázs Kállai19 dias atrás

    *this show literally cures my depression*

  56. Jessica Charlot

    Jessica Charlot19 dias atrás

    That's tuff🤤🔥🔥🔥

  57. yhannae smiyh

    yhannae smiyh19 dias atrás

    Why erica shape like that tho

  58. Lil Smoke

    Lil Smoke19 dias atrás

    Or else saw Bobby flip off The white boy at the end 😂


    ULTRA INSTINCT 1119 dias atrás

    That white dude is Canadian thought Canadians were nice

  60. Shawon Marshman

    Shawon Marshman20 dias atrás

    He activated school shooter mode lol

  61. Emoney

    Emoney20 dias atrás


  62. Yourbaby Tee

    Yourbaby Tee20 dias atrás

    Erica those jeans aren't helping😭

  63. KalizVeryOwn0 Entertainment channel

    KalizVeryOwn0 Entertainment channel20 dias atrás

    Homegirl At 2:51 got ass who was jumping up and down

  64. Cryptic Ice

    Cryptic Ice21 dia atrás

    Erica is built like a 6th grade art class clay Vase project :/ and crazy too say she may be my distant cousin, My last name mena too :(

  65. Sekinah S

    Sekinah S21 dia atrás

    Noooo that oyinbo boy is savageeee whatttt

  66. Taneil Gordon

    Taneil Gordon21 dia atrás

    What Charron did at the end was fire

  67. Noma Bandla

    Noma Bandla22 dias atrás

    Nick: red squad Adiunce: white boy white boy

  68. Tori Monet

    Tori Monet22 dias atrás

    Erica body built scary asl

  69. HenronTv !

    HenronTv !22 dias atrás

    Ok white boy went off

  70. Jonathan Mendez

    Jonathan Mendez22 dias atrás

    White boii literally killed the black squad 😂

  71. x96942yuMADbruh

    x96942yuMADbruh22 dias atrás

    0:44 Erica was like: I don’t know about that 😏

  72. M R

    M R23 dias atrás

    I will love to be Erica pussy slave

  73. Danielle Clemens

    Danielle Clemens23 dias atrás

    Why everybody messing with nick there’s not one that no one get on nick

  74. Jaleel D Taylor

    Jaleel D Taylor23 dias atrás

    Her ass is dead ass falling though 😂😂

  75. Lj Nanai

    Lj Nanai23 dias atrás

    Everyone felt awkward for candy

  76. TTV. Elmas-Altopapa

    TTV. Elmas-Altopapa25 dias atrás

    Why nick look like tyga in go loko

  77. Imraan Ariefdien

    Imraan Ariefdien25 dias atrás

    Young M.A on Charron " Who writes his raps "

  78. Crystal Aranda

    Crystal Aranda25 dias atrás

    #RedSquad #🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Liana Gonzalez

    Liana Gonzalez26 dias atrás

    Dat white boi going hard!! 😬💀😂

  80. Zy Burton

    Zy Burton26 dias atrás

    White boii got them🤣🤣💯

  81. Svx.Supreme

    Svx.Supreme26 dias atrás

    I got a weird ad of a girl rapping on auto rap and she was mad intense🥴