Young Professional Tries Vanlife | Custom Van Build & Tour



    extraE MONTAMONTES2 horas atrás

    Ppl need to learn about transparent courtains, they let you let light in and see the outside to some extent but keep your privacy

  2. Worldly

    Worldly2 dias atrás

    y tf did they zoom into his grotty ass feet

  3. Kalese Webber

    Kalese Webber3 dias atrás

    The bathroom question is a bit trickier for women I think since many of us have periods.

  4. Johnnytatts

    Johnnytatts4 dias atrás

    Another toe nail painting, soy boy, douche!

  5. Wooly Will

    Wooly Will6 dias atrás

    Its now illegal to sleep in your car in San Diego. I wonder if he made changes?

  6. XxBella BabyxX

    XxBella BabyxX6 dias atrás

    Cheeky personality I like it way to go mate 👌

  7. Skeptics_

    Skeptics_6 dias atrás

    How many Square feet?

  8. D Tap

    D Tap6 dias atrás

    It’s not rocket science, you pull over find somewhere discrete and whip out the snake and drain it.

  9. Otaku Sempai

    Otaku Sempai7 dias atrás

    Is that Shia Lebeouf??? Good on you dude!

  10. B1KER

    B1KER13 dias atrás

    Somehow I missed this video when it came out. Great editing dude! I'm curious how his build looks now.

  11. JohnLiuFromHK

    JohnLiuFromHK14 dias atrás

    just a quick question, what is the address you fill in in your amazon account if you live in a van?

  12. Z Lin

    Z Lin18 dias atrás

    I think your logic is incorrect. you spent the least amount of the time in your toilet does this mean you dont need a toilet in your house?

  13. Mobile Wash

    Mobile Wash19 dias atrás

    New Hampshire 🤙🏼✌🏼

  14. Gariel2007

    Gariel200723 dias atrás

    Can we get a run down of the music used? Specifically that last track.

  15. TheGoodMemesForYou ;-;

    TheGoodMemesForYou ;-;29 dias atrás

    Who else saw his toes at the beginning

  16. WeeStrom CO Guy

    WeeStrom CO GuyMês atrás

    No bigger motivator to move out of your house than an eviction notice! Ouch

  17. WeeStrom CO Guy

    WeeStrom CO GuyMês atrás

    Whoa, Dude with painted toe nails isn't cool in any way shape or form...

  18. Josh Bozek

    Josh BozekMês atrás

    12:24 buddy just backed into the car behind, pulled forward then started the video like nothing happened

  19. Anthony Ramsey

    Anthony RamseyMês atrás

    LOL nice catch

  20. Abigail Dawn

    Abigail DawnMês atrás

    I am so attracted to this guy it hurts

  21. Su Ngu

    Su NguMês atrás

    I also wanted to live a life like this. It takes away a lot of stress in your life. Everyday people wake up and worry about getting to work and getting fired, paying rent and all that. But with a van life/ campers you can take them all way. Just need a part time job to pay for insurance and keep your care in good condition and you dont need to worry about anything else. You can enjoy your life more and travel more. You can life you life for you and not for someone else.

  22. Yung Lord

    Yung LordMês atrás

    This van is yummmm

  23. Katherine Z

    Katherine ZMês atrás

    closet was marvelous

  24. samoan SAIYAN

    samoan SAIYANMês atrás

    Thumbnail of the suit. Nah man. Awesome lifestyle thou

  25. Xavier Parker

    Xavier ParkerMês atrás

    How do you wash your clothing!!

  26. uwu thot

    uwu thotMês atrás

    Xavier Parker at the laundromat duh

  27. Venus Salim

    Venus SalimMês atrás

    Hi. Why did you paint your nails? Nice video!

  28. uwu thot

    uwu thotMês atrás

    cuz he wanted to? why else would he

  29. CassieNicole

    CassieNicoleMês atrás

    Whoa! That dropdown closet😯😯😯😯😯💕💕💕💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💥💥💥

  30. Kevin Ellery

    Kevin ElleryMês atrás

    I still waiting to see on the news that someone to died in their van because they are "not an electrician."

  31. Jewelry Drake

    Jewelry DrakeMês atrás

    Ok what's up with the painted toe nails in the beginning?

  32. uwu thot

    uwu thotMês atrás

    why does he need to justify putting paint on his body

  33. XXX X

    XXX XMês atrás

    So I'm the only person who's curious about his ig? Helllooooo.....

  34. abc xyz

    abc xyzMês atrás

    He seems very likable but I do not like that conversion set up. Glad it works for him.

  35. Judy Lloyd

    Judy Lloyd2 meses atrás

    Does anyone else find the "background " music so intrusive that it almost seems as though the talking is the background to the music rather than the other way around!?

