Young M.A "Sober Thoughts" feat. Max YB (Official Music Video)


  1. joaquin romero

    joaquin romeroHora atrás

    I love this chick

  2. Twan Dolo

    Twan DoloHora atrás

    i know she want them boobies cut off...........

  3. Papi Loco Rd

    Papi Loco Rd3 horas atrás

    Video nuevo de roche rd a qui te dejo el en la se para k lo vean ⏩⏩

  4. Yes I'm an Oddity

    Yes I'm an Oddity4 horas atrás

    Love this song!!!!

  5. Aasia Wade

    Aasia Wade5 horas atrás

    This bihhh spittin

  6. carl scott

    carl scott5 horas atrás

    This beat harder than a giraffe heart

  7. Quinton Garrett

    Quinton Garrett12 horas atrás

    She did that Oms this shit right man it close to home frfr keep doing ya thing my nigga 💯🖤#selfmade

  8. S'phamandla Qwabe

    S'phamandla Qwabe17 horas atrás

    She really knows how to tell the story!!!

  9. Samantha Harrington

    Samantha Harrington17 horas atrás

    This is so deep and 🔥! I really do love her!

  10. Gozadera Beats

    Gozadera Beats17 horas atrás

    Check this out and let me know 💩😏🔥

  11. Sean A

    Sean A21 hora atrás

    MA I been a fan, but this one right here.... This one hits different I lve this track mama, keep this vibe up shorty 💪💪

  12. King The Black Wolf

    King The Black Wolf23 horas atrás

    Shes def the new joe budden

  13. gagita b

    gagita b23 horas atrás

    Gate keepers *LET HER IN* !!

  14. Yung Støry

    Yung StøryDia atrás

    Here again 💔🗣️🔥

  15. Gia Monette

    Gia MonetteDia atrás

    I'm all 🦞💃 but damm M.A

  16. Nicole Hodges

    Nicole HodgesDia atrás


  17. Da Real Speed

    Da Real SpeedDia atrás


  18. Crystal Clear

    Crystal ClearDia atrás

    Free Max B !!!!

  19. andy frost

    andy frostDia atrás


  20. J Cooper

    J CooperDia atrás

    Another piece of quality work from MA

  21. Lauretta Aigbonoga

    Lauretta AigbonogaDia atrás

    Young MA rules she is the best ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💚💙 She is a rap goddess 👏👌🙌

  22. awareness

    awarenessDia atrás

    i pray my habit never turns to cocaine.. real shit

  23. Valerie Horton

    Valerie HortonDia atrás


  24. Red Lipstick and Eyelashes XOXO

    Red Lipstick and Eyelashes XOXODia atrás

    This needs more views WTF! at least 100m yall sleeepingggg

  25. Ashante' S

    Ashante' SDia atrás


  26. H. Phillip

    H. PhillipDia atrás

    I was still staring at the titties thooooooooooooo.

  27. Jon Lyvere

    Jon LyvereDia atrás

    Instead of a thumbs up & thumbs down!! Change it for a 💯 & 🚫 as this lyrical beauty is 🤟🏻👇🏻🖐🏾🤚🤙💯% the queen of rap 👸🏾💥🔥🖤

  28. Brian Salley

    Brian SalleyDia atrás

    You fucken killed it MA

  29. ToneK22

    ToneK222 dias atrás

    bodied !

  30. Thabo Oupa

    Thabo Oupa2 dias atrás

    You came with a different tune Young MA we love you more than every fuckin rappers who is think there are more that you

  31. 2TallChambers

    2TallChambersDia atrás

    Thabo Oupa 🔥🔥🖤

  32. Jaigo Richardson

    Jaigo Richardson2 dias atrás

    She teaching wealth of you listen closely!!

