Zombieland: Double Tap - "Rule 52" Exclusive Clip


  1. Jon Goltz

    Jon Goltz14 dias atrás

    Seriously, Wichita's reaction at 0:24 is just gold.

  2. Ron Hraezlyr Silawan

    Ron Hraezlyr Silawan16 dias atrás

    Rule 34.

  3. the one and only Orecon

    the one and only Orecon17 dias atrás

    Having just seen this movie, this scene is still hilarious after watching this clip a bunch. Watch this film for the whole thing that happens

  4. art deco

    art deco18 dias atrás

    I’m absolutely in love with Wichita (Emma Stone) in this movie.

  5. Joshua A

    Joshua A12 dias atrás

    You should consider the sloping forehead, square jaw, wide-set eyes before you say that. @

  6. Joshua A

    Joshua A12 dias atrás

    You should consider the sloping forehead, square jaw, wide-set eyes before you say that. @

  7. Marguns21

    Marguns2119 dias atrás

    Wasnt there a T 700?

  8. stupid shit gaming

    stupid shit gaming21 dia atrás

    Michael cera and Michael rooker should have been the look alikes

  9. TaliiLars

    TaliiLars21 dia atrás

    I can't handle how pretty she looks here 0:49.

  10. Jr Wazowski

    Jr Wazowski21 dia atrás

    This isn’t an exclusive clip if you post it on BRreporter

  11. MrErizid

    MrErizid21 dia atrás

    Actually the Series 600 was first, but they had rubber skin and were easy to spot. Also "800" is not the model number. 800 is the Series number, and 101 was Arnie's model number.

  12. Xx Divirnity xX

    Xx Divirnity xX21 dia atrás

    That thang is so 2009

  13. FattyMcButterPants

    FattyMcButterPants21 dia atrás

    Terrible movie

  14. Mr NoOne

    Mr NoOne22 dias atrás

    im actually kinda disappointed. This movie could be way way WAY better!

  15. Gezi5

    Gezi522 dias atrás

    Action 52

  16. CAPPAJ2

    CAPPAJ222 dias atrás

    “Haha Never send a boy to do a mans job” Proceeds to Get bit and Die XD

  17. Cade Washa

    Cade Washa22 dias atrás

    I love the detail that they were playing magic the gathering before the t800s show up

  18. WaitingZero

    WaitingZero23 dias atrás

    Spoiler I guess In some legend or folk lore seeing your doppelgänger means an omen of death so funny they died, absent from other footage like some one else said

  19. raged flipped

    raged flipped23 dias atrás

    Spoilers I kinda wish they both lived

  20. Mátravölgyi Zoltán

    Mátravölgyi Zoltán24 dias atrás

    I love the movie's self-aware humor!! :D

  21. Myella Wafflecake

    Myella Wafflecake24 dias atrás

    whats Rule 34? 😂😏

  22. Curtis

    Curtis24 dias atrás

    Casey Kelso??

  23. Sean Filmz

    Sean Filmz25 dias atrás

    idk abt anyone else but the fact that this clip is in 60fps is annoying me

  24. I’m a nobody

    I’m a nobody25 dias atrás

    What rules is 51 and 69

  25. David Yu

    David Yu26 dias atrás

    they like definitely died

  26. vajabri

    vajabri26 dias atrás

    is this seriously a clip from the movie? it looks like it was shot on a cell phone

  27. Vince Oh Myyy

    Vince Oh Myyy27 dias atrás

    Why can't Tallahassee played to characters to be like....his brother ? I don't know, maybe i'm on the wrong movie.

  28. LoopyDuddeee

    LoopyDuddeee14 dias atrás

    Vince Oh Myyy give the universal title belt to the fiend damnit.

  29. Fernando Neto

    Fernando Neto27 dias atrás

    We really need to know what rule 32 is

  30. Kush Garg

    Kush Garg27 dias atrás

    Hurray! We got a new rule right here!

  31. CardiacYew 3805

    CardiacYew 380527 dias atrás

    I wonder what rule 34 is??