  36. HL JJANG

    HL JJANG2 meses atrás

    Do you have a po box?? Always wondered about mail..

  37. paul scott

    paul scott2 meses atrás

    dont need music

  38. Robert Fernandez

    Robert Fernandez2 meses atrás

    Wish I could live this life...only thing holding be back is 3 kids and a wife..😔

  39. Christopher Wilbur

    Christopher Wilbur2 meses atrás

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of starting out cheap, and working my way up. Has anyone been able to sell their vans in stages? Is there a market for converted vans?

  40. Leo 9

    Leo 92 meses atrás

    You don't need a kitchen when you live in OB. There are cheap burrito shops all around! Los Panchos in Sports Arena is like whoa.

  41. Koriander Yander

    Koriander Yander2 meses atrás

    You really dont understand minimalism...

  42. Magnoliaa Place

    Magnoliaa Place2 meses atrás

    First video I’ve seen of you but love your personality. 😊 you’re funny .

  43. Matthew garsteck

    Matthew garsteck2 meses atrás

    Love your channel. Former dweller now living in SD after meeting my forever person. Still have the van and we are going to rebuild it for us and then take off.

  44. KeijiAkuma

    KeijiAkuma2 meses atrás

    Sorry, but I had to mute this video...cause I cannot stand if people say "eeeeeehm" all the freaking time...Jesus, why we invented courses for people who cannot speak correctly...even I went to one to avoid the "eeehms" that I said...

  45. C Jae

    C Jae2 meses atrás

    I hear it too..but i love watching vanlife so i try to ignore it 😣☺

  46. Christian Horner

    Christian Horner2 meses atrás

    Why not buy a winnebago?

  47. the vedic way America Sidonia Fiorillo

    the vedic way America Sidonia Fiorillo2 meses atrás

    super organized, must be a virgo :-)

  48. ed hn

    ed hn2 meses atrás

    how on earth is living in a van 'scamming society'?

  49. Jake

    Jake2 meses atrás

    At 13, i can do basic car mechanics, fly airplanes, carpentry, plumbing, and electric. Van life sounds good

  50. RTundraT

    RTundraT2 meses atrás

    Ever bring your date home to your camper van? 🤣

  51. YoloDaber29

    YoloDaber292 meses atrás

    The real question is what address do you put when you want to order something from Amazon?

  52. Koriander Yander

    Koriander Yander2 meses atrás

    I use amazon lockers

  53. Kelssi Lester

    Kelssi Lester2 meses atrás

    A friends/family members house... lol.

  54. okmmauh

    okmmauh2 meses atrás

    You have struck gold. Doing everything you want. A beautiful community for all

  55. Steven Burke

    Steven Burke2 meses atrás

    One of the best builds I've seen. That's great 😊

  56. Karl XZY

    Karl XZY2 meses atrás

    "houses are just expensive storage units" someone put this on a tee shirt!

  57. Chris Williams

    Chris Williams2 meses atrás

    why not put stops in the front of the bed that you can remove to slide it.. so you don't have to climb over the bed or go outside to unlock it..

  58. gdebt06

    gdebt062 meses atrás

    Where does he mail stuff to

  59. ym 95

    ym 952 meses atrás

    What you do for living while vanlife in deferent city ?

  60. PurpleKisses ASMR

    PurpleKisses ASMR2 meses atrás

    The bed setup alone makes this one of the best I’ve seen. Even unfinished!

  61. Brotha Liphted

    Brotha Liphted2 meses atrás

    Yo this fool really got his nails painted.

  62. uwu thot

    uwu thotMês atrás

    i like his nails

  63. gojo modu

    gojo modu2 meses atrás

    Fit a Snowmobile or Dirt bike in there also with the sliding bed

  64. Than The Linh

    Than The Linh2 meses atrás

    The interesting of this kind of video is seeing how they manage the space and some solutions for living comfortable in a van.

  65. Rachel

    Rachel2 meses atrás

    😻 Love you van good on you 👍

  66. Tzwixi

    Tzwixi2 meses atrás

    ahahahah they gave the most american car name 'RAM' to the most french-italian shitty-duty truck. American car decay at its all-time worst.

  67. Mason Carter

    Mason Carter3 meses atrás

    *Complains about the price of housing *Goes to one of the most expensive universities and lives in one of the most expensive cities in the world

  68. Mia

    Mia2 meses atrás

    Mason Carter that’s the point, why spent your money on having a house when you can spend your money experiencing the world

  69. Soljarag5

    Soljarag53 meses atrás

    Who works 9-5??? All companies I know do 8-5