YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Genie (Official Video)


  1. Nightmare 10

    Nightmare 10Dia atrás


  2. Cheryl Long

    Cheryl LongDia atrás

    Family doesn't need 💯💯 💯💯 💯 👑

  3. Cheryl Long

    Cheryl LongDia atrás

    Love NBA YB 4 kt he s fine 💯💙

  4. mike deezy

    mike deezy2 dias atrás

    Just recently heard this in the pin young black nigga was singing this in the vent 🥴🙏🏾

  5. Destiny Tremble

    Destiny Tremble2 dias atrás

    Hey how are u doing

  6. Lifetimes with Kath

    Lifetimes with Kath2 dias atrás

    Get from off your knees you ain't gotta cry to me 💔 😭 yeah

  7. Chris LoWW

    Chris LoWW2 dias atrás

    Who still think this song fire 🔥🤘🏾

  8. Isaiah Mrrieiwi

    Isaiah Mrrieiwi2 dias atrás

    hits different when ur high

  9. Da young boy Zay ll

    Da young boy Zay ll2 dias atrás

    I these homeless ass people begging for likes. Like if you agree 🤣🤣🤣🖕 Shit, I just a broke a law Da police at my front door, them niggaz bout to shoot me wit they gunz 🙏 4 me

  10. shania cute

    shania cute2 dias atrás

    Who hurt him

  11. Usman Manzoor

    Usman Manzoor2 dias atrás

    "Dont tell me u love me if u aint gonna die for me" 🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  12. Elan fortnite

    Elan fortnite2 dias atrás

    This is the only thing that remember me to my brother that died to cancer im feeling cold now and like my soul is gone 🥶 #livelonglife

  13. Elan fortnite

    Elan fortnite2 dias atrás

    If you still listen to this in 2020 like this comment or you are not a real nba fan

  14. Elan fortnite

    Elan fortnite2 dias atrás

    Dont lie this didnt came in your recomended you searched for this

  15. Kelly Cook

    Kelly Cook2 dias atrás

    I. Am. Sad

  16. Tiler Bridges

    Tiler Bridges2 dias atrás

  17. Island Boy

    Island Boy2 dias atrás

    The one on Spotify sounds way different. I like this one better

  18. Nisha Hatchell

    Nisha Hatchell2 dias atrás


  19. King the god

    King the god2 dias atrás

    This song still fire 💯💪🏾😈

  20. MrBrantley123

    MrBrantley1233 dias atrás

    Anyone know where I can cop a tracksuit like that?? Shit be fya no cap

  21. Gerebia Raybon

    Gerebia Raybon3 dias atrás

    My song

  22. Raemya Gilmore

    Raemya Gilmore3 dias atrás


  23. Ashlee Aguayo

    Ashlee Aguayo3 dias atrás

    NBA youngboy are my dad friend his name is Tyrone

  24. Kaiden Vadala

    Kaiden Vadala3 dias atrás

    Hey babe sorry I’m gonna I am older I am not sure if we can go or

  25. Kaiden Vadala

    Kaiden Vadala3 dias atrás

    Mdkxbdijfkfof Djdjdi Hdidhchd way to fkfnfkmdjdidjdjoxxjdjifuddiejdjdjdknfjfkrn

  26. Porcelain Doll

    Porcelain Doll3 dias atrás

    Hay yungboy

  27. Priceless Foreva

    Priceless Foreva3 dias atrás

    I gitt girles to mini

  28. Priceless Foreva

    Priceless Foreva3 dias atrás

    You can sing i look like you young doy

  29. Logan Mitchell

    Logan Mitchell3 dias atrás

    I will die for you

  30. Jerome Mclaurin

    Jerome Mclaurin3 dias atrás

    You are so good at singing you're my favorite friend and I'm going to act like you when I grow up

  31. Jerome Mclaurin

    Jerome Mclaurin3 dias atrás

    I am singing songs right now

  32. Kaidon Gladney

    Kaidon Gladney3 dias atrás


  33. Kaidon Gladney

    Kaidon Gladney3 dias atrás

    Good song boy live you life

  34. darrell Carter

    darrell Carter3 dias atrás

    This is so cool I love it so much

  35. Aurora Aurora

    Aurora Aurora3 dias atrás

    Nba aaàaa😭😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😃

  36. Jayden B

    Jayden B3 dias atrás

    i,m a big fun your song

  37. Anthony Fairley

    Anthony Fairley4 dias atrás


  38. Sarina Williams

    Sarina Williams4 dias atrás

    I love this song I play it 100,000 a day

  39. The bad kids squad On gang

    The bad kids squad On gang4 dias atrás


  40. BlackDust G

    BlackDust G4 dias atrás

    If only youngboy was happy...

  41. M.

    M.4 dias atrás

    Who is excited for his album next week

  42. friendly family

    friendly family4 dias atrás


  43. Jerard Reid

    Jerard Reid4 dias atrás

    School iz you

  44. Iceyy Q

    Iceyy Q4 dias atrás

    2020 with it

  45. Sicily Queen

    Sicily Queen4 dias atrás

    "don't tell me you love me if you ain't gone die fah me" facts💯

  46. matt long

    matt long4 dias atrás

    100% 💯💯💯👻

  47. Kyiky

    Kyiky4 dias atrás

    Bopping this shit hard on Valentine’s Day fuck all that other new released shit rn man.

  48. Youngboy Never Broke Again

    Youngboy Never Broke Again4 dias atrás

    who laying in bed right now listening to this song for valentine’s day .

  49. Xavier Pamplin

    Xavier Pamplin2 dias atrás

    Oreo songs has fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. Xavier Pamplin

    Xavier Pamplin2 dias atrás


  51. Nasir Hughes

    Nasir Hughes5 dias atrás


  52. Kiera Oliver

    Kiera Oliver5 dias atrás


  53. Kiera Oliver

    Kiera Oliver5 dias atrás

    Nm he g Wii ti wigehmggs j ghns

  54. sub_to_me 5000sub challenge

    sub_to_me 5000sub challenge5 dias atrás

    He said he been mixing Adderall with lean we need to protect him he cant join the the club he can't go out like peep or juice

  55. Ali Castro

    Ali Castro5 dias atrás

    Do they care about the dog

  56. World of Miyah

    World of Miyah5 dias atrás

    NBA young stay alive we can’t lose u too❤️❤️❤️

  57. Delilah Santana

    Delilah Santana5 dias atrás

    who here 2020

  58. chicken nugget

    chicken nugget5 dias atrás


  59. Monspeit 視

    Monspeit 視5 dias atrás

    the vsco / tiktok girls played this song out 😭 still a banger tho

  60. Quavious Houdini

    Quavious Houdini5 dias atrás

    Who's still vibing to this great tune?14 February 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  61. vital huny

    vital huny5 dias atrás

    I dont really fuck with NBA youngboy but this song go hard no cap

  62. Dean Ramsay

    Dean Ramsay5 dias atrás

    Best song ever

  63. Lovee Keke

    Lovee Keke5 dias atrás

    February 2020?💚💚