  32. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson27 dias atrás

    What was Rule 34 again? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  33. Ninja Turtles

    Ninja Turtles27 dias atrás

    Thank goodness they ignored rule 34

  34. Eric Bywaters

    Eric Bywaters28 dias atrás

    But he doesn't know school teachers are whatch ing him

  35. Peisen Xu

    Peisen Xu28 dias atrás

    Waiting for the big twist where the entire original cast dies right after this scene and the copies finish the movie.

  36. Aravind K S

    Aravind K S28 dias atrás

    Emma's giggle though!

  37. Your Friendly Uncle

    Your Friendly Uncle29 dias atrás

    The advert to this video was the actual film trailer. *matrix*

  38. Buusack Noodle

    Buusack Noodle29 dias atrás

    Rule34 If it exists.....

  39. Sam Willett

    Sam Willett29 dias atrás

    Pretty sure their terminator facts are all wrong. The T-1 was from terminator 3, technically the first terminator. The T-70 was the first humanoid (from T2 3D universal ride) all before Zombieland began. While the T-700 did exist, shown in terminator salvation which had the same release year as Zombieland I think so maybe didn't exist in their timeline, similarly the t-600s also shown in salvation Those are just from films so there's likely plenty more

  40. Braddah Leeks

    Braddah Leeks29 dias atrás

    I wonder what Rule 34 is

  41. Youtube Channel

    Youtube Channel29 dias atrás

    I have very low expectations for this movie

  42. Donald James

    Donald James29 dias atrás

    So meta of them

  43. BIGD 3200

    BIGD 3200Mês atrás

    Wait a minute, t-800s are not the first models. Seriously, if you have seen the first terminator film, Kyle talks about how they could spot the older terminators easily but the t-800 looks human seriously I am angry at this

  44. Kurtis Mac

    Kurtis MacMês atrás

    T-800 isn't the first model though... there was a T-600.

  45. Desmond Lizewski

    Desmond LizewskiMês atrás

    I don't like the letter for the rules (the font)

  46. Agustin Garcia

    Agustin GarciaMês atrás

    What is Rule 34?

  47. Inebriatd

    InebriatdMês atrás

    I don't care for the cast increase...

  48. A T

    A TMês atrás

    Rule 52: I'm 6'5 220 and there's 2 of me.

  49. bladerj

    bladerjMês atrás

    since they are not in other footage this is where they die lol

  50. Ryan Celestial

    Ryan CelestialMês atrás

    Waiting for rule34 if you know what i mean :D

  51. theDARK Pototoy

    theDARK PototoyMês atrás

    Emma Stone low key reminds me of Steve Buschemi.....

  52. ShadowFall

    ShadowFallMês atrás

    Movie don't look like it's shot in 24fps

  53. Johannes Stach

    Johannes StachMês atrás

    Die Schauspielerin ist nicht die Emma Stone Justus, sondern die Schauspielerin ist Shugli Regen - Reagan Anja Sterklow und das ist keine Lugen das ist die Reinste Wahrheit.

  54. Tahsin Tasnim

    Tahsin TasnimMês atrás

    Oh boy, more rules are added

  55. Glejid Pathay Mallillin

    Glejid Pathay MallillinMês atrás

    Just watch it 11/10 better than the last one. Lots of laughs! Hahaha

  56. Vt3cH3rk

    Vt3cH3rkMês atrás

    They both throw up and then turn into zombies

  57. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie MercuryMês atrás

    If i dont see a single twinkie during this movie Im gonna be verry disappointed

  58. Brooke Scott

    Brooke Scott21 dia atrás

    Are you very disappointed yet?

  59. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie MercuryMês atrás

    Aaaaaaand they die

  60. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie MercuryMês atrás

    Zombieland 2029: *Finding Twinkies*

  61. release

    releaseMês atrás

    “That sounds very 2009” That was AWESOME

  62. Marc Villanueva

    Marc VillanuevaMês atrás

    @DSkehan2004 its 10 years after the first movie

  63. DSkehan2004

    DSkehan2004Mês atrás

    They're still in 2009

  64. killjoy cola

    killjoy colaMês atrás

    They shouldn't have been afraid to ask for help.. and they wouldn't have turned into zombies

  65. Soul Semblance

    Soul SemblanceMês atrás

    Just wait until they get to rule 34

  66. Tom IV

    Tom IVMês atrás

    Zombieland: Quick Revive