  33. Jay Hussein

    Jay Hussein2 dias atrás

    You lost me when you said "call me a prophet" because you "know" so much knowledge. You should of just said you want to be like the prophets(pbuh) or something in that area. If you are truly God fearing you would know to not even come close to comparing yourself to God or any of his prophets. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤧🤧

  34. Kimberly Addison

    Kimberly AddisonDia atrás

    🤔How do you know she's not a Prophet?You can be used in so may ways to wake ppl up.God can use anyone to send a message.So before you speak go read ya Bible.🙄

  35. Junior Brock

    Junior Brock2 dias atrás

    Can relate to this 100

  36. Stephen Di Pcbrain Conglomerate

    Stephen Di Pcbrain Conglomerate2 dias atrás

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  37. Kookie Queen

    Kookie Queen2 dias atrás


  38. 2TallChambers

    2TallChambersDia atrás

    Kookie Queen 🔥🔥🖤

  39. Natausha j

    Natausha j2 dias atrás


  40. Natausha j

    Natausha jDia atrás

    @2TallChambers glad I clicked and herd ,ya voice 🔥🔥🔥

  41. 2TallChambers

    2TallChambersDia atrás

    Natausha j 🔥🔥🖤

  42. Pattie Boss

    Pattie Boss2 dias atrás

    My girl my heart

  43. 2TallChambers

    2TallChambersDia atrás

    Pattie Boss 🔥🔥🖤

  44. Houston Icanflow

    Houston Icanflow2 dias atrás

    She getting it in no bullshit !!!!

  45. Chastity B.

    Chastity B.2 dias atrás

    This fire.

  46. 2TallChambers

    2TallChambersDia atrás

    Chastity B. 🔥🔥🖤

  47. Chad Huggins

    Chad Huggins2 dias atrás

    Mad lyrics, killer hook.

  48. 2TallChambers

    2TallChambersDia atrás

    Chad Huggins 🔥🔥🖤

  49. James muiruri

    James muiruri2 dias atrás

    Her heart pumps fire 🔥and spits more than a dragon🔥🌋..she's just awesome

  50. Darryl Graham

    Darryl Graham2 dias atrás


  51. leekjaymusic

    leekjaymusic2 dias atrás

    Real rap

  52. vera mill

    vera mill3 dias atrás

    Whoa! I love it. Young M.A

  53. Kayla Rodriguez

    Kayla Rodriguez3 dias atrás


  54. 2TallChambers

    2TallChambersDia atrás

    Kayla Rodriguez 🔥🔥🖤

  55. Teflon The don

    Teflon The don3 dias atrás


  56. Sahedo

    Sahedo3 dias atrás

    thats real rap for me love it like it can perfect relax to it peace from dortmund

  57. Lloyd Dopalicious

    Lloyd Dopalicious3 dias atrás

    I'm starting thinking that Young M. A is just the Kevin Gates feminine side who splitted from the original.

  58. Christian Rodriguez

    Christian Rodriguez3 dias atrás

    This should have more than 2 million views

  59. Omar Carmona

    Omar Carmona3 dias atrás

    Em put me ON this YOUNG MA. Got damn how have I not notice her before. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. Omar Carmona

    Omar Carmona3 horas atrás

    Yes she does, I like her flow n delivery. I'm not sure how I never notice her.

  61. Yes I'm an Oddity

    Yes I'm an Oddity4 horas atrás

    Really... she has so much more

  62. Vince Breeze

    Vince Breeze3 dias atrás

    shit is crazy out here, like i love it and i hate it out here, gotta be mentally stable out here, just to make it out here NEWWWW YORKKK

  63. Ron Dougherty

    Ron Dougherty3 dias atrás

    It's a cry for help she want out without saying it😪

  64. ShyGirl Vlogs

    ShyGirl Vlogs3 dias atrás

    Wow. That was just dope....

  65. 2TallChambers

    2TallChambersDia atrás

    ShyGirl Vlogs 🔥🔥🖤


    JADEN VELEZ3 dias atrás

    LEGEND! Respect


    JADEN VELEZ3 dias atrás

    Best on the album!

  68. Luhh Jr. Mommy

    Luhh Jr. Mommy3 dias atrás

    I know the difference between loved and used 🤞🏼

  69. Jennifer Gonzalez

    Jennifer Gonzalez3 dias atrás

    It's like I love it and I hate it out here💯

  70. Craig Peru

    Craig Peru3 dias atrás


  71. Myles Vogel

    Myles Vogel3 dias atrás


  72. Six Sixer

    Six Sixer3 dias atrás

    This a bad ass lyricist! With some bad ass lyrics! NO ONE in this time can compare! YOU BAD ASS FUCK YOUNG MA!