YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record | #YouTubeRewind


  1. O Therside

    O Therside17 segundos atrás


  2. Aww N33L Thakur

    Aww N33L Thakur17 segundos atrás

    No one:- Literally no one:- BRreporter:- Lazy af

  3. ghostly _gam3r26

    ghostly _gam3r2617 segundos atrás

    BRreporter rewind maybe y'all should try harder and make it longer

  4. lucianog619

    lucianog61917 segundos atrás

    Solo who cares by the way


    HAZIQ NAZRI8818 segundos atrás

    It even worst then before

  6. Gage Ellis

    Gage Ellis18 segundos atrás

    they have billions to spend, access to the worlds best video editors/creators and all they could do was a glorified top 10s video...jesus christ just repost 2013 rewind with current youtubers heads photoshopped on or something, i'd probably enjoy it more

  7. Emzzy

    Emzzy18 segundos atrás

    Who else is watching this in bed?


    HEROIC YT18 segundos atrás

    Excited For BRreporter Rewind 2019 Then Its Happen For 2020 *No Hope*

  9. Thiago Oliva

    Thiago Oliva19 segundos atrás

    Vamos Angie Velazco

  10. Janice Yetetet

    Janice Yetetet19 segundos atrás

    Tbh I feel kinda bad for youtube. They gave us a video last year, we all hated it. So they made a video that had all the things they thought we’d liked. But still not everyone likes it- I just wanna say, well done to BRreporter, cuz y’all rlly tryna make us happy 😭

  11. JustCam

    JustCam21 segundo atrás

    Oh no not another one...

  12. Blood God

    Blood God21 segundo atrás

    Fue peor que el de 2018

  13. x rain

    x rain21 segundo atrás

    ...did they even try with this one? This looks like your typical music video montage.

  14. HuskyKid10_0 Gaming

    HuskyKid10_0 Gaming21 segundo atrás

    Why tf this got so many dislikes?

  15. Ryn

    Ryn22 segundos atrás

    Lmao they didn't even plan a big production anymore they essentially got slack, they do release that this is a BIG deal for them (well it should be) exactly how much creativity is on this platform and they didn't even bother to hokd a meeting with the youtubers for any insight or ideas on what they believe the viewers wanted but oh no just go ahead and do a countdown as a ranking lists of the statistics would appease the audience wowwww well done youtube

  16. Douglas Morais

    Douglas Morais22 segundos atrás

    👏👏👏👏👏 novamente decepcionou sério é o BRreporter ele tem o controle da poha toda e é isso que faz? Mds

  17. Yagura Furry

    Yagura Furry22 segundos atrás


  18. Dolfin

    Dolfin22 segundos atrás

    Its so sad that everyone's disliking it just because of last year. This is not a bad video and y'all have to face it.

  19. NerdoJad

    NerdoJad22 segundos atrás

    youtube: we tried last time and failed so let’s not do anything this time

  20. The Noob2007

    The Noob200722 segundos atrás

    Over 4 mil dislikes in the first DAY

  21. Jackilyn Bautista

    Jackilyn Bautista22 segundos atrás

    I bet tis comment will get more likes than the video itself

  22. MomoUpp

    MomoUpp22 segundos atrás

    No me he podido creer que esto era un video de youtube

  23. Milo HoBo

    Milo HoBo23 segundos atrás

    If creators want to really send a message to BRreporter about how tonedeaf they've been, copyright strike this video.

  24. Postman Pat Fan Jacob

    Postman Pat Fan Jacob23 segundos atrás

    Wow I Hate This


    DESPICABLESCOT7 Yeet23 segundos atrás

    Call me old fashioned but rewind 2013 is still my favourite. But this one is on par with 2018. Wasn’t bad but definitely not good.

  26. ImNotAOrgan

    ImNotAOrgan24 segundos atrás

    So This is just WatchMojo?

  27. pices of legs starting from asses to floor

    pices of legs starting from asses to floor24 segundos atrás

    Jamal aureus wheels utensil immoral l gala

  28. Liam MacDonald

    Liam MacDonald24 segundos atrás

    this is basically a watchmojo video but the clips do the talking.

  29. Kevin de Leon

    Kevin de Leon24 segundos atrás

    Disliked cuz of t series

  30. Azriel Gutierrez

    Azriel Gutierrez25 segundos atrás

    WTF !? where's Mr. Beasts Trees!!!

  31. Jimena Lopez

    Jimena Lopez25 segundos atrás

    Q feo


    TROPHγOONGs25 segundos atrás

    Yo help roblox out in someway. I spent so much money just for them to shut down March 2020

  33. Oliver Errington

    Oliver Errington26 segundos atrás


  34. Yair Diaz

    Yair Diaz26 segundos atrás

    Dear BRreporter just don’t make these

  35. el amo

    el amo26 segundos atrás

    Valla no que an hecho con youtube

  36. AndrewQuill Verow

    AndrewQuill Verow26 segundos atrás

    BRreporter played it safe this year. Yeah, I guess it’s a little disappointing but I mean still better than last year. I don’t think this deserves that much hate. I mean Pewdiepie was in it, Minecraft over fortnite made it, honestly not terrible but definitely could’ve done better.

  37. Amaa .A

    Amaa .A26 segundos atrás

    It was as good as last year’s I’m impressed

  38. Izz_rf

    Izz_rf26 segundos atrás

    the second part of youtube rewind 2018

  39. RØBHET_xD 2

    RØBHET_xD 226 segundos atrás

    Ok, si estaría Germán Garmendia le daría like al RE2019, like si extrañas a holasoygerman

  40. Cosmic24 Wizard

    Cosmic24 Wizard27 segundos atrás

    Lazy; if they were going to do a top 10 they should’ve had Watch Mojo do it also PewDiePie is in it but it could’ve been done better